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    The 7 best podcasts to learn English for free

    The 7 best podcasts to learn English for free

    by Team AllYourVideogames | May 28, 2022 | Technology |

    If you're looking for which ones are the best podcasts to learn english for free, you've come to the right place. Our selection includes 7 alternatives, both for beginner listeners and for those who need more advanced content. 

    When choosing podcasts, we are careful to select options that deviate from the traditional learning style.

    The main proposal is to show tips that make the knowledge of the language more dynamic, practical and relaxed. In addition, we opted for short programs so that the user can listen to them during physical activity, a trip and even bath time.

    It never hurts to remember that podcasts are free. The listener does not need to pay any monthly fee to follow the content. You will just need discipline, willpower and set aside a period of your day to follow the programs.  

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    Why learn English with a podcast? 

    Before showing you which are the best podcasts to learn English for free, let's better understand the impacts that this type of media can bring to student learning, whether beginner, intermediate or advanced.

    Podcasts have conquered listeners all over the world, including our country. The success of this feature can be explained by several reasons. The first of these is practicality. You can follow the content at any time of the day or week, as the material is available 24 hours a day. 

    Another interesting advantage of learning English with a podcast is that this type of tool helps to improve student memorization, because when you listen to content, your brain absorbs the techniques better. This is because your concentration is on the audio. In other types of media, such as texts, the learning process is hampered by various types of distractions. 

    The lack of pressure is another plus point when choosing the podcast as a tool for your studies. The student does not have a deadline to listen to the episode. Material is available at all times. 

    In addition, you can pause the content, go back to the beginning of the program or to the end, unlike in traditional learning formats. In this sense, it is the student who defines the pace of learning. 

    What are the best podcasts to learn English for free? 

    After discovering the benefits of learning English with a podcast, learn about the best options on the market below.

    1. English from scratch

    Inglês do Zero is the first podcast on our list and is aimed at students who cannot find good content online to learn English. It applies a fun methodology that makes learning easier. 

    Led by Jader Lelis, this podcast offers various types of content to the listener. In this episode, for example, he teaches you how to say “too” in English. You can also learn English tips for children, techniques for learning English with phrases, different uses of Like, among other topics. 

    Jader Lelis has a lot of experience in the area. The teacher is certified in English by the Edgware Academy in London, which brings a lot of credibility to the subject covered in the podcast. 

    The 7 best podcasts to learn English for free

    2. Naked and Raw English Radio

    The English Nu E Cru Rádio podcast is another interesting tip for those who want to learn English in a different format. Every day, an American teacher and one from our country address different subjects so that the listener can improve their language learning in a fun and efficient way. 

    It's a great way to hear English speaking without shame and have a different contact with the natives. The podcast covers several interesting topics. Among the most common are: pronunciation, phrasal verbs, US culture, traveling and the most common mistakes of our countrymen. 

    The purpose of the program is to make the student laugh while learning. Inglês Nu e Cru Rádio is suitable for listeners who have intermediate or advanced knowledge of the language. 

    The 7 best podcasts to learn English for free

    3. English every day

    If you have a very hectic routine, English every day is ideal to include in your daily life. Daily, mini-podcasts lasting up to 10 minutes are published. 

    Despite the short learning period, the classes are very objective and practical. You can learn, for example, another way to say “almost” in English in just eight minutes. The podcast is led by Professor Tim Barrett. 

    The 7 best podcasts to learn English for free

    4. Everyday Basic English

    Tim Barrett also applies the same podcast methodology that was mentioned in the previous topic for students who are starting to learn their English vocabulary.

    In Basic English Every Day, you can find out which are the most used words in this language and how to pronounce them correctly. 

    The 7 best podcasts to learn English for free

    5. Speak English Now (Speak English Now)

    The Fale Inglês Agora Podcast (Portuguese translation) also uses an innovative methodology to share learning with other listeners. Through storytelling, you will have the opportunity to have a closer contact with the language, both speaking and listening. The teacher also uses question and answer techniques to enhance learning. 

    One of the main advantages of this podcast is that the student does not need any grammar to follow the episodes. The audio content can be purchased on the Speak English website. They are suitable for those with intermediate or advanced knowledge, since the audios are in English. 

    The 7 best podcasts to learn English for free

    6. All Ears English Podcast

    The All Ears English Podcast is a suitable option for listeners who need an intermediate and advanced language alternative. In this topic, you join a great community to learn to speak American English with a native speaker. 

    The 7 best podcasts to learn English for free

    7. Learn English with music 

    Learning English with music is one of the most efficient techniques to expand your knowledge of the language. Professor Milena uses exactly this resource to teach the language to her listeners. 

    The Learn English with Music podcast is a great choice for students who are tired of traditional teaching formats. The teacher translates famous songs and explains the context of the sentences, making learning more relaxed. The content format is suitable for those who are starting to learn and for those who want to expand their vocabulary. 

    Music is an interesting resource for learning English because it develops listening skills, improves speaking skills, enhances writing and vocabulary. It also makes the student read the content more easily and improves their ability to translate and interpret. 

    The 7 best podcasts to learn English for free

    How to listen to podcasts to learn English for free? 

    If you already know how to listen to podcasts for free, you can skip this topic and choose what the next episodes will be on your playlist. If you still don't know how this process works, keep reading this article. The process is simpler than it looks. 

    You should choose tools that are capable of playing through both headphones and speakers. Music streams are the best options. In addition to playing music, they also play podcasts for listeners. The positive side is that the market contains several free options for the listener:


    One of the best streaming platforms in the world. In addition to podcasts, you can listen to the most played songs by your favorite artist on Spotify


    The tool also contains excellent podcast options for listeners. The service is known to most users in the market and works similarly to Spotify


    It is a platform that is aimed exclusively at podcasts. You can choose from several options that are available in Castbox

    Podcasts for learning English: Conclusion

    We know that learning the English language is not an easy task. However, with the 7 podcasts mentioned in this article it is easier to absorb the contents. To be more successful with this challenge, set aside at least an hour from your routine to listen to the audios and practice the topics that are shared by the teachers. Gradually, you will notice the evolution of your knowledge with the language. 

    In addition to offering the best podcasts to learn English for free, the platforms also contain programs with other types of categories, such as: travel, business, sport and leisure, society and culture, news and politics, lifestyles and health, art and entertainment. , games, child and family. It is worth knowing all the possibilities and being surprised by great options. 

    After discovering which are the best podcasts to learn English for free, get to know the characteristics of each one, listen to each episode and try to find out which alternative is best suited to your goals and study pace. 


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