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    How to learn to play guitar? 10 apps to learn for free

    How to learn to play guitar? 10 apps to learn for free

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Mar 9, 2022 | Technology |

    If you wanna know how to learn to play guitar but you still don't know which direction you need to take, so come see the article we prepared for you with tips for beginners and tips for apps and channels, where you can take classes online and for free.

    The guitar is one of the instruments most coveted by people who want to learn to play, but many, either for lack of time or conditions to pay for lessons, end up giving up.

    But, did you know that you don't have to physically attend classes to learn to play the guitar? Well, you can learn there from your home through your own cell phone. For that, you will only need a good internet connection and your guitar.

    How to learn to play guitar by yourself? Discover the best apps

    To learn to play the guitar on your own, you will need dedication, discipline and a lot of practice. Although online classes do not replace the effectiveness of a teacher teaching in person, it is possible to learn to play the guitar through your cell phone.

    1. Yousician – Music Tutor

    Yousician (Android | iOS) is a very complete application, which contains lessons for stringed instruments. In addition to the guitar, it is also possible to take bass, guitar and ukulele lessons. With more than 1500 exercises and missions, it is a hit with its users.

    The app has videos that show the step by step, prepared by music teachers, going through several important topics such as melodies, fingerings and chords.

    With Yousician you even have the possibility to see your performance through your cell phone's microphone, as it can capture the notes and give you feedback at the same time.

    The interface is divided into 3 areas, the first one for learning with video lessons, the second for challenges and exercises with chords and the last one that has a catalog of songs, divided according to styles.

    However, the application does not have a Portuguese version, its services are only offered in English. Another point is also that, despite making some features available for free during the first 7 days, to have full access after this period, it is necessary to make a monthly subscription of R$ 59,99.

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    2. Simply Guitar

    Simply Guitar (Android | iOS) works very similarly to Yousician, it offers free lessons for seven days and after that period you have to subscribe to a monthly plan.

    In addition to lessons on the basics of theory and tutorials on how to play, he can also recognize notes and gauge your progress through them.

    The platform also has guitar lessons. There are modules for the concepts that have video lessons subtitled in Portuguese. The tool also has a tuner.

    The complete content can be unlocked through subscriptions of BRL 75,99 monthly or BRL 454,99 annually. Furthermore, there is also a version of the app to learn to play the piano or keyboard, SimplyPiano.

    3. Bravus Music

    Bravus Music is an interesting movement for music education in our country, the platform has lessons for guitar, keyboard, piano, drums, cajon, music theory and will soon launch singing, guitar and ukulele lessons.

    Bravus can be accessed through its website or the app available for Android. The lessons for the basic guitar course are available for free, just make your registration.

    For those looking for more advanced classes, you can subscribe to a monthly plan that contains more intense classes.

    4. Justin Guitar

    On Justin Guitar (Android | iOS) you can find lessons for beginners, intermediates and advanced. The classes, available in videos, have an average duration of 10 minutes. However, a disadvantage is that the app is not in Portuguese.

    The tool provides features that help you practice what you learn. In chord training, there is the option of putting on background music to try to keep up with the rhythm.

    The complete content is only released if it is subscribed, for which there is the option of R$ 39,99 monthly or R$ 364,99 annually. When you opt for the annual plan, the app gives you a 7-day free trial.

    5. Perfect Ear

    Perfect Ear (Android | iOS) is not a specific app for learning to play the guitar, but with it you will develop listening skills that will allow you to train your sense of rhythm and tone.

    This is something very important for anyone who is learning to play an instrument, whatever it is. The app has training exercises in scales, chords, intervals and rhythms.

    With it, you will be able to better understand and create a greater connection with the music. Those who have trouble distinguishing between tones will see how this app can make it easier. In addition, there are also instructions for reading, vision, and singing.

    6. Club figure

    Cifra Club (Android | iOS) is a site dedicated to content about music in general, it is not a portal dedicated to guitar lessons. Therefore, it is ideal if you already have a little more experience and want to train.

    There are several figures within the site, of songs of the most varied styles. If you already have a little more experience and want to improve your skills, then you should invest in this app.

    But if you are still a beginner, this may not be the best alternative. Prefer another app where you go through the theory and learn the basics before risking a grade.

    7. Coach Guitar

    Coach Guitar or Beginner Guitar (Android | iOS) has a different methodology, the app does not have video lessons or theories, but has videos that directly show the practice of playing the guitar.

    The videos show the instructor playing and how his left and right hands should be positioned. It is an app best suited for those who have seen the theory, know the notes and want to train playing the greatest hits in music.

    8. EarWizard

    Like Perfect Ear, EarWizard (iOS) is not aimed at learning to play the guitar, but it is of great value as it will be responsible for training your hearing and developing and improving your memory and concentration.

    You are faced with some chord sequences that evolve according to your progress, where you need to repeat and in this way, you can train your hearing and make it more acute.

    9. The Lost Pick

    A Palheta Perdida (Android | iOS) is not an application on how to learn to play the guitar, but a game that can help you understand a little more about this instrument and train your skills.

    It can be a fun and efficient option to learn and train chords, the exercises include the possibility for you to recognize the chords, for example. Each chord has demonstrations and a brief theory to reinforce your understanding.

    The app is free, but within the game there is the option to purchase currency to exchange between avatars. The new stages are released according to your progress in the challenges, with each completed challenge, the user receives picks and a new stage is unlocked.

    10. 3000 chords

    Despite being a relatively simple app, 3000 chords (Android | iOS) can be very useful for those who are learning chords and need to practice.

    It's a bunch of chord diagrams available for free that you can play in sync with the app. In addition, it also has games to train chords and also your hearing.

    The app also supports left-handed people, which is another plus. It's free and although it's not the most sophisticated, it might be enough for your guitar lessons.

    Best YouTube channels on how to learn to play guitar

    1. Club figure

    As mentioned, Cifra Club is one of the most prominent portals on the internet when it comes to music. In addition to the website and application available, Cifra Club also has a YouTube channel with several legal tips on various instruments.

    2. TV Figures

    TV Cifras is another channel rich in content about various instruments, such as ukulele, violin, keyboard, guitar, bass, viola caipira and much more.

    Anyone looking to learn how to play the guitar can find on the channel a playlist for beginners, intermediates and advanced guitar players, with theoretical and practical step-by-step instructions.

    3. MusicDot

    With more than 600 subscribers, the MusicDot channel has several music-related content, tips, exercises and lessons for instruments such as keyboard, bass, guitar, guitar and also singing lessons.

    4. Heitor Castro

    Heitor Castro's channel is exclusively dedicated to guitar, guitar and bass lessons. Our country is considered the Leader in Distance Music Teaching and best of all: it has complete and free classes.

    The channel caters for beginners, intermediates and advanced and manages to explore in detail everything you need to know.

    5. Uncomplicating Music

    The channel Descomplicando a Música delivers quality content and has music theory courses, guitar lessons for beginners, sheet music, singing lessons, keyboards, piano and much more.

    The channel is concerned with passing theory and practice to its subscribers through complete video classes and exercises to learn to play the guitar, which are necessary on this journey.

    How to learn to play guitar - Extra Tips

    It is entirely possible to learn to play the guitar on your own, but it will take daily dedication on your part. You will need to take training seriously and have patience, as this is a process and you have to go through some paths before becoming a guitar player.

    That said, in addition to the support of the free classes available on the internet, open your heart and receive the following tips, as they will help you even more in this study.

    1. Don't belittle theory

    Some people find the theory too extensive and tiring, mainly because they are anxious to get their “hands on” and go to practical classes, but that's not quite how it works.

    Theoretical classes are indispensable, it is the most important step to actually learn to play the guitar. These are the basic concepts that will teach you the notes and how to memorize them, the position of your fingers, rhythm, tuning, fingering and chord formation.

    The theory is even important for, in the future, playing and singing at the same time, as you will need to have more concentration, memory and motor coordination skills.

    2. Learn the correct posture

    The way you hold your guitar will affect absolutely everything! The sound of the instrument and its comfort depend entirely on the ideal posture to hold the guitar.

    To avoid back pain, hands, arms and wrists, seek to know the correct posture to hold the instrument. TV Cifras has a video specially about it, so be sure to check it out!

    3. Trains

    Training is the keyword on how to learn to play guitar. You will need to memorize notes and chords and this will only be possible through practice.

    Robert Collier left us great advice: “Success is the sum of small efforts – repeated day in and day out.” That's exactly the essence of what you should do.

    To read songs, you'll need to have a good understanding of sheet music, figures and tabs that are represented by numbers, symbols and letters. So whenever you can, train! Train until you get sick, because that's what will boost your learning.

    4. Be patient

    Haste is the enemy of perfection! If you want to learn well, don't invent skipping steps, that's not what will help you get to success faster. Understand that learning to play the guitar will take some time and that every detail, no matter how small, will make a difference.

    Therefore, during this time, seek to improve the basic concepts and thus progressively evolve, developing skills and creating more and more affinity with the guitar.

    When you least expect it, you'll be playing the guitar with ease and playing your favorite tunes. The more you train, the better you will be. Respect your process and your evolution.

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