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    The Masked Singer: where to watch online? Know everything here

    The Masked Singer: where to watch online? Know everything here

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jan 27, 2022 | News |

    O The masked singer is a reality show that was launched in August 2022 by Rede Globo and is presented by singer Ivete Sangalo.

    The program also shows behind the scenes. In its first year, the person responsible for following this part of the reality was the influencer Camilla de Lucas.

    Due to its great success in its debut year, The Masked Singer was renewed for a second season, which began airing on January 23, 2022. The presentation of the second year of the musical reality continues on behalf of Ivete Sangalo. Camilla de Lucas was replaced by Priscilla Alcântara for this new edition of the program. Later on in this text, you will find out why the singer was chosen as a replacement. 

    The team of judges in the debut season of The Masked Singer was composed of Rodrigo Lombardi, Taís Araújo, Simone and Eduardo Sterblitch. However, the team underwent a change for the new edition, the judge Simone left the program for the entry of Tatá Werneck.

    In the first season, the exhibition took place at night on Tuesdays. However, now the reality will be broadcast on Sunday afternoons.

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    How does The Masked Singer work?

    The musical reality show works in a very simple way, where a group of costumed celebrities perform singing on a large stage of the program.

    During the screening, both audience and judges receive tips to try to guess who is behind the costumes. It is worth mentioning that the songs are chosen by the participants themselves, who sing their own cover versions of the original work.

    After the performances, the judges hold a vote to find out who was the best participant and singer. But the best part is that everyone discovers the identity of the participants together, as the contestant and celebrity with the fewest votes is unmasked.

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    Who were The Masked Singer's cast in season one?

    In the first edition, in 2022, all the participants of The Masked Singer were revealed before the final of the reality, along with a prediction of who would take the podium and be declared champion.

    Dressed in the unicorn costume, the champion of the first year of the program was Priscilla Alcântara, who returns in 2022 to share the presentation of the reality show alongside Ivete Sangalo, being responsible for the backstage.

    The Masked Singer's runner-up was Nicolas Prattes, who performed in Monster's costume. Dressed as a Mirror Cat, Jessica Ellen was in third place, and with the macaw outfit, Cris Vianna was fourth. The first to be eliminated from the reality was Sidney Magal, who was wearing a doggy costume. We still had the presence of Mart'nália as an alligator.

    Among the other participants of The Masked Singer were: Marcelinho Carioca as Coqueiro, Renata Ceribelli as brigadeiro, Sandra de Sá dressed as Girassol, Marrone in the boi-bumbá outfit and Alexandre Borges as the jaguar.

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    Where to watch The Masked Singer for free?

    One of the best parts about The Masked Singer is that you don't just depend on open TV to follow the best moments and performances of reality. You can also watch everything online. 

    Below you will find the step-by-step guide on how to watch The Masked Singer online in the best way possible and for free. All you need to sit back, relax and have fun watching is a simple account on Globo's streaming service, Globoplay.

    Step 1. Open Globoplay on its official website. You can also access through the application available for smartphones and other mobile devices. If you are using an Android device, you can download the app from the Play Store, if it is an iOS device, you can download the app from the App Store. 

    It is important to point out that the tutorial we are doing is being done on the computer, but the process will not be different on other devices.

    The Masked Singer: where to watch online? Know everything here

    Step 2. Once you have access to the streaming homepage, create a Globo account to access Globoplay and other services offered by Grupo Globo. You don't have to worry about details like choosing a subscription plan and inserting a card for payments, as The Masked Singer is available for free.

    Step 3. Once you have access to your streaming account's home page, go to the “Now on TV” option when The Masked Singer airs on free TV.

    The Masked Singer: where to watch online? Know everything here

    Step 4. Streaming the Globo channel is free for those with a simple Globoplay account. So just look for The Masked Singer viewing window and enjoy the show online at the correct time. In addition to reality, you can follow Big Brother our country (BBB), soap operas, newspapers and much more.

    Another option to watch The Masked Singer in our country on Globoplay is to subscribe to one of the available paid plans. That way, you can watch the program whenever you want, without having to be tied to the open TV broadcast schedule.

    The Masked Singer: where to watch online? Know everything here

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