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    What is Finclass financial education and how does it work?

    What is Finclass financial education and how does it work?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jul 20, 2022 | Shopping |

    A final class is an education platform that promises to simplify learning about the world of finance and business. To access the materials, all you need is a smartphone or a personal computer. And the best part: you can download the classes to watch them whenever you want, even without having access to the internet. 

    The student has contact with big names in the market, such as: Howard Marks, Guilherme Benchimol, Luciana Seabra, Florian Bartunek and Thiago Nigro, founder of the platform.

    In this post, we will show you how the platform works, what are its main benefits, how much it costs and find out if Finclass is worth it, among other important questions. Follow up!

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    What are the benefits of Finclass? 

    From now on, we are going to show you what are the advantages of Finclass for students. Discover the most important ones below. 

    Expert professors on the subject 

    Let's start our list of benefits by talking about the possibility of learning from those who really understand the subject. Here, you will have contact with the most experienced professionals in the area and who understand how the market works.

    This is very important because it brings a lot of credibility in relation to the content that will be addressed.

    Personalized learning path 

    Another positive point is that the student has a personalized system of knowledge trails available. Through this tool, you will be guided by the contents of the platform.

    Thus, the student does not have that slight feeling that he is lost in the middle of learning. 

    Material according to your level of knowledge

    One of the biggest challenges for most students is starting a course and discovering that material requires basic knowledge to help them understand the content. At Finclass, you don't have to worry about this detail.

    The material is aimed not only at beginners, but also at those people who need more advanced and sophisticated explanations. 

    Contents updated monthly

    With Finclass, you have the possibility to learn new content every month. The platform updates the material monthly. It's a great opportunity to improve your knowledge until the end of the subscription. 

    Finclass has one of the best learning experiences on the market. You can watch the class through various devices such as mobile, tablet, desktop or television. The platform also has support materials to optimize student learning.

    The most interesting thing about the platform is that the student has the feeling that he is watching his favorite movie. The experience is similar to Hollywood film productions.

    Is Finclass worth it? 

    Yes. The platform has one of the best content in the finance area. Teachers are renowned subject matter experts. The material has a high production quality. To give you an idea, it was recorded in 5k, bringing an immersive experience to students. The platform plan is quite affordable. 

    Unlike other platforms available on the market, Finclass allows you to download all contents. So you can watch them whenever and wherever you want, whether at home, during your lunch break at work, on vacation or on a farm.

    The support team is another key point of the tool. Experts clear all doubts from users so that they can enjoy the main benefits of the tool.

    In addition, by learning about the financial market, you guarantee more security to invest your money, you can better take advantage of opportunities, create strategies more easily, enhance the process of making any decision, increase your equity, among other benefits.  

    Who are Finclass teachers? 

    Finclass has a teaching staff that is highly respected in the market. 

    • Howard Marks: is one of the best and most respected managers in the world; 
    • Guilherme Benchimol: is one of the founders of XP;
    • Luciana Seabra: partner and creator of SPITI; 
    • Florian Bartunek: is one of the best known investors in the market. He is one of the founders of Constellation Asset Management;
    • Thiago Nigro: known as Primo Rico, he is one of the best-known financial influencers in the Brazilian market, with more than 20 million followers on social networks;
    • Martin Escobari: Bolivian who was naturalized Brazilian. Co-President of General Atlantic, considered one of the main Private Equity organizations in the world;
    • Maurício Bittencourt: partner and founder of Velt Partners, considered one of the most respected management companies in the financial market;
    • Yuval Harari: writer and historian. 

    How much does it cost to subscribe to Finclass? 

    Accessibility is one of the main features of the platform. It offers unique value to the user. To view the contents that have already been published and the new updates, the student must make an annual investment of R$478,80 or 12x R$39,90/month.

    You have a seven-day guarantee to cancel the service contract, starting from the subscription payment date. It is a good opportunity to assess the quality of the content, the teachers and the platform. The company returns the money invested to the user in case of withdrawal.

    The subscription contains three content formats:

    • Finclass: these are classes with specific content on income and the world of finance. The student can watch materials on various market topics. In addition, the platform contains exclusive support material to optimize knowledge; 
    • Finbook: financial market experts talk about the works that have had the most influence on their lives and bring great reflections about them; 
    • Findoc: exclusive documentaries about the world of finance and subjects that are related to the content. 

    The subscription allows the student to have access to the platform applications on the smartphone, offline classes through the platform application and the possibility to chat with members of the exclusive community. 

    About Finclass 

    Finclass Primo Rico is one of the best financial education platforms on the market. The tool brings several classes on finance and investments with high quality production. 

    According to Thiago Nigro, responsible for creating the project, Grupo Primo aims to improve people's relationship with money so that they can make more profitable and safe investments. 

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