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    Top 12 GPS Apps for iPhone to Never Get Lost Anymore

    GPS apps have become essential for both those who drive and those who want to go for a bike ride or explore a city on foot. Many of these programs, which show the best routes, have also become good sources of information.

    In several of them, it is possible to know more about traffic, accidents, tourist places, among other data. has gathered the 12 best GPS apps for iPhone. Check out!

    1. Google Maps

    Top 12 GPS Apps for iPhone to Never Get Lost Anymore

    Google Maps is one of the most complete location apps out there. The service allows you to check the distance and the best path between two points or more, in addition to obtaining traffic and landscape data.

    To make creating routes easier, the app lets you save places you go to often, like your home and work. Maps also shows services that are in your proximity, such as banks, markets, shopping, gas stations, hotels, among others.

    It is worth noting that the routes are not limited to vehicles only. The app offers the best routes for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport users. Will you run out of internet? Download the map in advance and use it offline later.

    • Google Maps (free): iOS

    2. Waze

    Top 12 GPS Apps for iPhone to Never Get Lost Anymore

    One of the pioneers when it comes to GPS apps, Waze is also a feature-packed option. The functions go beyond simple directions on the map. The service works collaboratively, in which users themselves share information about traffic, accidents, and closed accesses.

    Data is updated in real time. If there are any obstacles on your original path, the app automatically changes the route to the fastest one. But the savings aren't just in time: you can check which gas stations offer the cheapest fuel on your itinerary.

    Another differential is the possibility to change the guide's voice. The platform offers fun options, with celebrities and even cartoon characters giving directions along the way.

    • Waze (free): iOS

    3. Moovit

    Top 12 GPS Apps for iPhone to Never Get Lost Anymore

    Moovit was designed to facilitate urban mobility. Therefore, it gathers information from different modes of public transport. Just indicate the start and end point of the journey and let the service show you the best routes and combinations of means of transport to reach your destination.

    It is possible to follow the entire path on the map in real time and receive alerts in case of unforeseen events such as traffic and accidents. If you find something wrong, you can also collaborate by letting the app community know.

    The application also gathers information about bus lines, subways, trains, ferries, VLT and others. The time for the arrival of the next car to the place where the user is is informed. Those who go by bike can check the best routes to ride a bike, if your city is covered by the service.

    • Moovit (free): iOS

    4. Cittamobi

    Top 12 GPS Apps for iPhone to Never Get Lost Anymore

    Cittamobi is aimed at public transport users from several cities in the country. The app indicates the arrival time of the waiting line in real time and shows the points and stations closest to your location.

    Want a little help getting somewhere? The service suggests the best routes and the train, subway and bus lines you should take. If, by chance, you experience an adverse situation inside the vehicle, such as robbery, harassment or accident, press the Serious Incident Button.

    It is also possible to recharge your electronic transport ticket without leaving the app, if available in your city.

    • Cittamobi (free): iOS

    5. Wikiloc

    Top 12 GPS Apps for iPhone to Never Get Lost Anymore

    Wikiloc is an app designed for hikers in different sports categories. The service aims to serve hikers, cyclists, runners and more than 70 types of activities. Users can meet and explore new paths, being guided by maps with directions.

    If you stray from the main route, an alarm sounds to alert you. To avoid the risk of getting lost if you run out of internet, you can download maps to use them even when you're offline. The app even lets you record your own tracks, adding waypoints and photos.

    Paid plan subscribers also have the option to share their activity with friends and family so they can track their progress in real time. There is also the possibility of sending routes directly to a compatible Garmin GPS or an Apple Watch.

    • Wikiloc (free, with paid plan options). iOS

    6. Bikemap: Cycling Map, GPS

    Top 12 GPS Apps for iPhone to Never Get Lost Anymore

    As its name suggests, Bikemap is an application aimed at cyclists. The user enters the start and end location of the trip and the app indicates the best way to cycle.

    It is also possible to venture out and discover new routes, filtering by distance, altitude, soil type, ideal bike or popularity. The service also shows points of interest along the way, such as rental shops, mechanics, among others.

    • Bikemap: Cycling Map, GPS (free, with paid plan options): iOS

    7. GPS our country: Offline Navigator

    Top 12 GPS Apps for iPhone to Never Get Lost Anymore

    The GPS in our country has as a differential the option of navigating offline, without spending the user's data package. But, those who want to use it with the internet, can take advantage of features such as speed camera alerts and real-time traffic information.

    The application also has a speedometer on the navigation screen and an automatic change feature for the best route. If you've arranged to meet someone, the app lets you share the estimated arrival time.

    The service can also be a good option for pedestrians. With Foursquare integration, the program displays nearby shops, restaurants and tourist attractions, as well as walking routes.

    • GPS our country: Offline Navigator (free, with in-app purchases): iOS

    8. Apple Maps

    Top 12 GPS Apps for iPhone to Never Get Lost Anymore

    Apple Maps, as the name implies, is the iPhone manufacturer's GPS service. Despite having had a troubled launch in 2022, the app has evolved and deserves to be on the list of the best of its kind.

    As far as basic functionality is concerned, the app offers point-to-point voice-guided navigation for automobiles or pedestrians. The user also has access to information about traffic, accidents and route closures in real time.

    Some cities in our country have integration with public transport services, in which it is possible to check the lines, their itineraries and schedules.

    • Apple Maps (free): iOS

    9. Sygic GPS Navigation

    Top 12 GPS Apps for iPhone to Never Get Lost Anymore

    Sygic GPS Navigation stands out for its 3D maps, which guarantee GPS navigation with real vision. Another feature that deserves attention is the possibility of using the app offline. Just access the internet once to download all maps on your device.

    From there, searches and route planning can be done even offline. The free version also offers a list of gas stations with the lowest prices. It also tells you when there are speed limit cameras nearby (both only if you are using the internet).

    Those who want to join one of the premium plans will also have access to features such as real-time traffic information and voice guidance. You can test the paid package for seven days, and if you don't want to subscribe, you can continue using the basic functionality.

    • Sygic GPS Navigation (free, with paid plans): iOS

    10. HERE WeGo

    Top 12 GPS Apps for iPhone to Never Get Lost Anymore

    Here WeGo aims to be a recommendation app for all forms of locomotion. Car drivers can enjoy map navigation with turn-by-turn voice guidance. There is also real-time information about city traffic.

    For those using public transport, it is possible to find out the fare values ​​and, depending on the location, even call a taxi through the app itself. Are you going to travel to a place where the internet signal is bad? Download the map in advance and you will be able to view all the data about the route when you are offline.

    • Here weGo (free): iOS

    11. Family Locator

    Top 12 GPS Apps for iPhone to Never Get Lost Anymore

    Family Locator is a family locator app. The program allows parents to track their children's movements in real time, so they can always know if they are safe and secure. If you want, you can send messages to family members within the app itself.

    Parents can delimit places on the map that they consider safe or not. If the child accesses an unwanted place, those responsible receive an alert immediately. Notices are also sent when the little ones arrive at school, a park or places they usually go.

    Parents of children who are learning to move around the city on their own will feel a little more relieved with the emergency button. If your child gets lost, just activate the tool and the app sends the exact location immediately.

    • Family Locator (free download, with paid plans): iOS

    12. Travel and Elevation Altimeter

    Top 12 GPS Apps for iPhone to Never Get Lost Anymore

    The Travel and Elevation Altimeter is an app aimed at those who like to hike, hike and climb specifically in mountains. Through an easy-to-use interface, it allows you to check height, altitude, latitude and longitude.

    According to the developers, the application is able to make the device's location tool more accurate and even offers a built-in flashlight. Measurements can be taken in feet or meters.

    • Travel and Elevation Altimeter (free): iOS


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