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    The Voice +: All about Globo's musical dispute

    The Voice +: All about Globo's musical dispute

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Feb 18, 2022 | News | 0

    O The Voice + is the exclusive edition for the elderly of the traditional The Voice our country. The Voice is a phenomenon. The musical reality is the biggest success in several countries and especially in our country. The news is the arrival of The Voice +, a competition that is taking the elderly and their talents to the front of the camera. 

    In addition to the already traditional The Voice Our Country and The Voice Kids, The Voice Mais is now on the air. Today you will know how to follow the musical dispute of the first season on Rede Globo. Check out in this post everything you need to know so you don't miss any performance of The Voice +, an exclusive edition of The Voice for those over 60.

    The Voice around the world

    Did you know that The Voice is popular in many countries around the world? According to Wikipedia, the musical dispute started in the Netherlands in 2010. Since then, several countries around the world have had their editions. One of the most famous franchises is The Voice USA which debuted in 2011 and is going into its 21st season. 

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    In the Americas, The Voice has already reached countries such as Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Mexico and Ecuador. In addition to The Voice our country, the edition with children is also super popular around the world.

    The Voice Kids around the world

    In addition to The Voice Kids our country, other countries also love the dispute involving children. The Voice Kids has already been held in countries such as Australia, Finland, France, Greece, Holland, Germany and many others. 

    The Voice our country 2022

    In the edition of The Voice 2022, the winner was the carioca Victor Alves. He was part of the IZA team and sang the song “Graveto” by Marília Mendonça in the final. It was an emotional finale and you can review Victor's performance below:

    The Voice 2022 judges were:

    • Carlos Brown;
    • Lulu Santos;
    • Behind;
    • Michel Telo.

    The Voice 2022 season is scheduled for October. Below I'll give you more details on how to sign up for The Voice and participate in the selection steps. Continue on post.

    The Voice +: All about Globo's musical dispute

    Now, the big news is the arrival of The Voice Mais, with participants of the third age. The focus of the program is to bring artists over 60 to the stage to showcase their musical talents.

    After the blind auditions, the selected participants move on to the pull-out phase, where they perform in their respective teams. The 48 participants were selected in the traditional “turn of the chair”. Each team consists of 12 voices. 

    These are all the steps from The Voice Plus 2022:

    • Blind auditions;
    • Tira-teima;
    • Top dos Tops;
    • Semifinal;
    • Final.

    The Voice Mais: Stubborn phase 

    The Voice + stubbornness phase works as follows:

    • Each team starts the phase with 12 participants each;
    • 3 participants from each team perform on the program stage;
    • The judges choose 2 participants. In this way, one candidate from each team is eliminated;
    • At the end of the tenacious phase, the 4 teams will have 8 participants each to continue on The Voice +

    The Voice Mais: Top of the Tops Phase

    In this phase, of the 8 participants that were selected to compose each team, only 4 are chosen by the coaches and go to the semifinals.

    The Voice Mais: Semifinal

    Here, 16 participants are in the semifinals. Each team is composed of 4 participants who compete for 2 spots per team to go to the final.

    The Voice Mais: Final

    The Voice Mais final is usually shown live. At this point, the finalists present themselves and the audience chooses the winner! Below you will know how to vote for The Voice +.

    Who are The Voice+ judges? 

    The 2022 edition of The Voice Mais has the following artists as judges:

    • Claudia Leitte;
    • Daniel;
    • Ludmila;
    • Mumuzinho.

    Below you will find the list of teams and participants of The Voice +:

    The Voice +: All about Globo's musical dispute

    Source: Disclosure

    Time and how to watch The Voice +?

    The Voice + is shown on Sundays on Rede Globo. The reality show goes on air after the “Temperatura Máxima” program. Approximate time is 14:20 pm on Sundays. 

    Watch The Voice More on Gshow

    If you can't watch the show live on open TV, you can also watch The Voice + excerpts on the Gshow website.

    Watch The Voice Plus on YouTube

    Another way to follow the presentations of The Voice Mais is through the YouTube channel of The Voice our country. 

    Watch The Voice Mais on Multishow

    If you have pay TV, you can watch The Voice + replay on the Multishow channel. The broadcast of the Sunday program takes place on Mondays at 20:30.

    Watch The Voice Mais on Globoplay

    You can also review full episodes of The Voice + by Globoplay. Just make a free account on the platform to follow The Voice Mais whenever you want. 

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    The Voice Voting: how to vote on The Voice? 

    Voting on The Voice is done through the Gshow website. To vote, just register on the site and choose your favorite participant. Voting usually opens only at the end of the program. 

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    How to register for The Voice Mais?

    If you have talent and want to show it to the whole country, The Voice + is already receiving applications for the 2022 season. In 2022, the prize pool was R$250 thousand and a contract with the Universal Music label. Not bad!

    The 2022 season is already confirmed and registration is open. The fundamental rule to participate is to be over 60 years old. Registration for The Voice + 2022 is via the following link:

    The Voice + Inscription 

    If you are under 60 and want to participate in The Voice, you can also sign up on the website. Simply complete the registration and participate in the selection process steps. Use the link below to subscribe to The Voice our country.

    The Voice Inscription

    Follow The Voice + on social media

    If you want to stay on top of everything that happens on The Voice Mais, be sure to follow the program's official profiles and hashtags on Twitter and Facebook. Check out the best places to follow The Voice+ on social media below:

    Twitter The Voice +






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    The Voice's Official Profile



    Official Profile The Voice






    Conclusion: The Voice Mais: All about Globo's musical dispute

    For sure, Globo Comunicação did very well in this new version of The Voice. Bringing and giving visibility to the elderly is a beautiful initiative that will certainly inspire many young people as well.

    Anyone who loves music will be enchanted by the talents that will appear on the screen. Maturity and experience to make Sunday lighter and more fun. Definitely a quality attraction for the whole family. 

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