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    What to sell on the internet? 45 ideas to get started

    What to sell on the internet? 45 ideas to get started

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jun 1, 2022 | Entrepreneurship |

    If you've made it this far, you're looking for tips on what to sell on the internet, Is not it? The good news is that you are in the right place. We have selected several options to start a business in a simple way and without large investments.

    In this article, you will see 45 ideas for those who want to set up an online store or for those people who can use knowledge to their advantage to increase their income.

    After reading this content, it will be easier to start an online business with more security and a lot of motivation. So do not lose more time. Keep reading and discover great ideas of what to sell on the internet.

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    Why sell online? 

    Before showing the best tips on what to sell on the internet, we decided to list several benefits that a digital entrepreneur will have when starting a segment online. In addition to working in the comfort of your home, it is possible to cite other advantages.

    • Low investment;
    • Possibility of reaching new customers;
    • Customer service is more practical and without bureaucracy; 
    • Business has more security;
    • It's easier to share social proof;
    • It is possible to create new strategies with a sense of urgency

    Have you noticed the positive impacts that investing in an online business can bring to your career? It is worth knowing some suggestions of things to sell on the internet and improve your income. 

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    What to sell on the internet during the pandemic?

    The pandemic caused by the coronavirus has had very negative consequences for our society, both in the health sector and in the economy sector. Unfortunately, many people lost their jobs or had their income reduced because of the health crisis. 

    If you are facing this situation, the internet can be a great work tool. The most interesting thing is that there are several options that do not require much investment. All you need is a computer with internet access and a lot of willingness to attract consumers.

    From now on, we will list several tips for you to discover what to sell on the internet during the pandemic. Discover the most recommended options below. You can promote the products on social media and delivery apps.

    1. Fitness foods 

    It is not difficult to find people concerned about their body, weight, quality of life and eating habits. Therefore, fitness foods are great options for starting a business. You can, for example, sell lunchboxes on the internet. To facilitate production, define a weekly menu.

    2. Foods for people with intolerances 

    Another interesting tip in the food sector is to invest in food for people with lactose intolerance, gluten, among others. It is worth betting on this sector, especially since people are more concerned about health and it is a niche without much competition in the market.

    To get an idea, several studies have already reported that the world may have between 60% and 70% of the population with lactose intolerance. It's a great sector to explore. 

    3. Foods for vegetarians or vegans

    The number of vegetarians and vegans is increasing frequently in our country. Therefore, investing in this segment can be a great alternative to selling products on the internet. It is essential to make it clear that this audience is quite demanding. To surprise customers, take special care with production, packaging and service. 

    4. Foods for Diabetics

    You can also invest in food for diabetics. Research indicates that the number of people with this disease has increased in our country. To ensure a competitive edge in the market, we recommend producing sugar-free sweets. The menu can have several alternatives for customers:

    • Sugar-free spoon brigadeiro;
    • Sugar-free vegan coconut kiss;
    • Sugar-free brigadeiro with banana;
    • sugar-free mousse;
    • Sugar-free dulce de leche;
    • Sugar-free fruit ice cream;
    • Sugar-free chocolate ice cream;
    • Sugar-free brownies;
    • Sugar-free chocolate cake

    The more complete your menu, the more likely you are to attract customers. So, seek to follow market trends to increase your billing in the coming months. 

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    5. Cakes and Sweets

    One of the most promising niches in the market is cakes and sweets. Despite the strong competition, it is worth investing in this segment. To increase your sales, we recommend selling more than one product, not only truffles and brigadeiros, but also other alternatives, such as: Italian straw, cake in the pot, gourmet homemade cookies and brownies.

    6. Savory

    If you prefer to produce snacks, no problem. This market is also a good suggestion for entrepreneurs. As with sweets, you should also seek innovation and surprise customers with novelties. Below are some interesting options: 

    • Ham and cheese cake;
    • Special chicken pie;
    • Ricotta cheesecake with mozzarella;
    • Pumpkin packet with spices;
    • Mozzarella sticks;
    • Cassava kibbeh with ground beef;
    • Quick cheese croquette;
    • Chicken croquette with potato

    What to sell in an online store? 

    The isolation caused by the coronavirus has changed consumer behavior. Now, most customers are looking for items on the internet. To give you an idea: in December 2022, online negotiations grew by 53,83%, compared to the same period in 2022. From now on, we are going to show you which are the most suitable products to sell in the online environment. 

    7. Electronic and computer devices

    Let's start our list talking about electronic and computer devices. Without a doubt, it is one of the alternatives most likely to return. In your online store, you can add several products:

    • smartphones;
    • Smartwatches;
    • Tablets;
    • Desktop computers for work;
    • Gaming computers;
    • All In One Computers;
    • Printers and cartridges;
    • video projectors;
    • Downloadable digital games; 
    • GPS and cell phone holders for cars; 
    • Parts and Hardware such as RAM, SSD and hard disk

    8. Fashion and accessories 

    Entrepreneurs who do not like the technology market can invest in the fashion segment. The most interesting thing is that this niche allows the sale of various types of parts. 

    • Roupas Plus Size; 
    • evangelical fashion clothing; 
    • Traditional clothing, such as shirts, pants, dresses and winter clothes; 
    • Sport clothes;
    • Wedding dresses;
    • footwear;
    • bags;
    • wallets;
    • Lingerie;
    • Jewelry (earrings, bracelets, necklaces, bracelets, among others); 
    • Eyeglasses or sunglasses;
    • Wrist watches;
    • Hats and caps.
    • Social clothing;
    • clothing for events

    You can see that the options mentioned above complement each other, making it possible to add more alternatives to your portfolio. If your focus is on selling sunglasses, you can increase your swimwear revenue. 

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    9. Products for PET

    The PET market is one of the most promising for the coming months. Contrary to what many people imagine, it is not focused only on dogs. You can market products for cats, birds, fish, rabbits, ferrets and turtles.  

    For dog owners, you can sell: food, treats, bones, mats, diapers, toys, beds, blankets, feeding accessories, transport accessories, collars, leashes and harnesses. For cats, it is possible to sell food, snacks, litter and bathrooms, scratching posts and toys, pharmacy, cleaning and beauty items. It's an extensive market to explore. 

    10. Travel and tourism 

    If you love to travel, you can take advantage of that passion and start a new online venture. Anyone who thinks that this market is only related to national or international plane tickets is wrong. The business may have other types of products:

    • suitcases and bags for travel; 
    • Hotels and rooms to stay;
    • Holiday packages;
    • Disney travel packages;
    • Group travel packages;
    • Tickets for national or international events;
    • travel insurance;
    • Carros aluguel

    One of the biggest challenges in the travel and tourism sector is customer service, who usually have many questions about destinations, tickets, among other issues. To have a good relationship with the public, we recommend working on empathy, responding quickly to the consumer and being proactive.

    11. Appliances and furniture

    Appliances and furniture are one of the best products to sell on the internet. You can sell various items in your online store, such as:

    • Stove and cooktop;
    • refrigerators;
    • Electric ovens;
    • Microwave;
    • Air conditioning;
    • Kitchen accessories and equipment;
    • Tables and chairs

    In its product portfolio, it is also possible to include: sofas and living room; mattresses and beds; wardrobe; office tables and chairs; shelves, panels and shelves; bathroom accessories and equipment, as well as furniture for children's or babies' rooms. 

    12. Sports equipment and items 

    One of the main advantages of the sports segment is that the entrepreneur can invest in various types of products. You can sell accessories, clothing and fitness products. Discover the best options below.

    • fitness equipment;
    • Fishing equipments;
    • Bicycles;
    • Rollerblades; 
    • scooters;
    • Skateboard;
    • surfboards; 
    • Table games such as chess, poker and dice;
    • Camping items; 
    • Accessories for volleyball, tennis, basketball, football and American football

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    13. Beauty and perfumery 

    Another interesting tip is the beauty and perfumery niche. In it, you can work with both male and female audiences. Simply choose the option that most closely matches your profile. Here, you can sell men's, women's and unisex perfumes. The product portfolio may also include hair dryers, hair products and equipment, as well as makeup products. 

    14. Real Estate 

    The internet is also welcome for brokers or for entrepreneurs who want to set up a real estate company. There are several reasons why the online world is an excellent channel to advertise apartments, houses, land, halls or party houses, real estate and commercial spaces. 

    Among the main benefits are: cost-effectiveness, greater reach of customers, practicality to remove the ad after a sale and the possibility of creating an ad with amazing texts and photos. 

    What to sell on the internet with little investment? 

    Starting an internet business does not always require large investments on the part of the entrepreneur. For the next suggestions on our list, you need a computer with internet access, knowledge and a lot of energy.

    15. Copywriter 

    It is a professional who is hired to develop the production of one or more contents according to the objectives and target audience of the business. Generally, experts need to create texts for blogs and websites, following the rules of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 

    To succeed in this career, the copywriter must pay attention to keywords, subheadings, short sentences and meta description. The writing style is quite different from traditional content. Therefore, it is essential to know the techniques of SEO. The good news is that there are several free online digital marketing courses to make it easier for a copywriter to learn. 

    16. Search Marketing 

    One of the most desired professionals in the field of marketing is the one who knows the strategies of Search Marketing, also known as SEO. That's because they have the skills to make a page, a blog or an e-commerce reach the top positions of Google, increasing the number of hits and even sales of a business. 

    If you have this kind of knowledge, it is worth promoting the service on corporate social networks, such as LinkedIn. To increase your authority in the area, write content on the topic and build a portfolio with your best works. 

    17. Translator 

    This professional is responsible for translating text, audio, video content, among other types of materials. Generally, the most requested types of translations are from Portuguese to English or vice versa. Organizations often hire specialists who have degrees in Letters or related fields. 

    To attract more clients and increase the number of translations, you can seek knowledge in other types of languages, such as: Mandarin, Spanish, French, Arabic and Portuguese. 

    18. Audio Editing 

    You have probably already noticed that the amount of podcasts has increased in recent months in our country. The listener can find programs of various types. There are business podcasts, podcasts to learn English for free, technology podcasts, among others. 

    To keep up with the growth of this type of media, you can offer audio editing services. This professional is responsible for editing programs with more quality and efficiency. 

    19. Video Editing 

    Video is the second most used content format on social media to boost audience engagement, according to a report released by HubSpot. The same survey says that live content is the third most used social media marketing strategy by companies. The numbers prove how much the audiovisual material is being the darling of organizations. 

    To increase your income, it is worth looking for jobs related to video editing. There are probably several companies that need this type of service to maximize results. 

    20. Online consultation 

    Online consultancies open paths for professionals from various areas. If you have knowledge in a certain sector, you can help a business improve its results. Contact with the organization does not have to be in person. The process can be done online. 

    There are different types of consulting. The strategic area contains the following possibilities: strategic (business) planning, business diagnosis, strategy monitoring and risk management. The marketing specialist can offer several consultancies for a company.

    • IF THE; 
    • E-mail marketing; 
    • Lead generation;
    • Paid media; 
    • Social networks;
    • Branding;
    • Results monitoring; 
    • Segmentation and target market

    In the financial sector, the main consultancies are: financial control, financial planning, feasibility analysis, sales price formation (pricing) and company valuation (valuation). Human Resources professionals can help companies with: hiring personnel, organizational climate research, job and salary planning, and training and development (T&D). 

    For those who want to offer accounting consultancy to clients, the topics most requested by companies are: tax planning, accounting management and administrative consultancy. You can also be a consultant in the logistics industry. 

    • Inventory management and planning consultancy;
    • Import and export consultancy;
    • Fleet control and routing consultancy

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    21. Professor particular 

    The work of the private teacher is very important for the formation of students. When parents turn to this type of professional, usually the child is having difficulty understanding the content covered at school. Therefore, the tutor must have a good knowledge of the subject to help the little one in the best way. 

    You can teach Portuguese, Math, English, History, Geography, among other subjects. Try to use different methodologies and pedagogical games to keep the student focused on learning. 

    22. Proofreader and Text Editor 

    The proofreading and text editor work could not be left out of our list. To win customers and credibility in the market, the professional needs to have advanced knowledge of the Portuguese language. In most cases, companies use Language Arts students to fill this position. 

    What to sell on the internet to make money?

    With the advancement of the internet, the digital product has stood out in the market. It is a type of content that is sold in the online market, which aims to help the user to solve a particular problem. It is also known as an infoproduct, as it aims to guide or inform the Internet user about a topic. 

    On the internet, you can find several infoproducts in various formats, such as: audio, video and text. In addition to online courses, webinars and digital books. These materials paved the way for many people to develop their own business. After all, entrepreneurs start content from scratch and gradually gain credibility in the market. Find out below which are the most important and profitable. 

    23. E-book

    Also known as an electronic book (translation into Portuguese), the e-book is a material that contains complete content on a particular subject. Generally, the approach is more advanced and brings different guidance to readers. You can market the content for free or charge a user fee. 

    Imagine a digital marketing expert. He can develop an advanced course, in e-book format, on the most common questions regarding social networks, paid media, blogs, among other content. In addition to increasing your income, the electronic book brings more authority to the professional.

    24. Webinars 

    The format of this content is very similar to a webinar, which can be broadcast live or recorded. He manages to attract the audience through the visual resources and the quality of the topics that are addressed. 

    Most people tend to confuse a Webinar with a regular seminar. Although they are very similar, each one has its particularities. The first option, for example, does not require investments in logistics, such as renting a physical space. The person in charge of the event can broadcast it in the comfort of their home. 

    25. Video-classrooms 

    The next digital product on our list is considered one of the most profitable by most experts. The success of video classes can be explained by several reasons. 

    • Classes are recorded; 
    • It brings comfort to students and tutors, since the process is done at home;  
    • Can be viewed multiple times at any time of day; 
    • Prices are cheaper than face-to-face courses

    Versatility is one of the most interesting points of online courses. You can find different types of themes to get started with. The list is extensive and can serve as inspiration to guide you through your first steps:

    • Online makeup courses;
    •  Online course of school subjects;
    • online language course;
    • Online drawing course;
    • Course online the coaching;
    • Online course on finance;
    • Online marketing course;
    • Online public speaking course;
    • Online course of achievement;
    • Online course in fashion design and sewing;
    • Online training course for domestic animals;
    • Curso online sobre technology;
    • Online cooking course;
    • Online course of musical instruments;
    • Online training course;
    • online zumba class

    26. Members website 

    Membership sites are pages on the Internet that aim to share exclusive materials with users. To have access to this material, the Internet user needs to pay a one-time or monthly fee. The payment model is defined by the person responsible for the portal. 

    27. Softwares 

    Products that are mostly built for businesses are stored in the cloud. If you can develop a tool that brings several positive points to a user, you can market it. There are several types of software on the market, such as: application software, programming software and system software. 

    28. Applications 

    The app is another very profitable product on the internet. It earns this title because it offers multiple functionality to the user in just one program. Another characteristic that justifies the success is that the features turn complex tasks into easy executions. 

    If you have no idea to develop an application, see below some alternatives that can serve as inspiration for your next steps. 

    • Transport apps:Uber; 99; Frida Karro; BlaBlaCar and EcoDrivers;
    • Food delivery apps: iFood; Rappi; Uber Eats; 99 Food; James Delivery;
    • Time management and organization apps: Trello; Asana; RescueTime; Pocket e Slack. 

    Here, we mention the best-known suggestions on the market. To bring inspiration, it is worth downloading each alternative and getting to know its features, design and other important features. This way, you can assess which are the positives and negatives that you want to include in your application. 

    What to sell on the internet? Check out more ideas 

    We have already shown several products that a digital entrepreneur can sell over the internet. However, this market is quite extensive and allows the entrepreneur to have access to several alternatives. With that in mind, we decided to list other ideas to help you make a decision. Follow up!

    29. Handicraft products 

    Handcrafted products never go out of style. In this list, it is possible to include: handmade soaps; felt garlands; embroidery with satin ribbon; decorated MDF boxes; artisan binding; souvenirs in EVA; fabric painting; Biscuit lamps and souvenirs. 

    30. Personalized maternity products 

    Regardless of the niche, custom materials are the darlings of customers. That's because they are developed according to the needs of consumers. In the world of motherhood, personalization leaves moms delighted. 

    In this area, it is worth making items such as: hair bows; weathervane loop; simple crossed loop; felt and EVA bows; lace kit; baby shoes and garlands. 

    31. Fantasies 

    Contrary to what many people imagine, it's not just the little ones who like costumes. Adults also wear this type of clothing for parties and other special events. There are some best-selling options. For children, the most suitable are: Jasmine, Aladdin, Batgirl and Batman, Wonder Woman, Shark and Baby Shark. 

    The list still has: Harley Quinn, Toy Story characters (Jessie, Woody and Buzz Lightwear), Unicorn, Minnie Mouse and Moana. Adults, on the other hand, usually request the following costumes: Harry Potter Gryffindor; Santa Claus; Penelope; german couple and clown.  

    32. Anxiety and Stress Products 

    The last few months have not been easy for our countrymen and the rest of the countries. Crises of anxiety and stress were present in both men and women. Therefore, many people have been looking for products to have a lighter and pressure-free routine. You can sell various items that can make the day more peaceful.

    • Ball to press;
    • Picture frame with family photos;
    • Environment aromatizer;
    • Bedside lamp;
    • Air humidifier;
    • Healthy snacks;
    • Books. 

    33. Flowers 

    Flowers are known as wildcard gifts on various commemorative dates. To increase income, you can sell roses; succulents; lilies; sunflowers; astromelias; gerberas; daisies and lisianthus. An interesting way to maximize results is to add breakfast baskets to the product portfolio. 

    34. Subscription clubs 

    These are companies that sell their products and services with scheduled deliveries. Most virtual stores work on a monthly basis, but there is no rule regarding periodicity. Those who want to enter this market can specialize in several types of signature clubs, such as: wines, beers, coffee, flowers and books. 

    35. Hats 

    Have you ever thought about selling hats on the internet? This product has a good variety of items that can surprise customers. The best sellers are: Panama, Fedora, Cochê; fisherman; cowboy and Floppy.

    36. Educational games 

    Educational games are great options for parents who want to teach children a variety of topics by playing.

    The most common formats are: board games, body language games, puzzles, scientific games, digital games, creation and construction games. 

    37. Wines 

    The Brazilian Association of Sommeliers of Rio Grande do Sul (ABS-RS) reported that the sale of wines grew during the pandemic. You can include various types of this drink in your own online store to surprise customers. 

    • cabernet sauvignon;
    • Merlot;
    • Malbec;
    • Carmenere;
    • Pinot Noir;
    • Syrah;
    • Tannat;
    • Tempranillo;
    • Chardonnay

    38. Beers 

    You can also sell different types of beers on the internet. Among the most common are: Pilsen; Munich Helles; Vienna Lager; Oktoberfest (Märzen); bock; Kölsch; Altbier; English Pale Ale; English Brown Ale; India Pale Ale and English IPA. 

    39. Toys 

    The toy industry was another area that grew during the pandemic. To make the most of this moment, we recommend investing in options for children of various ages.

    A good store is one that contains “make-believe” items, dolls, dolls, carts, educational toys, arts and play dough.

    40. Car accessories 

    In the automotive market, some accessories are indispensable for drivers. To increase your revenue, sell these items on the internet. Generally, the most suitable are: fire extinguisher, magnetic cell phone holder, steering lock, reversing camera, parking sensor, mini fridge. The list also contains other items:

    • Aerodynamic accessories;
    • Multimedia center;
    • Autopilot;
    • Carter protector;
    • Sports Springs;
    • power chip;
    • Stainless steel damper;
    • Sports air filter;
    • Xenon lamp;
    • Mirror Cast;
    • Starting Assistant;
    • Puncture repair tool kit. 

    41. Decoration accessories 

    Selling decoration accessories is also a great way out of the crisis. A good store is one that contains items of various types of decorations, such as: classic, retro, industrial, modern, Scandinavian, rustic, futuristic, Asian and contemporary. 

    42. Invitations 

    If you are creative, you can start in the event invitation market. In your product portfolio, we recommend including: wedding invitations, invitations for groomsmen and bridesmaids, birthday invitations – 15 years – Debutantes, engagement invitations, corporate invitations, bridal shower invitations, tea bar invitations and Children's birthday. 

    43. Photo Bank 

    Photographers can sell their photos on the internet. In the online environment, you have access to several sites that allow you to store material for thousands of people.

    The best known are: Adobe Stock, Alamy, 123RF, Can Stock Photo, Dreamstime, FineArt America, Photo Shelter and Shutterstock. 

    44. Personalized Frames and Posters

    Demand for custom frames is high. Another advantage of this area is that it is not necessary to make large investments to take the first steps.

    The professional who manages to produce his own art can increase even more the financial return. 

    45. Personalized T-shirts 

    The custom t-shirt market is very competitive. However, with creativity and willpower, it is possible to succeed in this segment.

    You can also choose niche markets that have little competition. That way, it will be easier to have positive results. 

    Do I need a virtual store to sell on the internet? 

    No! Setting up a page on social networks such as Instagram and Facebook is enough to share your work with thousands of people. Investing in this type of media also brings other advantages for the entrepreneur: popular platform, visual platform to attract more users, allows you to create ads according to the customer's profile and helps in user engagement. 

    To sell on Instagram, you must use CTA (Call to action) on images, use videos to increase audience reach, partner with influencers, share quality photos and write objective texts. Before getting your hands dirty, study some strategies that can improve your business results, such as:

    • How to create a store on Instagram
    • How to boost on Facebook and Instagram
    • The best content tips for Instagram
    • What is the best time to post on Instagram

    What to sell online for beginners?

    After discovering what to sell on the internet, we will show you the first steps to start your business in the online environment. These are simple tips that can be applied in the comfort of your home. 

    Choose what to sell 

    First, you must choose which product you want to market. For this, it is necessary to carry out a market analysis to find out which are the most consumed items and which are the ones in which the niche is not so explored. This type of investigation is important because, when choosing a very competitive market, you will have more difficulties to increase your revenue. 

    Another interesting point when choosing the product to sell is to give preference to the options that best match your profile. When we are used to using a certain item, selling it is easier, because we know the characteristics, the differentials and how the consumer behaves. 

    Work with good suppliers

    Finding good suppliers for your business is not always an easy task. This is because the decision involves several factors, such as: product quality, price and the period of stock replacement. It is important to evaluate all details to avoid future problems.

    If you're still unsure about making a decision, it's worth researching reviews about suppliers on sites like Reclame Aqui, Google My Business reviews and the opinions customers share on social media. The more information collected, the easier it will be to choose a good professional. 

    Set the brand name 

    Especially on the internet, one of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs who are starting a business is choosing a brand name. At this time, give preference to options that customers can easily identify you on websites, social networks or other types of channels. One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is choosing names that are difficult to understand, pronounce or type. 

    Register the CNPJ 

    One of the biggest myths of digital entrepreneurship is to believe that it is not necessary to be a legal entity to enter this market. If you intend to start a business in the next few months, register the CNPJ (National Registry of Legal Persons). It is essential to issue electronic invoices and to find more affordable prices with suppliers. 

    Build your brand's visual identity 

    The construction of a brand's visual identity cannot be ignored. It increases the connection with the consumer and also the desire to buy. A good identity is one that is integrated with all channels of a company, whether in e-commerce, social networks, email marketing, blog or website. 

    Advertise your store 

    The promotion of a store is essential for the success of any company, whether small, medium or large. That old saying never made so much sense: “who is not seen, is not remembered”. To get good results with your marketing strategies, share the products on social networks, blogs, websites, and other types of channels. 

    Invest in a platform for your e-commerce 

    If you have chosen to sell your products in an online store, be very careful with your choice of platform. It is best to do a thorough search. In addition to the price, it is important to evaluate the company's features and support, in case the site is down or there is a problem that harms your sales. 

    Use SEO to your advantage 

    We have already discussed in this article how important SEO is for a digital marketing strategy. It helps your brand to conquer the top positions of Google. Anyone who has an online store should invest in keywords with a high search volume, create a blog to generate valuable content and follow the best strategies. The combination of these factors will bring more access to your business. 

    What to sell on the Internet: Conclusion

    Here, we share the best deals to sell online. Choose the alternative that best suits your profile, talk to experts in the field, study the market, take courses and try to understand consumer behavior. The combination of these factors can be decisive to ensure the benefits of a digital enterprise.

    After discovering what to sell on the internet, check out our Instagram strategies course. Here, you will have access to tips that will increasingly enhance the success of your business in the digital environment. 


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