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    10 Apps to Block WhatsApp (Updated)

    block whatsapp can be very useful in everyday life to maintain your privacy and the security of your conversations. Get started now by choosing one app to block whatsapp on Android among the best we've listed and never worry about other people accessing your conversations again!


    • Block Messenger and Chat
    • Application Blocking
    • Block Whats and Chat Block Apps Privacy
    • Privacy Protection(AppLock)
    • Ultra AppLock protects your privacy.
    • AppLock
    • Lockdown Pro – App Lock & Vault
    • App Protector
    • AppLock lock
    • Lock for Whats Messenger

    Block Messenger and Chat

    For those who just want to block WhatsApp and chat applications, this application is an excellent option: straightforward, easy to use and very light, which allows you to create passwords to access WhatsApp and Messenger.

    Block Messenger and Chat is available for:


    Do you already know WhatsApp GB? It puts password on WhatsApp without needing another app. Try it!

    Application Blocking

    Novo 04/08/2022

    With app lock, you can lock any app you choose, including gallery settings, phone, as well as messaging apps like whatsapp!

    Application Blocking is available for:

    Block Whats and Chat Block Apps Privacy

    Novo 04/08/2022

    If you enter a wrong PIN and your phone has a front camera, it will take a picture of the intruder and save it in the photo gallery. Great resource for us to know who's been scouring our apps. And the best: It's free and has no limitations.

    Block Whats and Chat Block Apps Privacy is available for:

    Privacy Protection(AppLock)

    Novo 04/08/2022

    Sometimes all we want is privacy, right? Block sensitive apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, SMS, Contacts, Messenger, Settings, Gallery, Gmail, Browser. Prevent unauthorized access with the help of this application.

    Privacy Protection(AppLock) is available for:

    Ultra AppLock protects your privacy.

    Novo 04/08/2022

    App blocking, intrusion alerts, covert blocking, cleaning, battery saving, fake icon and invisible patterns. These are functions that make it a complete application for protecting your privacy!

    Ultra AppLock protects your privacy. is available for:


    Novo 04/08/2022

    AppLock allows you to lock and secure your apps using Pattern, Pin Code, Fingerprint and fake crash. Perfect for you who want privacy!

    AppLock is available for:

    Lockdown Pro – App Lock & Vault

    This app also allows you to lock apps on your cell phone through the user's choice method – password, pattern or fingerprint. It even notifies you by email when someone tries to hack your phone and creates specific protected folders for your photos. The downside of the app is the presence of house ads.

    LockdownPro is available for:


    😱😍See How Put Password on Whatsapp 🙊🙊!

    App Protector

    App Protector is a more straightforward, easy-to-use app with the only function of protecting selected apps via a passcode or ring pattern. It also has built-in advertisements, common in free apps.

    App Protector is available for:


    AppLock lock

    Another simple application to use and with few settings is AppLock Lock, good for those who just need to block access to applications like WhatsApp and Facebook and want privacy on social networks.

    AppLock lock is available for:


    Lock for Whats Messenger

    This is a simple and straightforward application for blocking only WhatsApp and other mobile messaging services, even SMS. It even prevents someone else from uninstalling these apps without your permission.

    Lock for Whats Messenger is available for:


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