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    How to buy on AliExpress?

    How to buy on AliExpress?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jul 6, 2022 | Shopping | 0

    One of the main e-commerces available on the market today, AliExpress stands out for the wide variety of products sold. But you know how to buy on aliexpress? In this post, we will explain how the platform works.

    What is AliExpress?

    AliExpress can be seen as a shopping facilitator, linking consumers and sellers, more specifically Asians. 

    The platform allows both individual sellers and well-known brands to sell their products directly to customers at a good price. AliExpress is available for use both on the web via the website, as an app for Android devices on the Play Store and on the App Store for iOS devices.

    Now that you know what AliExpress is, it was left to answer the question “How to buy on AliExpress?”. Well, check out the step-by-step below:

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    How to buy on AliExpress? 

    Before we explain how to buy on AliExpress, it is worth mentioning that the use of the platform's shopping system is very similar to those of well-known e-commerces on the market, such as Amazon and Shopee, for example.

    The tutorial below is for those who want to buy through the website on the computer. However, the in-app purchase process is not much different. So, here’s how to buy on AliExpress:

    Step 1. On the AliExpress website, search for the product you want to buy. You can do it:

    1. Searching directly in the search bar;
    2. Navigating through the home page to check indications and promotions;
    3. Through the categories, which have products of: telephony and communication; Computing; women's and men's fashion; in addition to several others.

    Step 2. You can also use categories to filter your search. That way, the results of the product you searched for in the search bar will only be related to the chosen category. When you start typing, the platform itself already offers product suggestions;

    Step 3. Before continuing to buy, the advice is to pay attention to the seller's reputation. You can do this by checking the reviews received on the Aliexpress page. Topics such as shipping speed, communication and product quality are evaluated;

    Step 4. After checking the seller's quality and already knowing the product you want to buy, it's time to place the order. We also advise you to keep an eye on the product evaluation and check the opinion of other customers who have already purchased. Some products, when they have a large variety, appear with extra information, such as different colors and sizes available;

    Step 5. After defining the product, color and size, check the price and shipping cost charged to your region. Then, choose the amount of products you want to buy;

    Step 6. If you want to continue browsing the site to view other products, click on “Add to cart”. But if you already want to finalize the purchase, go to “Buy now”;

    One note worth noting is that even if you buy all the products at once, products sold by different stores will be shipped as separate products to your home. So you may end up receiving them in a different time frame and in more than one package.

    Step 7. Before proceeding with a purchase, you will need to log in to AliExpress. If you already have an account, just log in normally if you are prompted to login.

    If you are already logged in, this is not necessary. However, if you do not have an account, you must create one. You must register by phone number, through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, or through your Apple or Google account;

    Step 8. After logging in, you will need to enter the delivery address in the “Shipping Information” tab. Then, in the “Payment Methods” tab, you will select the payment method. It is worth remembering that on the first purchase it is only accepted to pay with credit card. Only after the second purchase will other forms of payment be available, such as bank slip, for example;

    Step 9. If you have a discount coupon or promotional code, you can enter it in the “Order Summary” tab;

    Step 10. After checking the information and if everything is correct, click on “Place order” to complete the purchase. With that, you learned how to buy on AliExpress.

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    How to buy on AliExpress? the post-purchase 

    After finalizing your purchase, your next job will basically be to wait. However, after you receive the payment confirmation and the product shipping process begins, you will be able to follow the route of the product. When your order is shipped, a tracking code is available. To gain access, simply click on “View details” in your orders.

    Check your order list, or go to the website under “My AliExpress” and then “My Orders”. On this page, you can also confirm receipt, in case the product arrives before the deadline, for example. The average shipping time is normally one week. However, some sellers may take longer than that. So no need to worry.

    If you have already received your order, but your profile shows a message waiting for acceptance, just confirm that you have received your product. If you want, you can also rate the same. 

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    How to buy on AliExpress: Shipping types

    Depending on the options available to the buyer and the alternatives provided by the seller, the type of shipping may change.

    It is advisable to know a little about the shipping modalities, as some may not provide the tracking code, for example.

    That way, you can avoid future worries while waiting for the product. We have separated the main types of shipping for you and explained each one, as you now know how to buy on AliExpress:

    common freight

    Among the most common freight, alternatives may have different ways of shipping, although most tend to be more economical. Once the ordered product crosses customs, this type of freight tends to make use of the Post Office to complete the delivery. This may result in a higher fee being charged, in addition to an IRS tax fee, because of the involvement of the Post Office.

    China Post, Singapore Post, Hong Kong Post

    The Chinese shipping alternatives are the most economical, in addition to having less chance of being taxed at customs. Shipping may also end up being faster, taking between 45 and 90 days.

    Because shipping is also cheap, many sellers take the opportunity to offer free shipping, convincing the customer to buy more easily. The buyer also receives the tracking code.

    Sweden Post

    While this shipping alternative is less likely to have a product fee at the border, the buyer does not receive a tracking code, so there is no guarantee of security.

    The delivery time may also end up being longer, between 60 to 90 days (which may be longer), as the product passes through Sweden before reaching our country to finally be sent to the buyer.

    E.M.S Express

    This alternative may be the safest, however, it is also the most expensive. Product insurance and tracking code are offered at the beginning of the shipping process.

    Furthermore, the arrival time is also the shortest, between 15 and 40 days, but the time may increase if the product is seized at customs. But even so, the arrival should happen faster than with the freights mentioned above. 

    Courier freight

    Courier shipping is much more expensive than regular shipping alternatives, but delivery turns out to be much faster, with the lead time being less than 30 days. Although most products end up being taxed, delivery does not depend on the Post Office. Courier freights provide the tracking code and insurance for your purchase from the beginning of the shipping process.

    The insurance of this freight guarantees that the company will reimburse the buyer if the product is damaged during the shipping process. So, the tip is to use Courier freight only on high purchases and with fragile products. This type of freight is carried out by the Courier company hired just for this purpose. So they have no involvement with the Post Office. Some well-known carriers on the market today are TNT Express, Fedex, UPS Express and DHL Express.

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    Tax rate on AliExpress

    To add to your knowledge of how to buy on AliExpress, it is worth mentioning that the final value of your product may be subject to a tax rate of 60%, that is, 60% of the value of your product, plus shipping. In addition, you may need to spend more R$15 on the postage, if the product is held up in Curitiba, for example. If the tax rate exceeds the figures mentioned above, you will still not have to pay, as it is an abusive tax. 

    The most appropriate thing is to go to the post office with proof of purchase and your identity documents. Thus, a new value can be assigned. After that, the product is sent back to the IRS to receive a new tax assessment. This process can take up to 40 days. 

    Another fee that may be charged is ICMS, tax on the circulation of goods and the provision of Interstate and Intermunicipal Transport and Communication Services. The amount charged is about 17%, minimum, and may vary by state.

    However, you cannot forget to withdraw your product when it is held up, as this may generate higher interest for late withdrawal at the Post Office.

    How to know if the product was taxed here in our country?

    After one or two weeks of taxation of your product, the post office must send a letter explaining what happened and which unit your product is in, in addition to the amounts you will need to pay for the withdrawal. If the merchandise is rejected, the product will return to the sender, and the buyer will not have to pay the tax fees.

    Furthermore, if the product is not picked up at the branch on the appointed day, the product will be sent to the Post Office warehouse, and a storage interest will be added to the value for each day the product remains there. Payment must be made at the time of picking up the product.

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