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    Short hair with highlights: 32 inspirations from Instagram and Pinterest

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    Short hair with highlights: 32 inspirations from Instagram and Pinterest

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Dec 20, 2022 | Social Networks |

    Thinking about changing the look, but not sure what to choose? Well, know that the short hair with highlights feminine are in high and are an excellent choice to give that "Up" in the image.

    A new look not only reflects an external change, but has a direct influence on self-esteem. In addition, a new haircut has the power to rejuvenate you, make you feel even more beautiful and feel good about yourself.

    There are several models of short hair with highlights. There are many options for cuts, various coloring techniques and different types of blonde tones.

    Some are more suitable than others to harmonize with your face shape and skin tone.

    With that in mind, and on fashion trends, we have separated some inspirations for you from short hair with highlights. You will get to know all types of short haircuts, the shades of blonde and the techniques used in salons to bleach hair.

    That way, you can choose which locks and cut are ideal for your hair, matching you and enhancing your features even more. Check it out below.

    Types of cuts for short hair with highlights

    There are different types of short haircuts. Some can make the locks more voluminous, for example. Discover the most sought after salons.

    It is important to say that the vast majority of these cuts can match curly hair. Talk to your professional to make sure the cut will look good.

    1. Chanel cut challenge

    The famous chanel cut is a classic, bringing elegance and youth to the image of a woman. It is a cut that is always in fashion and has several variations: shredded, with fringe, among others.

    When talking about straight chanel, it means that it is symmetrical and its length is determined by being a little above the shoulders. However, this greeting is not a rule, it can be shorter or longer.

    2. Chanel beak

    The beak chanel is one of the variations of the traditional chanel. The cut is asymmetrical, so the back is shorter and the front one side is longer than the other. Hence the name "beak".

    3. Long Bob

    The cut for short and medium Long Bob hair is very similar to the beaked bob. But the straight base and its front subtly larger than the back is what sets it apart.

    The Long Bob is at collarbone height. It brings modernity to the look and is one of the most beloved cuts since mid-2015, when this fashion became more successful.

    4. Short Bob

    The Short Bob is nothing more than a shorter version of the Long Bob. It is ideal for those women who want to be a little bolder in changing their hair.

    5. Pixie

    And speaking of daring, the Pixie cut wins in the extreme category. It's a very short cut and suitable if you're not afraid of scissors and want a completely impactful change.

    6. Short hair with long bangs

    Lastly, we have the short hair with long bangs. Its cut is similar to the Pixie, but what stands out in the cut is the fringe with a much higher length.

    It's like the inverse of the traditional long hair and bangs. In addition to being beautiful, the cut shows a lot of personality, just like the previous one.

    What is the ideal cut for each face type?

    First of all, you need to recognize what your face shape is: oval, hexagonal, triangular, long, round, diamond, heart or square.

    On the channel of the hairdresser, makeup artist and image consultant, Abner Matias, he teaches how to discover your face shape.

    Hairdresser Rodrigo Cintra explains in his video which are the most favorable cuts for each type of face.

    Once you find out what your face shape is and which cut suits it best, you can also simulate a haircut on yourself in a haircut test app.

    coloring techniques

    Now, we will talk a little about the hair lightening techniques, as each one has its purpose and purpose.

    Be on top of them all before deciding on your short hair with highlights.

    1. Lights

    Highlights are nuances in the hair strands that bring contrast and shine to the hair in a subtle way. They are made with a silicone cap, where there are several holes to insert a crochet hook and pull very thin threads out.

    After pulling the strands out of the cap, the bleaching process of that part of the hair begins. Then, just take off the cap and use the necessary products and you're done.

    2. Locks

    The strands can be made either with the cap, pulling thicker strands, or with a comb, making a zigzag in each strand of hair to discolor a part.

    Hair with highlights ends up being more marked than with highlights.

    3. Ombre Hair

    The idea of ​​ombré hair is to make the root of the hair darker and the rest lighter. This technique consists of separating the strands of hair, applying the bleach and “covering” the hair and aluminum foil.

    4. Hair Contour

    The Hair Contour technique is similar to that of Ombré Hair. The difference lies in the fact that this highlights the strands at the front of the hair more.

    The intention is to literally highlight the contour of the face and brighten it up a little more.

    Loiro tones

    In addition to deciding on the ideal cut and preferred technique, it is also important to know some types of blonde tones and which one best suits your skin tone.

    Darker tones are warm tones and lighter tones are cool tones. Knowing this, let's get to know each one.

    1. Golden Blonde

    Golden blonde is a warm tone that pulls more towards the golden color, being ideal for a lit brunette and giving an extra light to hair that is already naturally lighter.

    2. Honey blonde

    Honey-colored strands are ideal for darker hair, being warm and soft at the same time. It is a more closed blonde, where honey highlights can be combined with golden blonde highlights.

    3. Copper Blonde

    The copper blonde is a very warm tone, the hottest of all, by the way. Its color is reddish, pulling more towards a redhead.

    It is an interesting tone for those who want to start to lighten gradually and have short hair with highlights. It is discreet but intense.

    4. Platinum Blonde

    Platinum blonde is the lightest tone, which requires complete discoloration of the wires to be achieved. Platinum highlights are a cool, bold and impactful tone.

    However, it is important to say that this tone requires extra care, as the process of bleaching to make highlights attacks the wires a lot and it is necessary to be in constant treatment.

    5. Ash Blonde

    Finally, ash blonde is also one of the cooler tones that is between gray and beige, depending on whether you want it more closed or more open.

    The ash blonde can even be used as a way to disguise gray hairs.

    On Aber Matias' channel, there is a video that can help you find out which shade of blonde harmonizes with your skin tone and enhances your appearance. See below.

    Short hair with blonde highlights

    See some more inspirations with photos of short hair with highlights that are grooving on Instagram and Pinterest.

    Don't forget that your hair must receive the proper treatment both to receive the chemistry and to keep it healthy after it.

    A great alternative is to invest in a hair schedule. As we mentioned, bleaching the hair is an aggressive process and can cause damage to the hair, leaving it brittle, elastic, dull and lifeless.

    So, to finish with a flourish, we selected a video with several tips to take care of your locks before and after any procedure.

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