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    Anonymous TikTok: How to watch videos without anyone knowing?

    Anonymous TikTok: How to watch videos without anyone knowing?

    by Equipe AllYourVideogames | Jan 31, 2022 | Social Networks |

    TikTok is one of the top social networks available today where users can watch and share videos with others as this is the network's specialty, but do you know how to watch TikTok anonymously? The anonymous TikTok watch we refer to is watching videos without anyone knowing what you are doing, hiding your presence from other users.

    There are some ways for users to be able to do this, however, they end up being non-traditional ways, as the social network does not have a native anonymous TikTok function, that is, a tool of its own to allow this. With that in mind, we've separated below some ways you can follow anonymous TikTok videos without anyone knowing you're on the social network, just check them out below and redo the steps.

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    How to view anonymous TikTok in the best possible light?

    Among the ways to watch TikTok incognito, there are two simpler ways that you can use without any problems.

    Create a fake TikTok and follow the accounts you want

    The first way that we separate and that you can use to watch anonymous TikTok is by creating a fake account, many often call it “FikTok”, due to the word “Fake” in English, which, when translated into Portuguese, means precisely “False”. With this type of feature, you can view videos, comment, share and even follow public and private profiles without anyone knowing who you really are.

    This option is something very similar to the well-known “Finsta”, which as its name suggests, is a fake Instagram account and a more famous concept compared to “FikTok”. You need to be careful though, as your fake TikTok anonymous account needs to be pretty convincing, otherwise private profiles won't allow you to follow them. If someone suspects or discovers that your profile on the platform is fake, they can even report your account to have it deleted.

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    How to create an account on TikTok?

    To be able to create your FikTok, you need to know how to create a regular TikTok account, however, instead of your personal information, which you would use to create your own account, you will enter the data you want for your fake profile. The process to open an account on the platform is described in the step-by-step below:

    Step 1. On the official TikTok website, or on the mobile app, go to “Create Account” to start the process.

    Anonymous TikTok: How to watch videos without anyone knowing?

    Step 2. On the next page you are forwarded to, choose the way you want to create your account. It is possible to integrate your profile with your Facebook, Twitter and Google account, in addition to being able to create via phone or email. As you are wanting to use anonymous TikTok and create a fake one, our suggestion is to use the phone or email options.

    Anonymous TikTok: How to watch videos without anyone knowing?

    Step 3. If you want to use the integration options with other accounts, just choose the one you want, log in to your profile and allow integration with TikTok. However, if you chose the telephone option, you will need to enter your date of birth, telephone number and click on “Send code”. 

    If you want to do the process by email, click on “Sign up with email”, enter your email address and password and click to send the code. After receiving the code for one of the two options, enter it in the space provided and click “Next”. Then, just follow the steps described on the screen to gain access to your fake profile. When logging into your account, just add the name and photo you want. 

    Anonymous TikTok: How to watch videos without anyone knowing?

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    Use some third party sites

    Anonymous TikTok: How to watch videos without anyone knowing?

    In the third-party sites option, our main indication for you to watch TikTok anonymous is BajarTikTok. The program allows you to download public and private videos without anyone knowing. The best part is that the download can be done through a computer or mobile devices, you just need to access the website in your browser:

    How it works is very simple, you just need to copy the link of the video you want to download, also known as the “URL”. However, you need to remember that although you can download public and private videos, you will not be able to download videos from private profiles that you do not have access to, as you will not be able to view the videos, let alone their URL. If the profile is private but you have access, the download can proceed normally and you will watch TikTok anonymously.

    To copy the URL, just go to the desired video, click on “Share” and look for the option of “Copy link” and click on it. Then, just go to the BajarTikTok website, and paste the link in the space provided right on the homepage. After that, just go to the “Download/Download” button at the end of the same bar where you pasted the link. The URL will be parsed for a moment, after that the download will start automatically, where after complete, this allows you to watch the anonymous TikTok video, which are usually short.

    It is important to note that by doing this on TikTok Anonymous, you will not have access to information such as the hashtag used in the videos, number of likes, how many people watched, comments and other information about it.

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    Important notice

    Before you can use the above teachings, you need to know that invasion of privacy is a punishable offense under the law. Therefore, our AllYourVideogames portal does not support activities that may violate the privacy of other people. Likewise, we are also not responsible for the possible misuse that some users may make of the information we share and teach and that are in the public domain on the internet. The responsibility, account and risk of your actions and use of the above information on TikTok Anonymous is yours alone.

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