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    Riachuelo Visa Card: How to apply and what are the advantages?

    Riachuelo Visa Card: How to apply and what are the advantages?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Nov 10, 2022 | Credit Cards |

    Does the Riachuelo Visa Card worth it?

    Among so many options in the credit card market, it is difficult to choose one without first analyzing them and knowing a little more about each one.

    That's why today we're going to focus on the Riachuelo Visa Card and introduce you to all its features so you can decide if this is an option that fits what you're looking for.

    Riachuelo is a department store and is the third largest in the sector in our country.

    It was founded in 1947 and since then has been growing and conquering more and more customers.

    There are three versions of Riachuelo cards, they are managed by Midway finance, which belongs to the Riachuelo store itself and is part of the Guararapes group, which includes other brands such as Shopping Mall and Riachuelo Theater in the city of Natal (RN).

    In addition, Midway finance also offers other products such as:

    • insurance;
    • Loans;
    • Assistance, among others.

    Recently Midway also launched its free digital account. Any of the following cards are only accepted in national territory.

    Therefore, it is not possible to use it abroad for any purpose.

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    Riachuelo credit cards: get to know each one

    Before we talk specifically about the Riachuelo Visa card, we will present the other versions that are offered by the company, because there is never too much information and it is always good to explore the options.

    Riachuelo credit card

    The first version is the store card (Private Label card), which is for exclusive use by stores in the Riachuelo chain.

    In this case, the card does not have any brand, for this reason it is not accepted in other establishments.

    This card gives a period of up to 40 days for payment of purchases and the annual fee is free.

    Other than that, there are some other benefits such as extended installments, discounts and good limits, being considered the most basic of all.

    This card is a good option for those who make frequent purchases at the store, whether for clothing, perfumery, electronics, decoration, among others.

    Riachuelo Mastercard Credit Card

    The other two cards offered by Riachuelo, unlike the Private Label, have two brands: Visa and Mastercard. Both are accepted in other establishments that have accreditation with these flags.

    Let's see, first, the card that has the Mastercard brand. The Riachuelo Mastercard credit card has an annual fee of R$118,80 (R$9,90 per month, if you choose to do so).

    As the holder of this card, it is possible to have access to several benefits of the brand, such as participating in the Mastercard Surpreenda Program.

    With it, you can accumulate points and enjoy various promotions promoted by several partner stores.

    For example, with every purchase you earn 1 point, regardless of the purchase price.

    After accumulating a total of 5 points, it is now possible to buy a product and take another.

    You have up to 40 days to pay, interest free.

    There is also the option of payment in up to 120 days divided into eight installments and with interest.

    You can pay the invoice at the store, lottery houses, banks, online, ATM or app.

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    Riachuelo Visa Credit Card

    And finally we arrive at it: the Riachuelo Visa Card, which is very similar to the Riachuelo card with the Mastercard brand.

    Basically, the only differences are the advantages of each flag.

    The Riachuelo Visa card can be used at all Visa-accredited establishments.

    Its users can be part of the Vai de Visa program, which grants discounts with partner companies, such as restaurants, stores, among others.

    Regarding purchases at Riachuelo stores, the term is also 40 days without interest or with up to 120 days to start paying, in this case, with interest.

    Some specific products may have longer deadlines.

    The annual fee is R$118,80 and can be paid monthly, as with the Riachuelo Mastercard card.

    The card offers discounts at partner stores such as Centauro, Casas Bahia, Netshoes and others.

    How to apply for the Riachuelo Visa Card?

    First of all, be aware of the minimum requirements for applying for a Riachuelo Credit Card, they are:

    • Be of legal age;
    • Have your ID and CPF in hand;
    • Have proof of residency and income.

    It is possible to make a Riachuelo card online through the app (Android | iOS) or in person at a Riachuelo physical store.

    After entering your details, a credit analysis will be carried out and you will be informed immediately if the card was approved or not.

    Once approved, through the application (which has a login option with facial recognition) you can see your available limit, view the movements, have access to the invoice and loans and generate a payment slip.

    How to unlock the card?

    After receiving your card, it is necessary to make a call to the Riachuelo Service Center to unblock it.

    The phones are:

    • Capitals and Metropolitan Regions: 3004 5417
    • Other locations: 0800 727 4417
    • SAC (24 hours and 7 days a week): 0800 721 3344
    • Hearing Impaired Customer Service (24 hours and 7 days a week): 0800 722 0626

    It is essential that you have the following documents at hand:

    • CPF,
    • ID;
    • Credit card.

    It's a simple and quick process.

    Advantages of the Riachuelo Visa Card

    Among the great advantages of the Riachuelo Visa card are:

    • Exclusive terms and discounts at Riachuelo and at partner stores of the card brand;
    • Participation in unprecedented promotions on products, trips and sweepstakes;
    • Participation in the Vai de Visa Program and accumulation of points;
    • Intuitive and complete application;
    • Have access to loans and insurance (to complete these contracts, you must go to a Riachuelo physical store).
    • Additional cards with the same annual fee.

    Disadvantages of the Riachuelo Visa Card

    • The first “disadvantage” is the value of the annuity, as it is something that the consumer does not like very much;
    • Having to appear in person at a Riachuelo store. Although the card request is made online, this is a condition to close the contract.
    • The fact that Riachuelo has high tariffs can also be considered a disadvantage. It is a fact that credit cards have large fees for late payments and, in the case of Riachuelo, it can reach more than 300% per year.

    Check the information about the fees taken from the Riachuelo Cards website:

    Riachuelo Visa Card: How to apply and what are the advantages?

    Is it worth asking for a Riachuelo Visa card?

    Analyzing all this information, we came to the conclusion that the Riachuelo Visa card offers great advantages, including ease of credit approval, which can be great news for some people.

    Furthermore, as we mentioned throughout the article, there are discounts both in Riachuelo stores and in other large prestigious stores across our country.

    However, it all depends on what you need and your consumer profile.

    Regardless of anything, it is essential to have control over your finances and think carefully before hiring a credit card.

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