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    What is Eduzz and how does it work?

    What is Eduzz and how does it work?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Apr 29, 2022 | Entrepreneurship |

    Want to open your business and don't know where to start? For this, today we will introduce you to the Eduzz platform. The internet might be the best place for you. After all, there are hundreds of possibilities and two of them are growing more and more: the affiliate market and the sale of own infoproducts.

    You can start as a producer or an affiliate, just with your knowledge, with little investment and a lot of work. Yes, because making easy money on the internet does not exist. But if you dig deeper and constantly improve, the digital market is a world of possibilities for any entrepreneur.

    One of them is to sell your or other people's products through Eduzz. It provides several resources that will help you, especially if you are just starting out. Best of all, many of them are free. Want to know more? Keep following this article.

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    What is Eduzz?

    Created in the city of Sorocaba/SP, in 2014, Eduzz is a platform that intermediates the sale of products, both digital and physical. In addition, unlike other affiliate platforms that we already know, they also intermediate service provision transactions.

    Some types of products and services you can market:

    • Online courses;
    • E-books;
    • Spreadsheets;
    • Physical books;
    • Accessories;
    • supplements;
    • Workshops;
    • Events;
    • congresses;
    • Shows;
    • Consultancies;
    • Mentorships;
    • Coaching;
    • Speeches;
    • Among others.

    If you have knowledge and want to share it with others, you can use the platform to sell it. After all, Eduzz is reliable.

    How does Eduzz work?

    Eduzz's objective is to help its users to promote and sell their products through the internet. She hosts, secures payment intermediaries and also helps with the promotion of her affiliate program.

    And you can earn money on the platform in two ways: as a Producer and/or as an Affiliate. If you don't know what they are and what the difference is, we'll explain right away:

    1. Producer 

    If you have a physical or digital product (infoproduct) or even provide a service, you can use the website to host the content and put it up for sale. And it is still possible to do this as a natural or legal person.

    2. Affiliate

    The affiliate is that person who is a partner of the producer. It helps to publicize and sell the product on social networks, blogs, by email marketing or with your blog. And for every sale made, he receives a commission for it. It works as if it were a commercial representative of your business.

    What are Eduzz's fees?

    It is free to register and use the platform. However, a fee is charged on each purchase transaction. And it varies according to the type of sale, as shown below:

    • Direct sales from the Producer: R$ 1,00 for each transaction + 4,90% of the value;
    • Sale through Affiliate: R$ 1,00 for each transaction + 8,90% on the value.

    In addition, some fees for services and use of platform tools are also charged separately, if you use them. To see what they are, access this post about Eduzz fees.

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    How to create an account at Eduzz?

    If you want to use this platform to sell your products or affiliate with other producers, you need to register. Follow the steps below to create your account:

    Step 1. Access the on the site Eduzz. click in Join;

    Step 2. A new tab will open in your browser. click in create an account;

    Step 3. Fill in your Your name or Company Name of your business, if any. Then register a E-mail and Password. It must have at least 8 characters, among which it must have a number, an uppercase letter and a special character;

    Step 4. Read and accept the website's Terms of Use and Fiscal Responsibility Terms. Then click on Register;

    What is Eduzz and how does it work?

    Step 5. A notification will appear on the screen informing you that your account has been successfully created;

    Step 6. You will be automatically directed to Órbita Eduzz, the management platform. Finally, answer the questions so that the site understands your profile and your business.

    Okay, your account has been created. You can also register directly in the app and the step-by-step is the same. Remember to access the Registration Data in your profile and fill in the other information to complete your registration and start selling.

    What are Eduzz's resources and tools?

    Like other product and affiliate platforms, Eduzz has several resources and tools to help convert sales and make life easier for the digital entrepreneur. We have separated some of them for you to know better the advantages of selling through Eduzz:

    1. APP

    Track your sales from anywhere with the Eduzz app. Here you have access to your sales, receive notifications, request a transfer, make affiliations, manage your affiliates and check the reports. Download the app according to your mobile operating system:

    • Eduzz for Android
    • Eduzz para iPhone (iOS)

    2. Checkout Sun

    Checkout Sun is Eduzz's payment system. With it you can create, optimize and customize your checkout pages and thus leverage your sales.

    3. Affiliate Recruitment Commission

    A distinctive feature of the platform is an affiliate referral program. By activating it, an affiliate of your product will be able to recruit other people to help with promotion and sales. If the referral makes a sale, the affiliate “recruiter” also earns commission. To learn more, visit the Eduzz Affiliate Recruitment Commission page.

    4. Nutror

    Nutror is the free platform, created by Eduzz, for hosting and delivering digital content created by producers. Here you can host courses and video lessons, organize them into modules, monitor and respond to students. All this in a simple and intuitive way. Great for those who are just starting out, don't know where to put their content or don't yet have the means to invest in it.

    5. Aluminum

    Do you want to create a product where your customer pays a monthly fee to participate and use it? Eduzz has a partnership with the Alumy tool. It is a platform where you can create and manage your own online content subscription club. It's free to start, but you pay a fee of BRL 0,79 per transaction + the Eduzz fee (which we've covered before here in this article).

    6. Academia 360

    Are you starting as a Producer or Affiliate and want to learn how to sell online? Eduzz not only offers the tools, but also has a space dedicated to the learning and improvement of its users. Academia 360 is a digital entrepreneurship school. Here you have access to courses, articles, case studies and glossaries. A vast amount of free content to help you.

    7. SafeVideo

    If you don't know where to put the videos of your courses and classes, Eduzz can also help you with that. SafeVideo is the hosting platform for files and also with protection against unauthorized copying.

    8. Lost Sales Recovery (RPP)

    Don't you have the time, skill or someone on your team to take care of sales that started but didn't finish? Eduzz makes available to its users the RVP service, Recovery of Lost Sales. In it, the platform offers a team of trained and prepared employees to contact customers, clear up their doubts and rescue a sale that would be lost.

    Of course, this feature is not free, but it can be cheaper than hiring and training a person. And it might still be worth it since, in theory, that would be a lost customer. To find out more information about the values ​​and how to hire this service, read Eduzz's Lost Sales Recovery website.

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    How to sell na Eduzz?

    After creating an account, you can start selling and making money on the internet. For this, you will need to register your product on Eduzz. Start by following the tutorial below:

    Step 1. Entre no site da Eduzz login;

    Step 2. In the top menu, next to Sales, Click Products and then in my products;

    Step 3. Then, click create new product;

    What is Eduzz and how does it work?

    Step 4. Choose the type of product you want to create:

    • Digital: online course, class, e-book, spreadsheets;
    • Physical: books, supplements, accessories;
    • Event: show, workshop, congress;
    • Services: coaching, consulting, mentoring.

    Step 5. Fill in all the requested information, follow the steps indicated by the platform and click Save;

    Step 6. Your product has been created. To start selling, it is necessary to go through Eduzz's approval. Then click on Submit for moderation.

    The platform normally responds within 24 business hours. If you are rejected, you will receive an email notifying you.

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    How to become an Eduzz affiliate?

    Now, if you don't have a product of your own, you can earn money at Eduzz as an affiliate. That is, you promote products from other people or companies and earn a commission for each sale made. To affiliate with a product on Eduzz, follow the steps below:

    Step 1. Faça login no site da Eduzz;

    Step 2. From the top menu, choose the option Vitrine Select, which is the tool's affiliation and partnerships environment. Soon, a notification will appear on the screen, click Continue;

    Step 3. The site will show a short tutorial on how it works, read and click Advance until the last page. then in completed;

    Step 4. You will see several products available for affiliation. You can also search for a specific one by typing the name in the Search. Or even search for them by Categories clicking Filters;

    What is Eduzz and how does it work?

    Step 5. Choose one, read the rules and product details. Then click on request affiliation no menu à direita;

    Step 6. A notification window will appear on your screen. Read and, if you agree with the requests, mark that you agree and click on next stage;

    Step 7. Finally, write a message to the producer. To finish, click send request.

    Who will approve or not your affiliation is the owner of the product and not Eduzz. Therefore, there is no deadline for receiving the return of your request.

    Did you enjoy learning more about Eduzz? We hope this text has cleared your doubts. Still not sure which affiliate platform to use?

    Monetizze, Eduzz or Hotmart, which is better?

    Each has its tools and advantages. Read our articles on each of them and see which one fits the moment you and your business are in. When in doubt, do a test. The important thing is to get started.

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