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    What does CDL mean and how it can help your business

    What does CDL mean and how it can help your businessWhat does CDL mean and how it can help your business

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Aug 31, 2022 | Entrepreneurship |

    Have you ever heard of or know what does CDL mean?

    CDL is present throughout our country, with the objective of helping local shopkeepers to develop their businesses and have better conditions for their operations.

    Support for companies in the country is not limited to already consolidated businesses, but also to new businesses by younger entrepreneurs.

    Its performance is not only on the side of shopkeepers, but also on the side of consumers.

    Periodically, it carries out campaigns in partnership with associated store owners, providing consumers with opportunities to participate in prize draws and promotions with discounted product prices at associated stores.

    Always attentive to the market, CDL is always looking out for shopkeepers and consumers, whether individuals or companies.

    Next, we will explain in more detail what CDL means.

    What does CDL mean?

    The acronym CDL stands for Chamber of Shopkeepers, and is a non-profit, non-partisan organization with no direct connection to religious institutions.

    It is part of a confederative system that has:

    • National Confederation of Shopkeepers (CNDL);

    • Federation of Shopkeepers Chambers (FCDL).

    It seeks to bring together retailers from the most varied market segments, providing cooperation, exchange of ideas and information.

    One of the main objectives of the CDL is to support and protect commercial activities and the provision of services, as a representative of local traders.

    More than that, it seeks to develop and enhance the retail segment through actions that may allow:

    • Reduce the risk of default;

    • Improve tenants' profits;

    • Professionalize the market;

    • Give more credit options;

    • Enhance business.

    How it can help your business

    CDL wants to see local businesses grow. And for that, it offers support to all shopkeepers, as well as to its associates, collaborators and family members of the associated shopkeepers.

    There are several benefits that vary according to each partner, which are distributed in segments such as:

    • Communication;
    • Education;
    • Legal;
    • Storage;
    • investments;
    • Technologic solutions;
    • Real estate among others.

    But the benefits are not limited to what business partners offer.

    Through its own structure, the Shopkeepers Chamber also helps in the development of the business in several aspects, such as:

    • Reduction of defaulting customers;

    • Digital certificate issuance (and discounts in some regions);

    • positive registration;

    • Guidelines related to business management and customer service;

    • Statistical information about local businesses to help shopkeepers in decision making;

    • Consult the SPC for our country and SERASA.

    How to join the CDL

    Now that you know what CDL means, you might be wondering how to join CDL.

    You just need to look for a unit in your municipality to find out what requirements are needed to complete the partnership.

    In some cases, this information is available on the local CDL website.

    The merchant will have different options for his membership, with variations in the types of services and benefits that are offered, paying a monthly fee to remain a member.

    In general, 3 things are essential to join:

    • Good reputation of the company;
    • Solidarity with the entrepreneurial class;
    • Community spirit.

    What is CDL Jovem?

    Created in 1988, CDL Jovem is a complementary body with the objective of helping in the development of young shopkeepers.

    It promotes several events in our country to help the evolution of young entrepreneurs, providing interaction, exchanges of experiences and personal and professional development.

    She is seen as an auxiliary force of the Chamber of Shopkeepers, as the youth of today can become the successful entrepreneur of the future.

    CDL Youth Goals

    • Development of training for leaders and managers;

    • Preparation of members to contribute to the CDL board;

    • Integration into the class of young shopkeepers;

    • Foster the entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem;

    • Promote political awareness actions, networking, sustainability, innovation, among others.

    If you are a retailer and still don't know CDL, this is an opportunity.

    Look for the CDL unit closest to you and see how it can help your business.

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