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    Or what does fyp mean not Tik Tok?

    Or what does fyp mean not Tik Tok?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jun 10, 2022 | Social Networks | 1 comment

    Do you know what does fyp mean Tik Tok? For those unfamiliar, Tik Tok is a social network that allows users to post short videos for other profiles to view. There are different types of videos and different hashtags that an account can use in its videos so that they reach more and more people. 

    These hashtags end up increasing the reach of the video and, consequently, can result in an increase in the number of followers, a greater engagement of your account and can cause the user to earn the “verified seal” on the social network.

    In addition, with the increase in engagement and followers, this profile is also allowed to record longer videos of 60 seconds. 

    One of the most used and most important terms in this social network is fyp. Do you know what fyp means on Tik Tok? If not, let's find out:

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    Or what does fyp mean not Tik Tok?

    The acronym FYP stands for “For You Page”, which in free translation can be something like “For your Page”. This page is probably where Tik Tok users spend most of their time on the social network. So the more you know, the better your experience can be. 

    The fyp is the first page that will appear to you when you open the Tik Tok app on mobile or the social networking site on your computer. At the top of the social network there will be the phrase “For You”, this means that you are really on the “For You Page”.

    Next to “For You”, the “Following” page will be at your disposal. By clicking on it, you will be able to find the videos published by the accounts you follow. This can be considered as a second feed of the platform.

    What does fyp do on TikTok?

    Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram usually show you only posts from pages and profiles that you actively follow and interact with in feed posts. Tik Tok does it differently with fyp and this ends up being the page where the videos that TikTok's own algorithm will suggest for you will be.

    This page can be considered as the main feed of the platform. 

    Since your For You Page feed will totally depend on the algorithm, your fyp will not be made up of content that makes you happy when you first log into Tik Tok. This happens because the algorithm still doesn't know you and doesn't know the type of videos you like and want to see. So, the page ends up getting kind of monotonous and boring. 

    But that will change depending on what content you interact with the most in the feed. The more time you spend on the social network, the more Tik Tok will get to know you.

    Based on the videos you interact and view the most, the algorithm will increasingly recommend similar videos on the same topic. It's little like the Instagram explore page.

    However, the difference is that Tik Tok is based almost entirely on this type of algorithm. 

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    What will you have on your fyp?

    It is difficult to find the same fyp of the users of the platform, normally they are different since each one is customized to contain contents referring to the tastes of each user.

    An example: let's say your fyp is made up of only movie-related content and you don't see much music-related content. This is because your fyp was set up based on your preference for cinema. But someone else's fyp may only contain music content, although it has practically nothing related to cinema.

    If you end up forcing yourself to like, share, view the full video and interact with content from other topics, you will start to receive more and more indications from the Tik Tok algorithm on that particular topic.

    Based on your preferences, you can end up isolating yourself in a very niche community on the social network, and so you won't receive other content than what you're mostly looking for. 

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    What is #fyp?

    Most of the videos on your “For You Page” could end up being from content creators you’ve never followed or seen on the social network. Even videos from anonymous accounts can end up appearing in your feed, because if this material appears on many people's fyp, it ends up going viral within Tik Tok.

    Another thing that can make this happen is the use of the hashtag #fyp. Profiles that seek to reach more and more people and make their content go viral end up adding this hashtag to the video. Another common variation to find is #foryoupage.

    However, going viral on the social network may not be as easy as it seems. The algorithm of this social network is not transparent, and the company claims that the employees themselves select which videos will be uploaded to the FYP.

    There are many theories among social media content creators as to how to get to this main feed, but nothing has been taken for granted. However, in June 2022, Tik Tok himself released an article on his official blog trying to clarify how the “For You Page” works.

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    Other TikTok Slang and Hashtags

    Now that you know what fyp means on Tik Tok, there are tons of other hashtags and slang on the social network that you might not know about. We separate the main ones and explain each one:

    What is POV on Tik Tok?

    The acronym POV stands for “Point of View”, in free translation it can be something like “Point of View”. The platform's content creators often use the hashtag #POV when creating content with the aim of simulating the view of the user who is watching. 

    We can cite as an example someone who is drying their hair with a hairdryer and posts a video doing it on the platform.

    You know this is a POV video not because you're getting the full view of the person drying their hair, but from the hairdryer's point of view, as if you were the dryer itself. 

    What is IB on Tik Tok?

    IB is an abbreviation of “Inspired By”, which in free translation into Portuguese means “Inspired By”. The hashtag speaks for itself and means that the user who recorded the video was inspired by some other video or profile to create their content. That means he's giving credit to the original creator of the material. 

    You may end up coming across this hashtag a lot on the platform, as it is common to see many similar videos on fyp. But if you are a content creator and you want to make something similar to another account's video, always remember to give proper credits to avoid accusations of plagiarism.

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    What is DC on Tik Tok?

    The acronym DC is an abbreviation of “Dance Credits” and means in free translation into Portuguese “Dance Credits”. You can find the hashtag #DC in dance videos especially when someone is imitating the dance they are doing in some other dance video.

    It is common to come across this hashtag when a dance goes viral on the platform. As with IB, this is a way of giving credit to the original creator of the content, in this case, a dance.

    What are Challengers?

    Challenger means “Challenge” in Portuguese. This tag can be found when a profile posts a video doing something like dancing, singing, some exercise, etc., and uses the hashtag #challenger to challenge other accounts on the platform to do the same.

    This type of content can also go a long way towards making a video go viral on Tik Tok.

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    What are Duets?

    “Duets” can be translated as “Duets”. When this hashtag is present in a Tik Tok video, it means you can duet with the video as a reaction or in order to continue the content of the original video.

    It is common for this to be used with one user singing a part of a song and another user finishing the duet, completing or doing a second voice for that video, for example. We also see a lot of reacts on the platform being done through the duets.

    What is Cringe?

    The hashtag #Cringe comes from the English word “grinch”, which does not have an exact translation into Portuguese, but can be used when referring to a person who is a “killer”. It is widely used on Tik Tok in videos categorized as “shame-others”.

    It is common when some profile creates content with the aim of being used as a joke, or someone shares the video or makes a duet with the hashtag to ridicule that content.

    What is CEO?

    The CEO is the biggest job in a company, the big boss, and the purpose of this hashtag on Tik Tok is basically to send the same message.

    Usually, the hashtag #CEO is used by someone who understands a lot about a subject or an expert on a particular topic who makes videos about it.

    The hashtag shows that he really understands what he's talking about. For example, if someone posts multiple videos or has a profile focused on entrepreneurship, then that person is the CEO of entrepreneurship on Tik Tok.

    What is flop?

    The term flop on Tik Tok can mean something like “Fail”. When a video doesn't go viral, doesn't have the reach the creator would like or doesn't have a high engagement with few likes, comments and shares, the term "flop" is used.

    That is, your video flop is because it did not achieve the expected result. It is also common to find this term on other social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter.

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