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    9 best apps to watch free movies and series on Android

    It is possible to watch movies and series for free legally on Android. For that, there are apps that offer streaming to watch movies online from your cell phone without paying anything. Content includes feature films and classic series, from genres such as comedy, drama, horror, documentaries and more.

    has gathered the best 9 apps to watch movies and series for free on Android.

    1. YouTube

    9 best apps to watch free movies and series on Android

    It is likely that you already have the first app on our list installed on your Android. YouTube has its own catalog of free series and movies. These are YouTube Originals productions, which, as the name implies, are originals from the platform.

    Initially, only YouTube Premium subscribers had access to the content. But since the end of 2022, the service has made some of the titles available to everyone, with ads.

    Among the titles available for free are series like Create Together, Liza on Demand and Fake Show. You can also find the documentaries BTS: The movie, Paper Children, Coachella: 20 Years in the Desert, among others.

    • YouTube (free, with paid subscription option): Android

    2. VIX

    9 best apps to watch free movies and series on Android

    VIX is a streaming service that features movies, series and programs, including original platform content. To find what you want to see more easily, they are divided into categories.

    The titles are separated into selections such as Kids, Series, Explora, Movies and even Novelas (all Mexican). Among the best known are Ace Ventura, As White, Animal, Tears of the Sun, among others.

    The app does not offer features to insert or change subtitles or dubbing. Therefore, it follows the language defined in the settings, which may be considered an inconvenience to some.

    • VIX (free): Android

    3. PlutoTV

    9 best apps to watch free movies and series on Android

    Pluto TV is a platform that offers live TV channels, as well as on-demand movies and series. As in television, the channels have a continuous schedule, with a predetermined time for the beginning and end of the programs. There are contents such as feature films, entertainment programs, anime, drawings, etc.

    On the streaming service, the user can watch famous movies such as The Expendables, War on Terror and The Bright Side. In terms of series, titles like Kenan and Kel, South Park and the classic Jennie is a Genius are available.

    The contents are available with Portuguese dubbing.

    • Pluto TV (free): Android


    9 best apps to watch free movies and series on Android

    In addition to allowing you to mirror multimedia content from mobile devices on smart TVs, Plex also works as a free streaming service. The platform brings together films, documentaries and programs of different styles.

    There are options for every taste: action, drama, cult, comedy, critically acclaimed and more. Just tap on the title and check out the synopsis, as well as the rating on sites like Rotten Tomatoes and rating on IMDB.

    the player offers option to insert caption, select display mode and lock in landscape mode.

    • Plex (free, with paid plan subscription option): Android

    5. Old Movies - Oldies but Goldies

    9 best apps to watch free movies and series on Android

    Old Movies - Oldies but Goldies offers hundreds of classic titles for free and no registration required. The application gathers in one place movies that have already become public domain and are hosted on YouTube.

    Just search by inclusion date or genre. Among the available are action, adventure, comedy, drama, among others. You can also search by titles. When selecting the feature, tap Play now to start watching.

    As the content is originally hosted on YouTube, there are few that offer subtitles in Portuguese. Therefore, it is recommended that you have knowledge of English to take advantage of the rich catalog available.

    • Old Movies - Oldies but Goldies (free): Android

    6. Red Bull TV

    RBTV Explanatory ENGLISH

    Red Bull TV is the energy drink brand's free video streaming service. The platform brings together films and documentary series about sports, in addition to the transmission of live events.

    There is content on skateboarding, climbing, Formula 1, surfing, dancing and much more. The tool allows you to edit subtitles and audio, change the quality (from 240p to 1080p) and even download to watch offline.

    One of the app's differentials is the 360 degree videos, which show the entire registered environment. Who controls what is seen is the spectator himself. Just move the phone to view different points of the scene.

    • Red Bull TV (free): Android

    7. Viki (Rakuten)

    Viki Google Play Store

    Viki is geared towards oriental productions. The service provides movies and TV shows from Korea, Mainland China, Taiwan and Japan. all online and with subtitles in over 200 languages, including Portuguese.

    Some productions are available first to Standard package subscribers. After a few days, other users can access them for free. The platform has a social nature and allows you to make comments and see those of other users, as well as participate in discussion groups about your favorite titles.

    • Viki (free, with paid plan option): Android

    8. Crunchyroll

    9 best apps to watch free movies and series on Android

    Apps to watch anime on iPhone and Android

    Crunchyroll is an app for anime streaming. Considered one of the largest licensed Asian entertainment platforms, it offers thousands of episodes of varied styles.

    The app features updated chapters from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Attack on Titan and Dragon Ball Super. Classics such as Fullmetal Alchemist, Hunter x Hunter and Bleach are also not left out.

    The service is free and does not require any subscription. Nonetheless, for those who want to get rid of ads and watch the episodes an hour after they aired in Japan, will need to join the paid plan.

    • Crunchyroll (free, with paid subscription option): Android

    9. The Archive

    9 best apps to watch free movies and series on Android

    The Archive is premised on being the place where you find rare, retro, restored 4K movies and TV classics. The titles are divided into categories like Summer Fun, LGBTQIA+, Women in the 80s, and more.

    Although several of the stories are unknown to the general public, there are productions starring famous names. Among them, John Wayne, Reese Witherspoon, Renee Zellweger, Jared Leto, among others.

    The titles are all available in original audio (generally in English) and do not have subtitles in Portuguese. For those who understand the language, the app offers an option to display closed captions in English. You can also download videos to watch offline and bookmark your favorites.

    • The Archives (free): Android


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