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    The Joker Actually Said "We Live in a Society" and the Internet Can't Keep It

      The Joker Actually Said

      In case you thought the saga of Zack Snyder's legendary cut of Justice League couldn't get more absurd, the first official trailer for the film ended with Jared Leto's Joker saying "we live in a society". The line has long been a meme associated with the Joker, but so far no iteration of the character has really said the line.

      According to his Know Your Meme page, "we live in society" is a line associated with the Gamers Rise Up/Gamer Joker meme that emerged around 2022, when Leto's version of the Joker was first revealed. The meme features different versions of the Joker, as well as photos of various people wearing their own versions of the Joker makeup, paired with bold or crinkled text.

      "We live in a society" is one of the more common iterations of the meme, with the line apparently originating from a 1991 Seinfeld episode. The line has since seen wider popularity outside of the Joker-specific meme, though it was still associated with the character enough that a petition to Joaquin Phoenix said the line in the Joker 2022 movie gained nearly 60.000 signatures.

      While the meme is often used to poke fun at comic book nerds, the line that appears in the Snyder Cut is meta enough that its fans apparently don't mind. Reactions ranged from disbelief to appreciation of what some see as high-level trolling by Snyder. Leto is also playing with the meme, with his retweet of the trailer simply saying "we live in a society."

      The actual line in the trailer doesn't exactly copy the meme, with the Joker telling Batman "we live in a society where honor is a distant memory", but the intent is still clear. The Joker did not appear in the original version of Justice League, and he is unlikely to have a big role in the Snyder version, as only a few minutes of new footage were recorded for the version.

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