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    13 apps to watch movies and series on your Android

    13 apps to watch movies and series on your Android

    by Team AllYourVideogames | May 10, 2022 | Technology |

    It's getting easier and easier to watch a series or movie during everyday life. You no longer have to go to a movie store or be depending on a specific time to see something on TV. Access to your favorite programs is available on your computer or even your smartphone.

    There are several apps, mostly streaming services, where you can watch these shows. Seeking to make your life easier, we've put together a list of the best apps for you to see movies and series on your Android.

    It is worth mentioning that the applications mentioned below are only for Android devices. Even though some apps work on iOS devices, not all of them will be available for that system. So let's check out the best apps to watch movies and series on your Android:

    The 13 best apps to watch movies and series on your Android

    1. Netflix

    13 apps to watch movies and series on your Android

    Starting with our darling Netflix. Available to the public since 2022, Netflix has long been the biggest and premier streaming service available. Making movies, series, cartoons, anime and documentaries available to subscribers, you can access the service from your computer, tablet, some television models and in the palm of your hand with your Android device. 

    In addition, the service provides several subscriptions where an account can have more than one profile, allowing more than one person to use the service on the same account. The basic plan with an available screen and 480p quality costs R$21,90/month. The standard plan, on the other hand, offers up to 2 screens with quality up to 1080p and the value of R$32,90/month. And the premium plan costs R$45,90, with 4 screens available and 4k+HDR image quality. 

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    2. Prime Video

    13 apps to watch movies and series on your Android

    Amazon was not left out and became one of Netflix's competitors. Its Prime Video streaming service provides movies, series, anime and documentaries. Several original content is produced per year, in addition to making non-original content available to the public. A differential of this streaming is that subscribers also have free shipping when purchasing Amazon products. In addition, they will be able to have music and e-books completely free on other services from other Amazon platforms, such as Kindle.

    You can access Prime Video for just R$9,90/month or R$89/year. It's worth noting that you can also pay extra for other streaming services that partner with Amazon. Instead of downloading several apps on your smartphone to have these streamings, you can access them all only through Prime Video. 

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    3. Starzplay

    13 apps to watch movies and series on your Android

    This is Lionsgate's proprietary streaming service and features a variety of original content. Some productions that are available on Starzplay are quite famous, such as the Twilight saga, The Expendables franchise, John Wick, The Hunger Games and Rambo, as well as series like Pennyworth and The Act.

    You can subscribe to the service for a price of BRL 14,90/month. As mentioned before, this service also has a partnership with Amazon, and you can access the streaming catalog through the Prime Video app itself. The amount you will need to pay is the same. However, you won't need to download another app if you already have Prime Video installed on your smartphone. 


    13 apps to watch movies and series on your Android

    Disney+ or Disney Plus, is Disney's streaming service, as its name suggests. Launched in our country at the end of 2022, the service brings productions from Disney, Pixar, National Geographic, Star Wars and Marvel, in addition to original releases from the same brands. Among some of the recent successful productions of streaming are the series WandaVision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, The Mandalorian and the animation Soul, for example. 

    To subscribe to the platform, you will need to pay R$27,90/month or R$279,90 per year. But you also have the option of contracting Disney+ and Globoplay services, as both streams have a partnership here in our country. To have the joint plan, the amount paid will be R$37,90 and you access both platforms with the same login and password. 

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    5. Globoplay

    13 apps to watch movies and series on your Android

    Globoplay is Globo's national streaming service, as the name suggests. You can find journalistic programs, reality shows such as BBB, soap operas and other content from the station, including exclusive ones. In addition, some international productions also make up the catalog, such as the Emmy-winning series The Handmaid's Tale, the medical productions New Amsterdam and The Good Doctor, in addition to several others. 

    Perhaps Globoplay is one of the streamings that has the most variety of plans, in addition to the aforementioned interaction with Disney+. You can find joint plans with Telecine and channels with the broadcaster's live broadcast, for example. The platform's single plan will have a value of R$22,90/month or R$238,80/year.  

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    6. Telecine

    13 apps to watch movies and series on your Android

    If you are passionate about cinema, then the best streaming option for you is Telecine, which is focused on the movie segment. The platform contains more than 2.000 films, ranging from classic content, releases and award-winning works. But Telecine also makes available the feature of Cinelistas, which are contents divided between works by certain actors, franchises, directors and themes, for example. 

    You can also get discounts on movie tickets purchased on a particular website and have five profiles to use on the same account with three screens at a time. The monthly amount you will need to pay will be R$37,90. However, you also have plans with Globoplay at your disposal, where the simplest, without live channels, will cost R$45,90/month or R$74,90/month with live channels.

    7. HBO Go

    13 apps to watch movies and series on your Android

    HBO stands out for always producing series that are praised by critics and that win several important awards in the world of series. On HBO Go streaming you will be able to watch successful online series, as well as movies. You will find series like Game of Thrones, Westworld, Chernobyl and Euphoria, for example. What's more, movies like Spider-Man: Far From Home, Little Women and the entire Harry Potter franchise are also available. 

    To subscribe to the platform, the amount you will need to pay will be R$34,90/month. It is worth mentioning that HBO Go will be replaced by HBO Max streaming when it launches in June 2022, but the value of this new service is not yet known.

    8. Paramount+

    13 apps to watch movies and series on your Android

    Paramount+ or Paramount Plus has productions such as Ray Donovan, Dexter, The Affair and The Handmaid's Tale, for example, available in its catalog. The streaming service offers a seven-day free trial, but after that you'll need to pay R$19,90 per month to access the content.

    The service has a partnership with companies such as Claro and Mercado Livre, and you can access the platform by logging in to these sites.

    9. Looke

    13 apps to watch movies and series on your Android

    Like Globoplay, Looke is a Brazilian streaming platform that also offers the option of renting its content, without having to subscribe to the services. You will have access to series such as Ripper Street, War and Peace and Shattering, in addition to several others. As for movies, productions like Conan, Versions of a Murder and Diary of a Drunk Journalist are available. 

    To access streaming, the monthly fee will be R$16,90/month, with three screens available for use. You can also have Looke through Prime Video, as they both have a partnership. The price is the same and you have a seven-day free trial. 

    10. Crunchyroll

    13 apps to watch movies and series on your Android

    If you are an anime fan, then one of the best options for you is Crunchyroll. You can find classic productions like Naruto, Fairy Tail, Bleach and Dragon Ball, for example. Or you can also have access to more recent hits like Kimetsu no Yaiba, Jujutsu Kaisen, Boku no Hero, Boruto and One Piece. It is worth mentioning that the episodes of productions that are released weekly are available after just an hour of airing in Japan.

    To access the platform, you have a few plan options to consider. The FAN plan costs R$25,00/month, and you have access to a screen. But the MEGA FAN plan is priced at R$32,00/month and you can watch on up to four devices at the same time. The annual MEGA FAN plan costs R$315/year, that is, a 16% discount per month on the monthly plan.

    11. Funimation

    13 apps to watch movies and series on your Android

    Like the aforementioned service, Funimation is also completely focused on anime. You can have access to animes like Overlord, Attack on Titan, Boku no Hero, Noragami, Fruit Bastket and The Promissed Neverland, for example, as well as others in Portuguese. The catalog is very similar to Crunchyroll.

    To access the service, you will need to pay R$24,90/month. However, up to five simultaneous streams are available. So it's okay if more than one person wants to watch some content at the same time as you stream.

    12. Google Play Movies

    13 apps to watch movies and series on your Android

    You can access Google Play Movies through the Play Store. You will see that this library is one of the best ways to watch free movies and series on your Android. The platform contains several successful releases and feature films and allows you to rent or buy any title, making it easy to watch movies.

    In addition, it is normal to have some promotions where they are well into account. If you choose to rent a movie, it will be available for up to 30 days or 2 days after your first click to play the video.

    13. YouTube

    13 apps to watch movies and series on your Android

    YouTube started to produce its original series. The productions are part of YouTube Originals, which is available to the public through YouTube Premium, which provides options and services that are not normally suitable for use.

    From this service came series such as Cobra Kai, which migrated to Netflix, Bad Internet, Kings of Atlantis, Single by 30 and several others. Movies you buy or rent on Play Filmes can also be accessed through YouTube.

    To access these services, you'll need to pay R$20,9/month for Premium, but you'll also get an ad-free version of the platform's videos and you'll be able to listen to music and watch other videos with playback in the background. Thus, you can close the application and continue listening to your video, for example.

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