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    The 8 best e-commerce courses

    The 8 best e-commerce courses

    by Team AllYourVideogames | May 25, 2022 | Entrepreneurship |

    The social isolation caused by the new coronavirus reinforced the importance of e-commerce in the country and in the world. According to a survey carried out by Mastercard and Americas Market Intelligence (AMI), 46% of our nationals opted for online shopping during the pandemic. Already 7% had a virtual experience for the first time. 

    Despite the crisis that affected several sectors, investing in virtual stores is a great way to increase revenue and improve the positioning of your brand. However, it is not enough to just add products on the internet and start selling. It is essential to have strategies that impact the success of the business. 

    That's why we've developed a list of the best e-commerce courses. Here, we highlight free and paid options. There are alternatives for the entrepreneur who is starting in the market or for the professional who wants to optimize his knowledge. You will only need a computer or cell phone with internet access to start the courses, as the options are online, allowing the student to learn anywhere in the country. 

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    Online E-commerce Course – E-commerce Course

    The e-commerce course offers the student a complete online training. Thus, you can know the best strategies for virtual stores in the comfort of your home, at any time of the day. Just make a plan to enjoy all the content. 

    One of the main advantages of this course is that it shares important items for the development of an online store. Mixing theoretical and practical content, you will learn how to set up a plan and project, how to choose the registration and domain, fundamental factors to define an e-commerce platform and how to create the design for an online store. 

    The syllabus also addresses what are the best content for online stores, what are the most appropriate means of payment, how to do online digital marketing, how to monitor traffic and conversions, e-commerce logistics and e-commerce service. 

    The course lasts 30 hours, and the student has 120 days to complete it. Otherwise, access is suspended. So don't leave the knowledge for later. Study a little each day. That way, you will be more prepared to set up your virtual store. 

    For those who want to expand their knowledge, the E-commerce Course also offers other parallel topics for customers that impact the success of a virtual store, such as: social media course, instagram course, SEO course, Google Adsense course , Facebook Ads course, among others. 

    E-commerce 100k Online – University of E-commerce

    Achieving good revenue is the dream of any entrepreneur who starts working with virtual stores. With that in mind, Universidade do E-commerce developed a course that teaches you a step-by-step guide to starting your own business on the internet and achieving a profit of R$10 to R$100 every month. 

    For this, she addresses all the steps that directly influence the success of an e-commerce: first steps and complete planning, structuring and general concepts, types of platforms and how to choose the most suitable for my business, marketing on Facebook and Instagram, how to sell on WhatsApp and marketing on Google. 

    The program content also shows several ways to promote the virtual store at no cost, such as boosting business sales and Facebook for Business tips. Unlike the option that was mentioned in the previous topic, the student has lifetime access to all classes and all modules. 

    Classes are taught online. The material is suitable for people who have not yet achieved good results in internet sales, for those who do not know how to work with social media assertively and who want to take their first steps in this segment.

    Zero Online E-commerce – E-commerce in Practice

    The next course on our list is taught by Bruno de Oliveira. He is the author of the bestseller Create Your Market in the Digital World. In addition, he acts as a mentor and partner-investor in various types of ventures. The specialist has more than 20 years of experience not only in physical but also digital commerce. He is ranked as one of the best specialists in virtual stores in the country.  

    In the course, which is taught alongside Babi Tonhela, Partner and CPO of Ecommerce in Practice, the student will learn in six steps how to reach 30 thousand invoicing in 90 days, in the comfort of their own home. The material addresses important topics, such as: planning, structure, audience, service, sales and sales boosting. 

    Here, the student will have guidance to choose the best market niche, how to establish the most suitable product for the business, how to define the best audience for the virtual store, how to choose sales channels for marketing strategies and how to develop offers that generate result. 

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    The training is suitable for those who are starting a business from scratch, those who have already tried to market products on the internet and for those who sell in an amateur way. To absorb all the course content, the student needs to dedicate between one to two hours daily. You will have access to the material for one year. Afterwards, the account is suspended and must be renewed to enjoy the contents again.  

    E-commerce training – Alura 

    Another interesting tip from our list is Alura's e-commerce training. In it, you learn how to get your idea off the ground, without major investments and bureaucracy. After completing the course, you will be able to choose the means of payment for the enterprise. In addition, you will be able to register products, perform the most important settings for your online business and improve other types of knowledge. 

    • Price formation;
    • Create competitive intelligence; 
    • Manage inventories; 
    • Develop a sales calendar.  

    You will have full access to the content for a year and the possibility to study 24 hours a day, wherever and whenever you want. A good opportunity to improve knowledge in a simple and practical way. Edson Cruz is the course instructor and has been operating in the online market since 1999. 

    E-Commerce Manager Course

    Most professionals want to work with e-commerce, but without opening their own physical store. Therefore, they seek specializations to enter the digital environment. One of the alternatives is the position of E-commerce Manager. It is a specialist whose mission is to manage an e-commerce, ensuring quality, efficiency and profit for the business. 

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    According to the website, this type of professional starts their career with a monthly income of R$ 2.330,00. The value can reach the incredible mark of up to R$ 5.817,00. In our country, the average salary for this profession is R$ 3.540,00. To help you in this process, Internet Innovation has developed a course that covers all the essentials for a professional. 

    • Market analysis, tools and e-commerce cycles;
    • Technologies and platforms for e-commerce;
    • Meios de pagamento e análise de risco;
    • Metrics for decision making;
    • Routine management: e-commerce operation;
    • Logistics for e-commerce;
    • SEO for e-commerce;
    • Marketing Digital;
    • General Data Protection Law (LGPD);

    The professional has access to one year of content. To be successful in your career, we recommend not waiting to get close to the deadline to start your studies, especially since e-commerce is very hot and full of amazing opportunities. 

    How to build an online store

    If you are looking for free e-commerce courses, Sebrae offers some interesting options for professionals. Here, you learn how to build an online store. The content contains three stages, according to the official website: demystifying the internet: opportunities for your company; preparing your business to sell on the internet and how to build your virtual store. 

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    The format is online, the duration is two hours and the deadline to complete the learning is 15 days. The content is aimed at the owner of the small business, artisan and MEI (Individual Microentrepreneur). 

    e-commerce course 

    Com School is also another interesting option for anyone looking for the best free e-commerce courses. It is an alternative indicated for those professionals who want to discover the basic terms and which are the indicated tools to start a business from scratch with low cost and agility. 

    SEO for e-commerce 

    If you want to position your website in the top positions of Google, it is essential to learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques for e-commerce. It is a group of strategies whose mission is to improve the positioning of a page in search engines such as Google. 

    The closer to the first position your page has, the more conversions, leads and purchases the store will have in the virtual environment. The Universidade do E-commerce da Nuvem Shop developed a free course for professionals who want to expand their knowledge on the subject. 

    The syllabus contains from basic tips to advanced guidelines for professionals, such as: What is SEO and how search engines work; 8 On-Site SEO Strategies for Your Business; Off-Site SEO Strategies for Ecommerce and 13 SEO Bad Practices You Should Avoid on Your Website. Undoubtedly, this type of strategy guarantees a competitive advantage for your brand. 

    It's not enough to buy the best e-commerce courses and not set aside time in your schedule to study every topic. So, before choosing the best alternative, check the workload and find out if it will be possible to add it to your routine. Good studies.

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