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    Google Tools: 13 free options for your business

    Google Tools: 13 free options for your business

    by Camila Porto | Feb 17, 2022 | Google |

    Maybe many people don't know, but Google goes far beyond being the biggest search engine in the world. For those who are entrepreneurs, making use of the Google tools It can be the differentiator for your business.

    From helping with your daily routine tasks to options for placing your product or service, Google's tools are great options to help promote your company.

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    Plus, Google doesn't just want to push its products to customers and leave them banging their heads. No, the company strives to teach you how to use them and get good results.

    Best of all, many Google tools are free and of excellent quality. With that in mind, we've brought you a list of 15 Google tools to make your life and business easier, 13 of which are free.


    With the help of the free Google tools listed in this article, you will be able to create documents and share them, hold online meetings, organize your appointments and even schedule content.

    We list great options, especially for those who are starting in the world of entrepreneurship. Follow our list of Google tools:


    Google Meet is a free tool from Google that allows professionals to hold online meetings of up to 60 minutes (for longer, the paid version must be used).

    The tool allows you to make video conference calls using Google Chrome, for example, or through the app (available for both Android and iOS). Developed to meet the needs of companies, it allows remote employees to interact in real time.

    Google Meet even has one-click integration with Google Calendar for meetings and screen sharing for presenting documents, spreadsheets or presentations.

    If you want to access Google Meet, click here.


    Google Drive is a Google tool used to store and share files that are hosted in the cloud. That way, you can access them from any device that is connected to the internet. Therefore, it can be very useful in your business.

    It has up to 15GB of free storage space and paid plans for those who need more.

    To use Google Drive, click here.


    Google Docs is Google's free tool for creating, editing and sharing text. Your files are hosted in the cloud and can be accessed from any computer, tablet or cell phone. It's a great alternative, but simpler than Microsoft Office's Word.

    To access Google Docs, click here.


    Just as Google Docs is an alternative for those who don't have Word, Google Sheets is a great option for those who don't have Excel. This free tool helps you create, edit and share spreadsheets, which can be accessed from any device.

    To access Google Sheets, click here.


    Google Forms is Google's free survey form creation tool. It is the simplest and easiest way if you need to collect information from your customers and thus improve your digital marketing strategy.

    To create a survey in Google Forms, click here.


    Also known as Google Calendar, Google Calendar is a free tool from Google that goes beyond simply scheduling appointments.

    With it, you can connect Google Meet and schedule meetings with groups, create multiple calendars and share with your team, and sync with your CRM and other resources.

    To create your Google Calendar, you have to click here.


    Google Alerts is a free tool from Google where you can create entries for subjects, topics, your company and competitors' names, any word and receive email notifications when they appear on Google.

    Using this feature, you'll stay up to date on what's new in your niche, and you can even keep track of what people are posting about your business and your competitors.

    To register your alerts in Google Alerts, click here.


    This free Google tool shows you the most searched topics at the moment. Like Alerts, Google Trends will help you keep up with the main trends in your business.

    The tool even helps you to assess the popularity of certain terms or subjects. You can make a comparison with other keyword variations and display related keywords, which can be useful in the production of content to promote your company on social networks, for example.

    Learn more about Google Trends by clicking here.

    9. YOUTUBE

    Google's free video tool, YouTube can be a strong ally in your business's marketing strategy. After all, it is the second most used search tool by people, behind only Google's own search engine.

    As the demand for videos has become more and more, making them and posting them on YouTube can boost your company's sales. Learn how to create a YouTube channel in 5 quick steps and start distributing video content to your audience today.


    While the Google tools from the previous list can be used for both companies and individuals, the platform offers specific solutions for those who have a business.


    Google My Business is a free tool from Google so companies can easily enter their data into Google. With it, various information such as opening hours and location are available in a form in the search engine's search results.

    This data is then found not only on the Google search network, but also on Google Maps. That way, customers find business much faster and more accurately.

    To learn more about this Google tool, we have a complete post that tells the advantages of using Google My Business to promote your company in the most accessed search engine in the world.


    Google Test My Site is a great free Google tool that tests your website speed on mobile devices (mobiles and tablets). It still gives the number of visitors that the site may be losing, compares with the competition and gives tips on how to make the site faster.

    To access the Google Test My Site, click here.


    Google Analytics is mandatory for anyone who has a website, as it is one of the most well-known and used tools in the world to monitor and analyze websites and applications. This Google tool has a very complete free version.

    In addition to showing how many visitors your company's website has received, it points out the most visited pages, the devices used, conversions, site abandonment metrics, traffic sources and much more.

    Not to mention that Google Analytics integrates with other Google services, such as Google Ads and Google Search Console.

    You can register with Google Analytics by clicking here.


    Google AdSense is a free tool from Google to display ads on your website. It's a way to make money online by creating content. These ads are paid by advertisers in 3 ways: for clicks, impressions and other interactions with Google ads that are displayed on your site.

    To sign up for Google Adsense, just click here.

    14. Google ads

    Formerly known as Google Adwords, the Google Ads tool allows you to create and manage ads in Google search results, YouTube, Gmail, the Play Store and partner sites.

    The great advantage of this Google tool is its segmentation, as your company will invest in ads for a qualified audience that is really related to your business, in addition to generating more traffic to your website.

    To access Google Ads, click here.


    Launched in 2022, Google Shopping is a Google tool that basically serves to show products (with photo, model, price, store name) in Google search itself. It also serves as a price comparator, similar to sites like Buscapé, for example.

    You may have seen a showcase of options, usually at the top of the results, when you searched for a product on Google. This is Google Shopping, and for your products to appear in this showcase, just like Google Ads, you need to invest in ads.

    To register your products on Google Shopping, click here.

    All these tools, if used well, will help your business a lot to obtain good sales results. Whether identifying errors or trends, these services offer a range of options that suit any market.

    Do you already use any of these Google tools? Did I miss anything on this list? Leave it here in the comments!

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