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    The best sites to generate CNPJ for free

    The best sites to generate CNPJ for free

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Feb 28, 2022 | Technology |

    The task of generate CNPJ is a very common activity for programmers, because in many situations it is necessary to test user registrations where the CNPJ is mandatory.

    There are programmers who create their own tools to generate valid CNPJ numbers, but many use tools that have already been created and are available for free on the internet.

    As CNPJ numbers are unique and have a rule for creation, it is not enough to simply build a number in the CNPJ format (00.000.000/0000-00). And that's when online CNPJ generators become useful, as they generate valid CNPJs for tests.

    But remember: CNPJs generated online cannot be used to “identify” shell companies, circumvent registrations or any other illegal activity.

    It may be that by mere coincidence a CNPJ number randomly generated by online generators may be real, but that does not give you the right to use it to fill in forms without it being for the purpose of testing the functionality, either on a website or system.

    Now that you know how to proceed with CNPJs generated through online tools, see a list of the best CNPJ generators available for free on the internet.

    The best sites to generate CNPJ

    In the following list, you will find the 10 best sites to generate CNPJ for free and in just a few clicks.

    Some sites have a cleaner look and are easier to use, others, even though they are easy to use, have many advertising banners, which is a way that many professionals and companies use to monetize the tool and keep it free for the public.

    • 4Devs

    • Clevert

    • Specialties

    • Generate Documents

    • NV generator


    • JMS Solutions

    • invert

    • Devtools

    • The One Generator

    Of all the sites on this list, the most used and best positioned in Google search results is 4Devs. In addition to having a super simple interface and advertising banners do not affect usability and navigation.

    The best sites to generate CNPJ for free

    What is CNPJ?

    The CNPJ is the acronym for Cadastro Nacional de Pessoas Jurídica, a registration made at the Federal Revenue Service to identify and regularize companies and the people behind them who use their names for profit.

    Through the CNPJ, it is possible to know information such as the company's opening date, company name, both the fantasy and the corporate name, the activities that this company is able to perform and its codes (CNAEs), address and registration status.

    How is the CNPJ made up?

    The CNPJ is composed of 3 parts:

    • Root enrollment (01.234.567);

    • Number of establishments (/0001);

    • Check digits (-89).

    How to know if the CNPJ is real?

    To find out if a CNPJ number is real, you can access the Federal Revenue Service website and inform the CNPJ. The system will search for the number informed and if it finds something, it will display the CNPJ card on the screen with information about the company.

    What to do if the CNPJ is irregular?

    If when validating a CNPJ through the Federal Revenue website, its registration status appears with something other than ACTIVE, it is a sign that there is a problem and it is irregular.

    There are several situations that can leave a CNPJ as irregular, mainly the lack of payment of taxes and pending documents with the Federal Revenue.

    To regularize your CNPJ, the most efficient way is to look for the accounting office that serves your company or look for an accountant you trust.

    Another possibility is to schedule an appointment with the Federal Revenue so that they inform you why your CNPJ is irregular.

    The task of keeping the CNPJ regularized, in addition to avoiding fines and inconvenience with the Federal Revenue, will allow you to obtain benefits in banks and even from the Federal Government, as happened in 2022, during the pandemic, where the Federal Government carried out several actions to help entrepreneurs who had their companies regularized.

    With your CNPJ up to date, you and your company can only gain.

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