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    What does hashtag mean and 5 tips to use the best ones

    What does hashtag mean and 5 tips to use the best onesWhat does hashtag mean and 5 tips to use the best ones

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Aug 27, 2022 | Social Networks | 8

    You must have seen on your social networks the symbol of the “tick tic-tac-toe” followed by a word. This character is known on social media as a hashtag. In this text, we will understand what hashtag means.

    What does hashtag mean?

    The word hashtag means hash + tag. That's right, hash, in English, gives the name to the symbol, which here in our country is named as a hash. The tag means label, in translation.

    There is no literal translation for the word, what really matters is its function. So the question we have to ask ourselves is: why use hashtags? And no: what does hashtag mean?

    What does hashtag mean and what is it for?

    Hashtag, in its usual meaning, is a kind of tag that serves to organize content on a social network. When used, it serves to facilitate the search for that content.

    Initially, the words marked by the hash symbol gained popularity on Twitter, the birthplace of its creation. It was created over 10 years ago by engineer Chris Messina.

    After Twitter, the word gained the world of other social networks, especially on Instagram and Facebook, where they are used daily.

    There are as many different hashtags as possible and you can also turn any word into a hashtag. When used, they place that subject in the search field of other users.

    For example, you can post a photo about beer on social media, and use #beer. Once this is done, any user who clicks on a hashtag like yours, or searches for beer, will be able to access your content.

    Hashtags are powerful words to attract audience to your social media. That's why you can't help but use them and it's also important to know how to use them correctly.

    How to use hashtags and attract audience to your business?

    As we said earlier, more important than knowing what hashtag means is knowing how to use them effectively.

    If you don't use a business account for your business, it seems basic, but it's important to remember: your business's profile on the networks, first, needs to be in public mode. Only then will different users have access to your page.

    Use hashtags related to your post, both in captions and Stories, for example. They will be an indexer of your content to that theme.

    1. Create hashtags for your business or events. Like an Instagram giveaway, you can rock your giveaway by asking participants to enter a hashtag.

    2. Don't overdo the number. Although they attract the public, the excess will make your post difficult to read. Making reading difficult, the reader, instead of being interested in the content, may lose interest.

    There is a maximum limit you can put on a post. The total allowed by Instagram is 30 hashtags.

    3. Bet on specific hashtags. Earlier I used #beer as an example, it is certainly very broad. In addition to the broad words, you can use some more specific options: #cerveja #cervejaartesanal #cervejariacuritiba.

    4. Location hashtags, as I demonstrated earlier, are great for showing where your business is. Make your client's life easier by using them: #cervejariacuritiba #cervejacentro

    5. You can also check which hashtags your competition is using. Note which posts with # have the most likes, comments and shares.

    How to find the best hashtags for your business

    The most used hashtag right now is #TBT. Many people don't even know what TBT means, but they use this hashtag for photos often. It allows us to see how a word can engage an audience.

    So, in your industry, you can search for the most used hashtags. When posting on Instagram, when you start typing your hashtag, it shows the usage number of that word.

    Another even more effective way to find the best hashtag for your business is using monitoring tools. They work as a kind of hashtag generator.

    Monitoring tools show you which are the best hashtags to use according to your niche market. In addition, they show which are the most used at the moment and which are related to the content you are publishing. Cool huh?

    Now you have learned what hashtag means, how they work within social networks and when they should be used.

    We hope that with the other tips we've given here, you'll be able to find the best way to reach your target audience.

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