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    How to consult CPF by name for free?

    How to consult CPF by name for free?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Feb 1, 2022 | News |

    If you want more information about how consult CPF by name free, then this article is for you! Find out if this is possible and what are the alternatives for you to consult the CPF.

    For good financial health, the first step is to have your bills up to date and your name clean in the square. To be able to monitor the status of your CPF or that of third parties, you will learn how to consult CPF.

    But what is the CPF?

    First, let's clarify what the CPF is and what it's for.

    The CPF is the Individual Registry, represented by 11 numbers and is one of the most important documents a person needs to have.

    This is because the CPF is the document by which the person is identified in public bodies, companies, banks and among other things. Its existence is essential.

    The CPF is registered and maintained by the Federal Revenue, an agency that has the ability to identify taxpayers. Any born or naturalized Brazilian, of any age, can apply and have a CPF number.

    Through these 11 numbers, the IRS has access to your financial records.

    For the avoidance of doubt, the Federal Constitution of our country says:

    Art. 12. Are Brazilians:
    I - natos:
    a) Those born in the Federative Republic of our country, even if of foreign parents, provided that they are not in the service of their country;
    b) Those born abroad, to a Brazilian father or Brazilian mother, provided that either of them is in the service of the Federative Republic of our country;
    c) Those born abroad to a Brazilian father or Brazilian mother, provided that they are registered with a competent Brazilian agency or come to reside in the Federative Republic of our country and choose, at any time, after reaching age of majority, for Brazilian nationality;

    II - naturalized:

    a) Those who, in accordance with the law, acquire Brazilian nationality, required of those originating from Portuguese-speaking countries only residence for one uninterrupted year and moral integrity;
    b) oO foreigners of any nationality, residing in the Federative Republic of our country for more than fifteen uninterrupted years and without criminal conviction, provided that they apply for Brazilian nationality.

    § 1º The Portuguese with permanent residence in the country, if there is reciprocity in favor of Brazilians, will be granted the rights inherent to the Brazilian, except in the cases provided for in this Constitution.

    That is, a person who was not born in our country, but meets the constitutional requirements to be a Brazilian citizen, has the right to register a CPF number.

    What is the CPF for?

    Basically, the CPF serves as an identification document for people before government agencies and financial institutions.

    However, it is also needed for other things like:

    • Apply for a credit card, financing, loan, among others;
    • Open a bank account;
    • Provide public contest;
    • Enroll in universities;
    • Make IR (Income Tax) declaration;
    • To be used in tax burden discount programs.

    In addition, with the CPF it is possible to be informed if your name is clean or with negative debts, which is very common to be analyzed by companies and credit bureaus before granting a loan or card.

    Why consult CPF by name?

    In a hypothetical situation, where you decide to make a loan to someone, the least you will want to know is if that person will honor the commitment to pay you.

    Knowing the financial situation of these people, in this case, is of paramount importance so that you do not fall victim to a scam. To know this, what you can do is consult the CPF by her name.

    It turns out that this type of CPF query can only be done if you own a company and that company has an agreement with another company, which is authorized to do a credit analysis or directly by the Federal Revenue.

    The restriction occurs as a security measure, as this information is confidential and cannot be leaked or passed on to anyone.

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    How to find CPF with full name

    If you do not have a company to be able to make an inquiry in this way, know that it can be carried out directly at the Federal Revenue.

    However, it is still difficult to be able to perform the query only by the person's full name. You can go to one of the IRS service units and seek help and guidance.

    Now, if you have more data on the person in question, you may be able to consult the Federal Revenue's own website.

    However, the information is limited to proving the CPF's registration status.

    How to check CPF by name free online

    Having in hand some more information about the person you want to know the financial situation of, you have a few options for carrying out the consultation. Discover the sites that offer this service below.

    Serasa You Consult

    To consult the CPF via the Internet of third parties, it is possible to use a service on the Serasa website called “Você Consult”.

    For this you need to pay an amount of R$35 and know the CPF to have the following information:

    • Registration data;
    • Current situation before the Federal Revenue;
    • Lawsuit;
    • Pendencies;
    • Bankruptcy shares;
    • Bad check;
    • protests;
    • Negative notes.

    But, if the query in question is to find out about your CPF status, then you can do this for free on the Serasa website. That way, you can check your score, if there is any outstanding debt and the number of consultations in the last few months.

    Just access the Serasa website and if it's your first time and you still don't have an account, register first and create a password.

    After confirming your registration through your email, you will enter your CPF and password. A page will open, containing information about your CPF.

    This consultation is free, but there is a premium plan of R$19,90 monthly so you can have more monitoring of your CPF and everything that happens to it in real time.

    In addition to the website, there is an app version available for Android and iOS.

    Consultar CPF Pelo Quod

    Quod is not a credit bureau, but it is possible to make this consultation free of charge and safely on the Positive Registry to obtain information about the financial situation.

    Just access the Quod website, click on “Consult Free” and register.

    After registration, just access with your CPF and the password created.

    Consult CPF by SPC

    Through the SPC website in our country it is also possible to consult your CPF. However, you have to pay R$16,90 to receive a report with some information such as:

    • Registration information;
    • Last linked address and telephone;
    • delinquencies;
    • Information contained in the Judiciary;
    • Credit granted;
    • Queries made within the last 6 months.

    Positive Consumer – Boa Vista

    The Consumer Positive Boa Vista portal is another alternative to look up your CPF.

    For this, it will be necessary to inform some personal data and create a password to access the result.

    Consult CPF by Post Office

    Yes, Correios offers Serasa services that can be found in all agencies in the country. You can consult your CPF, another person or companies.

    To check your name, you must have a photo ID and have your CPF. It is also necessary to inform some data such as e-mail, telephone number and address.

    Value to consult your own CPF: R$14.

    To consult the name of a third party, you need to have the person's CPF number. VocêConsulta Pessoas Físicas costs R$21,60.

    To consult a company, it is necessary to have the CNPJ number. VocêConsulta Empresas is also priced at R$21,60. Both services only accept cash payments.

    Information that will be available:

    • Negatives;
    • protests;
    • Participation in bankruptcies;
    • Bad checks;
    • Judicial actions.

    Consult CPF by mother's name

    One of the widely used ways to try to find out document numbers is through the name of the person's mother.

    However, it is very likely that this will not be successful, as it is necessary to provide some more of your data to obtain information of this type in secure methods. This could end up being considered cyber crime.

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    Debt renegotiation websites

    If you find yourself with a dirty name for some debt, there are sites to help you at this time of renegotiating outstanding debts.

    After all, having a clean name and being a good payer will raise your score and your credibility with banks and credit bureaus, making it easier to approve credit cards and evaluate loans, for example.

    Serasa Clean Name

    Upon entering the Serasa Limpa Nome website, you will come across offers to settle your active debts.

    You can try trading and get rid of this headache.

    Right Agreement

    Finally, the Right Deal is another option to negotiate your debts with up to 99% off, improving your financial health and helping to keep your name clean.

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