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    How to Win Giveaway on Instagram? See 4 Tips

    Instagram sweepstakes are often held to promote the profiles of brands, stores and people who want to gain more views on the social network. The prizes are diverse, such as school supplies, makeup and even electronic devices, for example.

    Many people participate in various giveaways on Instagram, but they hardly ever win, because the result is completely random. Check out four tips below to increase your chances of winning the prizes on Instagram.


    • Search sweepstakes with hashtags
    • follow all rules
    • Tag multiple friends at different times
    • Using the Master Raffle app

    Search sweepstakes with hashtags

    Participating in several sweepstakes at the same time greatly increases the chances of winning prizes. So, a good tip is to follow hashtags like #sortei, #sorteios and #soteiogram, for example.

    That way you can find several draws that interest you and participate in all of them, increasing the chance of winning at least one of them.

    follow all rules

    A very important tip to win sweepstakes on Instagram is to read the description carefully and follow all the rules. Generally, sweepstakes on the social network ask you to tag friends in the comments, follow some profiles and like the official photo.

    If you are drawn and have not complied with one of the rules, you will not win the prizes. That's why it's good to check more than once if you followed all the stipulated rules.

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    Tag multiple friends at different times

    Many people tag all their Instagram friends at once. However, this is not the best method to have more chances of winning.

    The sites and applications used to make online sweepstakes use the scheme of spreadsheets, which classify the comments in numbers in the order they were published. They shuffle these numbers randomly to determine the winner.

    When the user tags one friend after another, the comments are in sequence and the chances of winning decrease. So a good tip is comment with a certain time interval, to generate spaced numbers at the time of the draw and have more chances of winning the prizes.

    Using the Master Raffle app

    The Raffle Master app allows the user to find several draws on Instagram. To do this, simply select the sweepstakes category you want and the app will list all the prizes that are available.

    Furthermore, with it the user automatically tag all friends in the comments, randomly and not to mention famous.

    Another interesting function available in the app is to inform the user about fake sweepstakes, which prevents possible scams. With the options provided by the app, the chances of winning a giveaway on Instagram greatly increase.

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