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    The best sites to watch movies online

    The best sites to watch movies online

    by Team AllYourVideogames | May 11, 2022 | Technology |

    Going to the cinema to watch a movie can be one of the most fun and favorite activities for just about everyone. However, it is not an activity considered cheap, in addition to demanding travel time for those who want to attend. But there may be other ways to do this, where you won't have to pay as high a price as the entrance to the cinema, and you won't have to worry about travel time, for example. Looking to make your life easier and save your time, we've put together a list of the best sites to watch movies on the internet. 

    The list is mostly made up of streaming. You can find platforms that have more niche content for certain styles and more general ones. Without further ado, check out the best sites to watch movies online.

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    The best sites to watch movies online


    Netflix is ​​one of the main, if not the main reference when it comes to websites and streaming to watch movies and series. Always increasing the productions available, the company constantly produces original content, as well as making works from other production companies available, thus offering a wide variety of productions. The service is available for both iOS devices and Android smartphones. In addition, you can not only watch through the website by searching in a browser, but you can also download the app on your computer to gain access.

    As it is streaming, you need to pay a subscription to access the productions. But there are several plan options: The basic one with an available screen and 480p quality costs R$21,90/month. However, the standard plan has up to 2 screens with 1080p quality and is priced at R$32,90/month. The premium plan, more complete, costs R$45,90, with 4 available screens and 4k+HDR image quality.

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    Prime Video (Looke e Starzplay)

    Amazon's streaming service Prime Video is also an excellent choice if you want to watch movies from home. Like Netflix, you can access it either through the website with your browser, or by downloading the app to your computer. Prime Video features original content such as The Boys, The Marvelous Ms. Maisel and the latest Invincible animation. 

    The platform also has partnerships with other streaming services such as Looke and Starzplay, and you can get free access for up to a week. However, after that you will need to pay a certain amount. Both services can be accessed through the Prime Video app/website. But if you want to subscribe to the services separately, they also have their own platforms and websites available. 

    A differential of this streaming is that subscribers also have free shipping when purchasing Amazon products. In addition, they will be able to have music and e-books completely free on other services from other Amazon platforms, such as Kindle. The service costs R$89 per year or R$9,90/month.

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    Disney +

    With this platform, you have access to productions from Disney, Pixar, National Geographic, Star Wars and Marvel, as well as original releases from these same brands. Among the features recently released on streaming, we have the Oscar-winning animation Soul and Raya and the Last Dragon, for example. So, you will have some of the best movies.

    To access Disney+, you will have to pay R$27,90/month or R$279,90 per year. However, you can also sign the joint plan with Globoplay, as streaming has a partnership. the amount paid will be R$37,90.

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    Since we're talking about the best sites to watch movies on the internet, it's clear that Telecine couldn't be missed at any time. The platform focused solely on movies can be accessed both through the smartphone app and on the computer. Telecine also provides the feature of Cinelists, which are content divided between works by certain actors, franchises, directors and themes, for example. In addition, it also contains more than 2.000 movies available. 

    You have plans with Globoplay at your disposal, where the simplest, without live channels, will cost R$45,90/month or R$74,90/month with live channels. The monthly amount that you will need to pay to have only Telecine will be R$37,90.

    balloon play

    A national platform that offers not only series and soap operas, but also several films in its catalog. Works from our country are available such as Elite Squad, My Mother is a Piece, Central of our country and several others. What's more, you can access streaming from your own computer by searching in a browser. 

    It is worth mentioning that, as mentioned before, you also have plans in partnership with Disney+ and Telecine, being able to have two streaming services in a single plan. But if you only want the Globoplay single plan, you will have to pay R$22,90/month or R$238,80/year. 

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    If you're looking for movies other than blockbusters, then PopcornFlix is ​​the platform you need. What's more, it can be a good opportunity for you to learn English or start practicing if you know it. Streaming makes a series of classic cinema movies available online, most of which are not available on other services. What's more, PopcornFlix is ​​free and you can watch movies online for free.

    Fox play

    Subscribers to the Fox channels, currently known as Star, on pay TV will also be able to watch the channel's movies and programming through their computer in Fox Play/STAR streaming. So if you're not always at home or can't always stay tuned to the TV schedule, this is a great and practical way out. Streaming is a place where you can have at your disposal features such as The Amazing Spider-Man, Gone Girl, Hobbit and many others, in addition to series.

    Google Play Movies

    Google's movie store lets you buy and rent movies to watch at your leisure. It is worth noting that you will not only have access from your Android device, if your Google account logged into your computer and smartphone is the same, everything you buy or rent on one will also be available on the other. 

    If you choose to rent a movie, it will be available for up to 30 days or 2 days after your first click to play the video. And you will also be able to watch the works through YouTube, not only through the player available on Google Play Filmes.


    For YouTube Premium subscribers, YouTube Originals will be available and can be a great way to watch movies online, as well as other original YouTube productions. Furthermore, most works are freely available and produced independently. 

    You can watch works like some of the best documentaries like Dancing With The Devil by Demi Lovato and Excuse Me, I Love You by Ariana Grande. With Premium, you will also be ad-free and you can play videos in the background. The value will be R$20,90/month.

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    If you are a fan of Asian culture and you like productions from countries like China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, for example, then Viki is a streaming option you need. The model is very similar to that of Netflix and you need to subscribe to watch. The basic plan costs $0,99, the intermediate plan costs $4,99 and the advanced plan costs $9,99.

    Claro Video

    Claro Video is for subscribers of Net or Claro services, with that you can have access to the same catalog. However, if you are not a subscriber and want to access the service from outside, you will need to pay R$5,99 per week, but you can also rent the productions available. You'll have access to features like Incredibles 2, Venom, Pirates of the Caribbean and more. 

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