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    Vacation 2022: the 10 best destinations to travel this year

    Vacation 2022: the 10 best destinations to travel this year

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Nov 30, 2022 | Shopping |

    The year 2022 is going to be the perfect period for travel lovers who want to have a good vacation 2022.

    For much of 2022 and virtually the entire year of 2022, travel has not yet been restored due to the pandemic.

    For vacation 2022, the scenario could be much better and so you can enjoy your days off/vacation in the best possible ways.

    That way, you will also need to be on top of the best travel destinations. To help you, we've separated the 10 best places for you to make the most of your 2022 vacation.

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    1. African Safari with Micato Safaris

    Vacation 2022: the 10 best destinations to travel this year

    An African Safari trip ends up being one of those “Trips You Must Do Before You Die” lists.

    It is even more suitable for animal and nature lovers, as you will have direct contact with nature and will be able to watch the animals in their natural environments, observing their interactions with other animals, their behavior, etc.

    If you are interested in this 2022 vacation travel option, one of the agencies you can use is Micato Safaris, which specializes in this type of travel and expedition.

    This is an agency that can find accommodation in the main inns in Africa, which do not have much space and are sought after by travelers from all over the world. 

    2. Turkey, Greece or Sardinia by Bike and Cruise with DuVine

    This is an alternative for the 2022 vacation if you want to take two trips at once or even triple your experience and travel a third time in one.

    If you love cycling, this is the perfect journey for you, also allowing you to take part in luxurious boat trips and visit iconic locations.

    The ship ends up functioning as its own mobile hotel, while you enjoy your 2022 vacation by cycling through places like Turkey, the islands of Greece and beautiful Sardinia, an Italian island.

    For this type of trip, our suggestion as a tour operator for cycling and other sports is DuVine Cycling.

    They offer a variety of sports travel options with a private experience yacht, you can experience VIP situations during your bike rides and when you return to the ship, you will still have an excellent quality of life.

    3. Ski in the Dolomites with the Dolomite Mountains

    If you want to have a skiing experience, then the interconnected resorts of the Dolomiti Superski pass are the best travel option for your 2022 vacation, as they make up the largest available ski area in the world.

    You can make a trail without having to make transfers, relying on mechanical ascents.

    In addition, this trail system also ends up connecting several wonderful cities, such as Alta Badia, Cortina and Val Gardena.

    It is worth mentioning that Cortina is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and one of the most beautiful mountains in the world, as well as hosting the 2026 Winter Olympics. You also have a wide variety of hotels with up to 5 stars to stay at. 

    You can also do the famous ski from town to town and from hut to hut, pass through various locations and perform different types of ski and in different difficulties.

    One of the best travel agencies for your 2022 ski vacation is Dolomite Mountains.

    The company offers several scheduled excursions, the best restaurants and hotels and many other benefits.

    4. Natural Wonders of South America with Explora

    The tourism company Explora was created by a Chilean family that wanted to show off the incredible landscapes, gastronomy and activities that their country offers.

    The project ended up expanding a lot in almost 20 years and now they also encompass countries like Peru, Argentina and Bolivia. 

    At each of these points, they built ecological and luxurious inns, with guides and an all-inclusive system.

    So, for your 2022 vacation, in addition to seeing the natural sights of South America, you will also be able to taste the local cuisine, have outdoor adventures, taste the wines, have guided tours in each country, water tours and much more. . 

    5. Polar Expedition Cruise with Ponant

    Vacation 2022: the 10 best destinations to travel this year

    Antarctica is one of the continents you definitely need to visit if you love to travel, and why not do it for your 2022 vacation?

    The so-called White Continent has a polar expedition cruise, allowing you to observe the incredible floes and icebergs, as well as observe and learn more about the penguins, seals, polar bears and whales that live there, as well as retracing the steps of the great historians and naturalists who have already been there.

    Our top choice of travel agency to use for this type of trip is Ponant, a company that is fully specialized in expedition cruises.

    The ship used in the polar expedition is suitable for operating on ice and is quite luxurious, with French cuisine and 5-star accommodation. 

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    6. Luxury train travel with Belmond

    Now known as Belmond, the former Orient-Express company operates luxury trains, offering quality rail travel.

    To maintain privacy, the trains have private cabins, food, drink and plenty of space for the public to feel at ease. Along the way, travelers will also be able to take advanced sightseeing tours.

    Among the main tours made by Belmond trains, we can mention the two-night South American trip, which passes through the Andean mountains of Peru, being Cusco and Arequipa, it is worth mentioning that Cusco is the gateway to Machu Picchu.

    There are also tours in Asia, passing through Bangkok and Singapore for three nights, or through Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur for two nights.

    7. Cycling in Tuscany, Burgundy or Provence with Butterfield & Robinson

    One more alternative for 2022 holidays if you like cycling are the local classics of Tuscany, Burgundy and Provence, Italy and France.

    The travel agency Butterfield & Robinson has a five-star standard, in addition to offering guided cycling tours through all these mentioned places, and may even try to hire a package that goes through all three, a guided cycling category that was created by the company itself in 1966. and has been improving ever since.

    During the tours, you will be able to count on specialized guides, several VIP experiences with visits to different places that are not open, such as some museums and others.

    Due to its time in the market, the company is also able to guarantee you the best hotel rooms, to guarantee the best experiences on your 2022 vacation, not just cycling.

    8. Golf in the British Isles with Haversham & Baker

    If you are looking for a place with simpler and more relaxed activities for your 2022 holiday, then perhaps you could try golfing in the British Isles, especially in places like Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales.

    In addition, at all these points, you can count on great golf courses, great weather, food and drink. Many consider these spots to be the best in the world when it comes to golf. 

    For this type of trip, there are several tour operators that you can turn to, but our suggestion is Haversham & Baker.

    This option is our recommendation as it works specifically with Spain and the British Isles, hotspots for golf lovers.

    In addition, all travel planning is done after the conversation with the client, which further increases the quality of the tour.

    9. Ski in Japan with Scout Ski

    Another alternative travel destination for those who love skiing. This time located in Japan, as a great alternative for your 2022 vacation.

    In addition, you can also take advantage of the trip to enjoy Japanese culture and food. One of the main reasons this destination is one of the best spots for skiers is the snow that has a greater amount than practically all other places.

    The resorts offered to skiers are the best they can be, with great care, great service and great food and drink.

    Furthermore, it is common for these resorts to use English more than Japanese, which can make communication a lot easier. So, just choose the best week or other times on the calendar and enjoy the 2022 vacation.

    The best travel agency for you to travel with is Scout Ski, which offers the best routes and destinations most suitable for skiers, including lesser-known routes, which for many, can be the best for practicing the sport. 

    10. Definitive Italy with IC Bellagio

    Vacation 2022: the 10 best destinations to travel this year

    Last but not least on our list of destinations to travel on vacation 2022, we have the Ultimate Italy, which will definitely be an unforgettable trip no matter what date you go.

    You can explore the entire city, go diving, enjoy the famous Italian wine and gastronomy that attracts attention around the world.

    Going further, you may end up driving luxury rental cars during your trip, such as Lamborghini, Ferrari and Maserati.

    Our recommended travel agency for your 2022 vacation in Italy is IC Bellagio, which offers its client privileged access, expert guidance and a very in-depth knowledge of the place in question.

    You can get the best hotels and with the best benefits, making the most of all the things on offer in your trip to Italy related destinations.

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