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    Video bank: The best to download free videos

    Video bank: The best to download free videos

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Aug 28, 2022 | Content Marketing | 57

    Are you looking for free videos to illustrate your content with a more professional feel, but without spending a lot at first? So, check out our list of free video banks.

    Using videos in your content is essential for your business to stand out from your competitors and catch the attention of your audience. But it's not just any video that you can take from the internet and post on Instagram or Facebook.

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    Free video bank: The best

    The internet is not a lawless land! You need to use licensed videos to promote your business.

    The same goes for videos for personal use. If you don't take care of this, you run the risk of having your account blocked or even banned on Facebook.

    If you don't have a lot of money to invest, learn more about how these free video banks will help you. The advantage of using videos in your marketing strategies is one: they generate a lot of engagement.

    To help with this task, there are a number of free video banks that provide free copyrighted content for you to use in your projects.

    Creative Commons license types

    When looking for videos in free video banks, you will surely see the so-called Creative Commons License. Be aware that this license is what determines what and how you can use it for free.

    In this link you can check out more about the subject, directly from the Creative Commons website in our country. On Wikipedia you can find a lot of information about license types.

    Below is a summary table with the information.

    Source: Wikipedia

    What is Creative Commons?

    Creative is a California-based non-profit NGO that works to expand the amount of works that can be copied, adapted and shared.

    For this, CC created some categories of licenses, called Creative Commons Licenses. This is a way for artists, photographers, musicians, video producers, to allow their works to be used, but have more control over it.

    Source: Wikipedia

    That said, when using a video from a stock image, check how it is categorized in CC. If there is information, follow the usage categories that the author of the work has defined.

    Video bank: The best to download free videos

    Now that you know how to use videos, let's talk about the best video banks for you to find amazing content to illustrate your work.

    Pexels Videos

    Pexels is an absurdly complete free video and image bank. If you need free images or videos, here you will find weight options for your productions.

    The nice thing about Pexels is the variety of content. Everything is divided into categories such as blur, technology, food, mountains, animals, sky, rocks, trees and industry. In addition, you can perform a search for the desired term and speed up the search for the content. These surveys need to be done in English, ok?

    To preview the videos, simply position the mouse cursor over the content display image. You view it as a GIF of the video. It sounds silly, but it helps a lot in your searches on the site.

    The videos are in HD, which ensures that your projects are in high resolution. Worth knowing, Pexels is one of the best free video banks available on the internet.

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    Another great portal to search for free videos on the internet to use in your projects. Videezy is part of the Eezy portfolio, a company that has a website with brushes and textures and another for vector download, which are also free.

    Like other services, on Videezy you'll find a huge library of content to download without spending a penny.

    The only observation to make about this bank of free videos is when searching. When performing a search, the first results displayed are from Shutterstock, a paid photo and video bank.

    Despite being a free video bank, generally, the first 12 results are the sponsored ones. Stay tuned for it.


    A bank of quality free videos! This is the best way to define the content of Distill, a site that is curated to ensure the availability of HD videos and above average beauty.

    The online service is organized by categories such as: nature, cities, food, people, architecture, animals, technology, objects and abstracts. You will spend hours browsing each one of them. That's because the videos are really elegant and engaging.

    Searching for a video by keyword can be a little difficult on Distill. That's because the search doesn't always return results, which makes it more interesting to browse directly through the categories to try to find the content you want.  


    Super organized! Videvo's search filters also help you a lot to choose the content you need to produce your videos. In addition to videos, Videvo's charm is its motion graphics, which are animation-style videos for you to download and use in your projects.

    Like Videezy, Videvo also has a partnership with Shutterstock, therefore: many results and pop-ups from the paid image and video service appear on your screen, but nothing that is an absurd annoyance, considering that we are using a service organized and free.


    Coverr is an online service that gathers several free videos for you to use, especially to illustrate your website's homepage. Every Monday, Coverr is updated with seven new videos. It's an incentive for you to visit the site weekly and see what's cool to use in your projects.

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    Videos can be used for commercial and non-commercial purposes. So, you can leverage these files into videos to use on social media. It is important that you read the FAQ before starting to use it.

    The videos are licensed free and you don't need to email or ask Coverr for permission to use them. Only specific pieces need to be credited, but you can already see this in the results of your searches.


    Yes! On Vimeo you can find free content to use in your projects. It's not enough to just open Vimeo and grab the first video of an artist that appears in front of you, ok? access the Free HD stock footage for this.

    They are simpler content, but they can be a hand in the wheel to finish that important video of yours.

    7. ClipCanvas

    ClipCanvas is a more modest service, but you can find that missing video for your project here! The site has a paid plan, so forget about using the search bar.

    That's because, when doing a search, paid items will appear as a priority. The idea of ​​the Free version is just browsing the videos, previewing each one before downloading.

    And just place your mouse cursor over each video to preview the content. The videos are all in HD, great for working with edits. The downside is that you have to log in to download.

    Life of Vids

    Life of Vids is a site that gathers several copyright free videos for you to use in your projects. According to the creators, the files available for download have no restrictions. The service presents results with Vimeo videos, which were uploaded on the Life of Vids channel itself.

    Pixabay Video

    Pixabay is also a free video bank with many options. There are thousands of free video options to download. In addition, many of them do not require attribution and are free for commercial use.

    You don't even need an account to download. In addition to videos, you can also find videos, vectors, photos and illustrations on Pixabay.

    Image bank and music bank

    You have the knife and cheese in your hands! access to best free stock photos and also to best free music banks you already have. Here in this text, you have already seen excellent free video banks as well.

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