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    VW Consortia: How to buy your new Volkswagen

    VW Consortia: How to buy your new Volkswagen

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 7, 2022 | Shopping |

    It has never been so easy to conquer the Volkswagen car of your dreams.

    Os VW Consortia make this step even more practical.

    Through the internet, you can find out what plans are available, what are the values, among other important issues for negotiation. 

    From now on, we are going to show you a complete guide to the service, highlighting how it works, what the benefits are and how to buy your new Volkswagen.

    Keep reading and ask all your questions. 

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    After all, what is a consortium?

    Before showing the main details of the VW Consortium, let's explain how this type of procedure works.

    That way, you'll be better prepared to buy the vehicle of your dreams. 

    Contrary to what many people imagine, the dynamics of a national consortium is not complicated.

    It works like this: customers who intend to buy a similar good participate in a group and make payments every month to generate funds that help in the acquisition of the product. 

    The customer has the chance to purchase a good every month, at a specific meeting.

    However, this process is not conducted in any way.

    You will be entitled to the benefit through bids or by drawing that is made by the Federal Lottery. 

    Is it worth making a consortium? 

    Yes. The consortium offers low rates when compared to other alternatives available on the market.

    It is a great option for people who intend to buy a high-value asset, invest capital or plan to purchase cars, houses or even a trip.  

    How to trade safely? 

    The first step is to verify if the proposal belongs to the consortium and if the data correspond to the contemplation and quota. 

    You should also consider whether the contract is administered by a reputable company.

    It needs authorization from the Central Bank of our country to carry out its activities.

    Among the best options on the market, is the Volkswagen Consortium Our Country. 

    Now the customer needs to sign the contract transfer term. This procedure must be carried out at the headquarters or branch of the consortium administrator.

    This is important because the company needs to authorize the transfer of the contract, in addition to registering the new consortium member. 

    To avoid future problems, the person interested in the car must present some documents. 

    The Minutes of the Ordinary General Meeting (AGO) is one of the most important documents. It confirms the contemplation of the account and the declaration of the consortium administrator authorizing the procedure.

    The document also contains other interesting information, such as: financial income up to the transfer date and the credit value on the date of the contemplation meeting. 

    You must also present proof of payments that were paid before and after contemplation; personal documents and declaration by the administrator that the contract was not altered during the Extraordinary General Meeting.

    What are the advantages of VW Consortia? 

    If you want to purchase your new car with exclusive advantages, VW Consortia is one of the best options on the market.

    That's because the Volkswagen Group has 40 years of tradition and has already delivered more than 500 cars to customers. 

    Another important point is that it is the only company that offers a guarantee from the Volkswagen company and the assistance of the Volkswagen Dealership Network.

    Regarding payment, the customer is entitled to a service that is very practical.

    It has no interest, does not require entries and does not charge a consumer membership fee. 

    With VW Consortia, you have up to 84 months to complete the payment and the company even allows you to anticipate the complication that can be executed by bidding. 

    The freedom to anticipate the consortium installments is another interesting benefit that cannot be ignored on our list.

    Thus, the customer can control their budget more easily. 

    How to buy a new car at VW Consortia? 

    The process is simpler than it looks. It is not necessary to leave your residence to complete the order.

    Initially, you must enter the official website of the VW Consortia.

    Then choose the model you prefer, which can be: Amarok, Fox, Gol, Nivus, Polo, Saveiro, T Cross, Virtus and Voyage.

    Then choose the amount of the installment you want to pay. 

    At this point, it's important to revisit your financial planning so you don't make the commitment that can get in the way of your plans in the future.

    The company offers plans for a minimum of R$300 and a maximum of R$5.500. Then, just click on simulate my consortium. 

    The company will also request your personal contact data, such as: name, email and contact telephone number. Now, click on “Simulate Consortium”.

    The system will show the value of the car that is available, payment term and the amount of the installment. 

    To find out more details, click on “More Information”.

    The system will inform other interesting data, such as: First Installment Deadline, Monthly Contribution Percentage, Reserve Fund Percentage and Administration Fee Percentage. 

    If the proposal meets your needs, click on “I am interested”.

    Soon, the company will contact you on the telephone number you were informed at the time of registration.

    Trading can also be done through WhatsApp. 

    What are the plans of the VW Consortia? 

    VW Consortia offer several interesting plans for customers.

    The best known are: Standard and comfort.

    In the Standard plan, you have the opportunity to fulfill the dream of guaranteeing a 0 km vehicle. In it, it is possible to make payment in up to 84 months.

    There is no membership fee, the values ​​are democratic, without interest and without bureaucracy. 

    The Comfort plan allows the customer to conquer the dream of a new vehicle, with up to 76 months to pay.

    The installments are reduced and do not compromise the consumer's financial planning. 

    The letters of credit contain affordable values, without interest and without bureaucracy for the consumer.

    The company does not charge a consumer membership fee. 

    The most interesting thing about the VW Consortia is that the customer can choose between different plans, that is, there is no salesperson who wants to push an alternative at any cost. 

    The Mais plan, for example, is suitable for consumers looking for an easier way to purchase a car.

    You have up to 76 months to make the payment and the administration fee is monthly, in the amount of 0,18%.

    Here, there is no membership fee, interest and bureaucracy.

    The consumer guarantees 100% of the credit in contemplation. 

    VW Consortia: How to buy your new Volkswagen

    Just choose the alternative that best suits your needs.

    Among the available options are: exclusive, reduced, lighter, light, normal and premium.

    The complete list and benefits can be accessed on the company's website. 

    After purchasing your plan, you can make the “Volkswagen consortium login” on the company's website. 

    VW Consortia on Reclame Aqui: what is the assessment? 

    In Reclame Aqui, you can analyze how the reputation of a particular company is in the market.

    Regarding the VW Consortia, in September 2022, the company's score was 6.6 out of 10, which is considered regular by the system. 

    The platform also shows that the company is concerned with the consumer experience.

    To give you an idea, 99.2% of complaints were answered by companies. The problem solving rate is 72.6%.

    Meanwhile, 41% of consumers would do business with the organization again. 

    It is never too much to remember how important it is to seek out friends, co-workers and relatives to better understand how these people's experiences were.

    Thus, you have complete inputs to make the best decision according to your needs. 

    VW Consortia also offer a team of experts to answer consumers' main questions:

    • Customer Relationship Center: 0800 770 1936;
    • Capitals and Metropolitan Regions: 4003 6636;
    • Customer Support Service: 0800 770 1926 (opening hours, Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 20 pm. On Saturday, the service will be available from 08 am to 14 pm;
    • Exclusive Relationship Center for the Hearing and Speech Impaired: 0800 770 1935 (opening hours available from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 20 pm. On Saturday, the team will be available from 08 am to 14 pm. 

    In the service channels, you can ask questions, such as: “Consortium Volkswagen boleto” and “Consortium Volkswagen login”. 

    The more service channels a company offers to the consumer, the better its reputation in the market.

    This is because she shows that she is concerned with solving the main doubts of customers, ensuring a great post-purchase. 

    Here we mention the best information about Volkswagen Cars consortium. It is important to note that the content was not sponsored by the company. Opinions on this content are impartial and based on consumer experience. 

    Bonus tip: For the customer who wants to buy a Volkswagen zero, learn more about the CDC financing plans by Volkswagen Financing Bank (VW Bank). 

    If you want to change your current vehicle and want to purchase a more economical car, it is worth selling it through the internet.

    Instacarro is a great option to sell a car without leaving home.

    After completing the sale, you will have more purchasing power to acquire a great plan at VW Consortia.

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