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    TIM off the air? Check the status of services here

    TIM off the air? Check the status of services here

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 21, 2022 | Technology |

    TIM down – if you are a customer of this company, it is likely that you have already done this search on Google, right? Being without a telephone operator's network is a very uncomfortable situation, even more so when you need to make an important call or are waiting for one. But it is important to know if there is a problem in the company's system, if it is something individual and the reasons for this mishap.

    Therefore, in this post you will know a tool that will help you in the investigation to know the origin of the problem of the lack of network of the telephone operator. To do this there is a very useful site that will contribute to the research, it is Downdetector. In addition, the paths you can take when you run out of TIM's network will also be shown.

    So that everything is well understood, it is first important to know Downdetector and its features. So, get to know, below, the tool that will help you to know when a telephone network has gone down.

    What is Downdetector?

    It is worth mentioning that Downdetector goes far beyond informing when Tim's network is down. The tool indicates when online services are experiencing instability. In this way, the platform reports on sites such as social networks, online games, cloud services, programs that are directly connected to the internet, e-commerce, banks, and many others.

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    Therefore, the tool calls itself a weather forecast service, but not for the weather, but for the digital area. And what does it mean? This definition means that the platform monitors, in real time, problems that occur with services that use the internet.

    Downdetector allows you to track problems with internet providers, operators that provide telephone services, in addition to all the other cases mentioned a little above.

    The platform does not use any psychics, but in some cases, it can know when online services will experience some kind of instability. This is possible because the tool has some accurate data and, through this information, is able to detect future obstacles in the network. So, if the company you use keeps dropping the signal, it's worth constantly entering the Downdetector, already preparing for possible problems.

    The platform's goal is to make its users aware of the problematic situations that online services may present, since many companies only give a standard answer to customers, which does not solve the doubts, much less solve the situation.

    With the help of the community to identify problems, it is even more possible to demand improvements in the services provided by companies, which will benefit all customers.

    How does Downdetector work?

    Downdetector uses various means to gather data and analyze the status of the services provided by companies. In this way, the platform monitors various data from Internet users from different parts of the world, which can help the entire community by notifying when a service is down. So, to give you an idea, according to Downdetector, there are over 22 million reports per month from individual users.

    With that, one of the sources most used by Downdetector to collect data is Twitter, since many users use the platform to complain. Then, in real time, the platform checks the information gathered and prepares an analysis and from there it begins to monitor the instabilities of the service.

    A strong point is that it follows up on failures until the situation is resolved. In addition, the tool keeps a history of major failures of online services, which helps you to know the frequency of problems presented by the company you hired.

    It's not just users who benefit, service providers can also use the platform. Downdetector helps companies reduce downtime, which can contribute to increased customer satisfaction. This is because the tool works with automated alerts and visibility of third-party services, which allows company professionals to reduce the period of problem solving, minimizing downtime.

    The importance of user participation in Downdetector

    On the platform, users warn that they have a problem with the online service of certain companies. This information is recorded, opening an overview of the problems, which helps the tool to check if it is an isolated failure or if something abnormal is happening in a certain area with the service in question.

    For example, if your phone carrier's network is going down all the time you can go to the Downdetector website and see if anyone else is experiencing the same problem.

    In this way, when reporting your problem on the site, depending on the number of notifications, the platform can tell if the reported failure is a specific case of the person's region or if more customers are experiencing the same situation.

    So, if a single user reports the issue on the platform, it doesn't mean it's a large-scale service failure. Therefore, to prove that the notifications are from real cases, the site calculates a parameter of typical failure reports for each company that Downdetector monitors.

    It is worth remembering that the platform is completely free and can be used by anyone who wants to check the functioning of a website, telephone network, computer programs, applications or games. In addition, queries can be made as many times as users want, as well as registering the problem.

    Now that you understand how the platform works, it's time to learn how to use it, as will be explained later.

    TIM off the air? Learn how to check if your region has no network

    TIM will only be used as an example, but you can check the service that has the problem. That said, check out the step-by-step guide below to see if the region you live in is experiencing network problems.

    Step 1: visit the Downdetector website

    Step 2: on the homepage, type the name of the company you want to check in the search bar

    TIM off the air? Check the status of services here

    Step 3: now select the company you want to consult

    TIM off the air? Check the status of services here

    Step 4: on the page that opened you will see a graph that indicates the complaints registered in the last 24 hours. A little further down the graph, you can see the cities that most reported cases of problems, the most reported failures and a real-time map of reported problems.

    TIM off the air? Check the status of services here

    Step 5: even if the problem you are experiencing is not on a large scale, you can file your case. To do this just click on “I'm having problems with (company name)”. A table will appear with alternatives with types of problems that may be happening. Just select the error that best fits your situation and the tool will register your warning.

    TIM off the air? Check the status of services here

    Downdetector also has an app for mobile phones, which has some pretty cool features. Get to know the app better in the following topic.

    Downdetector app

    The Downdetector app offers the same services as the website, but using the app can make your searches more convenient. Remembering that the app is available for devices with the Android and IOS system. So, get to know all the features of the application that monitors more than 6 thousand services in 45 different countries.

    • Monitor business service failures
    • Configure to receive a notification when your favorite service experiences a failure
    • Choose your favorite services and have them appear at the top of the list
    • File crash report when a service is unavailable in your region
    • Check crash reports from other app users and the platform website
    • Read and interact in the comments
    • Track fault maps to check local problems with telecommunications providers
    • Track tweets about service failures from other complainers
    • See support contact details for each service, such as phone number and email address, when the company makes it available.

    What should I do if My TIM has problems?

    In addition to using Downdetector to check if any TIM service has a problem, you can also take a look at the company's social networks, especially Twitter, as TIM usually shares information about the functioning of the services on this network.

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    There is still the possibility of knowing if the problems that are related to TIM's signal are due to the lack of coverage in the region of our country where you live. To do this, simply access the operator map on this website and enter your address, zip code or Wi-Fi.

    You can even use filters in the search to check the type of coverage you are looking for, nearby antennas and antenna type. Keep an eye on the legend to understand the map icons.

    What should I do when I have no signal?

    The previous topic is very important because the potential customer needs to know the operating conditions of the company's service in the region they live, since if the problem is lack of coverage in the area where the person lives, TIM will hardly be able to do anything to solve it. possible problems. With a good research it is possible to know whether or not you should subscribe to the carrier's plans.

    Now, if you already have the service contracted, but TIM is down in the region where you live, it is possible that the problem will be fixed in a few hours. If it takes a long time, the best thing to do is seek service from the company.

    It is important to contact the company because the problem may not be with TIM's network, but with your phone or your SIM card. So, here are the numbers you can call to get service:

    • Call *144 from your device with a TIM chip to speak with an attendant
    • Call 1056 from any device, whether landline or mobile
    • Call 0800 741 2580 for people with hearing impairment

    If you don't like to make calls, you can choose to use another service channel, which is Tim's Fale Conosco. By this means you need to fill a form with some data and detail the problem you are experiencing. Thus, according to TIM, the response time is up to 4 hours during the service period, which is from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 19 pm, and on Saturdays from 8 am to 14 pm.

    Regardless of the medium you use, don't forget to always write down the protocol number. If you have already made all possible complaints to the company, but it has not been able to resolve your problem, another way to mediate the situation is to go after Anatel.

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    So, did you already know Downdetector? Did you know what to do if your TIM service has problems? So be sure to follow the site to stay on top of the main technology news. We are also on Facebook and Instagram.

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