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    The 24 best tech podcasts to follow

    The 24 best tech podcasts to follow

    by Team AllYourVideogames | May 31, 2022 | Technology | 1 comment

    Podcasts have become a great way to acquire knowledge, as well as being very practical as you can listen while doing other activities such as exercising, cleaning the house, working, cooking, etc.

    Thus, the tool can address various subjects and transmit information on various topics. If you work with technology, understand or are interested in the subject, today we have separated the 24 best technology podcasts to follow.

    It's up to you to listen and decide the best one or the best ones that meet your needs or bring you the most attention on the matter. Here's a list of the 24 best tech podcasts you need to know. 

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    The best tech podcasts

    1. Clipboard

    The 24 best tech podcasts to follow

    The Clipboard almost always brings a guest to talk about a certain subject, more specifically about large technology companies and the main news in the market. This is one of those technology podcasts that mixes information on the topic with a dash of humor, which makes the program quite fun for listeners. In addition, the group is also usually quite partial, bringing a very broad view of the topic addressed in the episodes. You can find the podcast also on Spotify.

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    2. Bluesoft

    Also with its podcast available on Spotify, Bluesoft is a technology company that has invested in the field of podcasts to increasingly engage its audience. The company focuses mainly on software development, especially with means such as agile methodologies and topics related to the subject of technology as a focus. This can be a good request for those who are starting to understand about the subject.

    3. Ch@nge Cast

    Ch@nge Cast is a podcast from the IBM company that decided to invest in content for the general public and which can be found on Spotify. The company has Digital Transformation and market impacts as a specific area of ​​work. So it is expected that the themes of the podcast will also be focused on this subject, and that is what happens. 

    4. Hipsters Ponto Tech

    As with the technology podcasts mentioned above, Hipsters Ponto Tech is also available for access on Spotify. He stands out for bringing very comprehensive themes and addressing various topics in his episodes. The group talks about the programming language, accessibility, usability, interface and several other subjects related to technology.

    5. Lambda3

    The 24 best tech podcasts to follow

    Lambda3 is also a company that invested in the podcast to reach a large audience and generate engagement with it. They stand out for having a more open chat during their episodes, which are available on Spotify.

    Internet-related issues such as programming languages ​​and the challenges that the sector faces daily are addressed.

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    6. Loop Matinal

    The Morning Loop stands out for having one episode a day during the week, from Monday to Friday, being one of the main podcasts about technology. This is a podcast by the group Loop Infinito and is available on Spotify streaming.

    Unlike the technology podcasts mentioned above, this one has a faster and more dynamic format with short episodes in a simple and direct way talking about the main news involving the world of technology. So if you don't have a lot of time or want something to listen to on your way to college, work or the gym, for example, this is the podcast for you.

    7. UX Movement

    Also available on Spotify, Movimento UX is a podcast focused mainly on a single concept, User Experience. The group discusses the best ways to build the best system or software experience for the user.

    So, if you are new to the developer market, this program can help you improve your work even more, being an excellent podcast option.

    8. Data Pizza

    The episodes of Pizza de Dados will mainly discuss subjects related to the world of data such as machine learning, data engineering and other diverse topics. The program stands out for being very complete in relation to the subject, being concerned with the understanding of the spectators and bringing several examples based on real cases of developers. 

    9. SAP Cast!

    As its name suggests, SAP Cast! was created by the company SAP to keep its listeners up to date with news related to the technology area, more specifically about SAP's own products. Each episode usually brings a guest to deepen the discussion on certain subjects with more precise explanations for those who are listening. So, like the technology podcasts mentioned above, this one can also be found on Spotify.

    10. Technocast

    The 24 best tech podcasts to follow

    Tecnocast is the podcast of the Tecnoblog portal and is available on the Spotify digital platform. You will be able to access the main recent information about technology and recurring points on the subject. What's more, you can also find subjects like business management and innovation and how these topics can impact and change the market. If you're not very knowledgeable about the technical aspects, you don't need to worry. The podcast is more concerned with the big issues and impacts rather than using technical terms. 

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    11. ez.cast

    This podcast, which can be found on Spotify, is ez.cast, produced by ez.davis and has a mission to talk about management, business and everything that involves the world of technology.

    The episodes are released weekly and address topics through the participation of guests directly linked to startups and scale-ups. 

    12. Sofas

    Zofe, or Zone of Front-Enders, is a podcast aimed at web and front-end developers. The program is available on Spotify and brings content mixed with humor and updates about the world of programming and technology in general.

    In addition, the show also stands out for bringing special guests in its episodes. 

    13. Braincast

    Available on Spotify, Braincast is one of the most famous programs in this style. You will not only find episodes about technology, but also about culture, creativity, innovation and entertainment.

    You will find presentations of the episodes in a lighter and more relaxed format, but still awakening the reasoning and intelligence of the listeners. As with most technology podcasts, episodes often feature special guests. 

    14 Wired

    Wired deals with cultural themes, professional strategies and business, in addition to, of course, also talking about technology in its episodes available on Spotify.

    You'll also find lighter language that everyone likes and that makes the topics covered easier to understand. 

    15. The Changelog

    The 24 best tech podcasts to follow

    The Changelog is primarily aimed at developers, bringing news about the world of technology. The program has weekly updates and seeks to inform about the main development topics in the world, bringing as guests leaders of technology companies and talking about subjects such as Machine Learning and the creation of Startups.

    Episodes can be accessed on Spotify and other digital platforms.

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    16. Killer Innovation

    Like the tech podcasts we covered earlier, Killer Innovation is available on Spotify and covers topics like innovation and technology. You can also learn about ways to encourage creativity and hear stories from guests who talk about their experiences in the world of technology. 

    17. Sambatalks

    Available on digital platforms, Sambatalks is a podcast program developed by the company Sambatech. So, if you are an entrepreneurship lover, this might be the perfect podcast option for you to listen to.

    In the episodes, Gustavo Caetano, the company's CEO and Founder, talks about topics related to the business world, digital marketing and innovation.  

    18. Cafe Debug

    Accessible on major digital platforms such as Spotify, Café Debug is an independent podcast that addresses issues related to science, technology and broader topics.

    The main objective in its episodes is to share knowledge, talk about projects, stories and ideas that can be developed.

    19. ClearCast

    Being developed by ClearSale, ClearCast is available on digital platforms such as Spotify, for example. He will address topics that are trending in the market, in addition to addressing offline and online retail.

    20. Open Source

    The 24 best tech podcasts to follow

    Open Source is a podcast developed by B9 Company and its episodes feature honest conversations with market professionals who show ideas for your business and for the future of technology, media and communication.

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    21. Inside the Ring

    Like previous technology podcasts, Dentro do Ringue can be accessed on Spotify and other digital streaming platforms. The program talks about startups and Vindi technology, as well as addressing payment platforms for e-commerce.

    The program has the presence of entrepreneurs, software engineers, executives, designers and other thinkers who can talk about the subject in their episodes.

    22. DevCast

    If you're interested in databases and programming, an excellent podcast option is DevCast.

    Produced by DevMedia, a company that provides technology courses, you will have exclusive content and an in-depth look at the main topics in the technology area. Episodes can be accessed on Spotify.

    23. Devnaestrada

    Accessible on Spotify and the main digital platforms, Devnaestrada is one of the main and most traditional podcast programs that talk about development.

    The episodes, with weekly updates on Friday, talk about technologies with interviews involving professionals in the field. But the show always maintains a touch of humor, which makes the episodes easy to watch.  

    24. Legal Security

    Like all the technology podcasts mentioned above, Segurança Legal can be found and accessed on the main digital audio platforms.

    You will find topics such as Technology Law, Information Security and other topics in the area in the episodes. The program also brings relevant sources and several studies to support the information for each new episode.

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