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    The 25 best sites to gain followers on Instagram

    The 25 best sites to gain followers on Instagram

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Aug 22, 2022 | Instagram | 1 comment

    Needing to boost your profile growth to improve your visibility and expand your content? Then check out the list that we have prepared for you with the best sites to gain followers on Instagram.

    O Instagram is among the largest social networks in the world, it has several tools that can promote your business and make you win customers, through digital marketing strategies and engagement techniques within the platform.

    Improving your engagement on Instagram is essential for your account to succeed and grow. Having a lot of followers increases the chances of this happening even more.

    Some Instagram tools are only released after a certain amount of followers, such as, for example, to put a link (the famous drag up) in the Story, it is necessary to have at least 10 thousand followers. 

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    Therefore, it is important to conquer a large network of followers and in addition to achieving this through methods such as using hashtags, making regular posts and interacting, another way to conquer them is to automate these operations and buy likes and followers on Instagram.

    This attitude has become increasingly common among social network users, especially those who have a business account and depend on good performance in the digital world.

    But for that, you need to take some precautions before buying your new followers. Don't buy from sites that are not reliable, you need to know that this strategy can go against Instagram's terms of use, if they offer you fake profiles, for example. 

    But contrary to what it may seem, buying Instagram followers is not illegal, but the company providing the service needs to offer you real followers, otherwise you may even be banned from Instagram.

    The company that will provide the service must also guarantee the integrity of its privacy policies.

    We've put together a list of several options for safe sites, which generate real followers and focus on profiles interested in what you offer and mechanize interactions between you.

    In this way, you can increase your number of followers with real profiles faster, and through the interaction they will provide with likes and even comments, they will leverage your profile. 

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    The 25 best sites to gain followers on Instagram

    1. Algeria Agency 

    Company Algeria Agency is experienced in the field and has several plans with different prices so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

    In addition to being able to buy real Brazilian followers, it offers other services where you can also buy likes, comments and views on stories, videos and reels.

    The company guarantees security in the purchase and confidentiality of your data. They also offer constant replacements for a period of 30 days.

    Click here and access the page to check all packages and values. You can try it for free, getting 50 followers on your profile.

    2. Scalehot

    A Scalehot specializes in management and marketing tools. Through virtual intelligence, it promotes automated interactions, attracting an audience according to its profile and improving its performance.

    In addition, you can also schedule your posts from stories, videos, best friends and IGTV. You can rearrange your feed posts and put them in the order you want, just drag the post where you want it.

    The platform also allows you to schedule automatic directs to new followers, track their performance based on your strategies and organize sweepstakes to make as many as you like.

    Scalehot selects profiles with content similar to yours to interact with and also by location, so that your Instagram audience is more likely to be close to your business.

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    It also allows you to reach the target audience through the hashtags used by them and you can also filter your audience according to the genre and type of account that you most identify with: personal, commercial or content creator.

    In addition, you can configure automatic actions such as liking, viewing stories, following and unfollowing. Among many other options.

    You can try it free for 7 days and then choose between plans ranging from R$65,53 to R$81,92. Payment is made by credit card. To cancel, just make the request before the current cycle expires.

    3. Agênciagram

    Na Agencygram you can buy brazilian and real followers. The site works using a follower exchange platform, which people use to follow in exchange for being followed back. 

    Agênciagram indicates your profile for these people to follow and guarantees that you do not need to follow back or enter your password. To gain followers daily, just hire a package and enter your account name. Visit the page and check out the offers. 

    4. Grow Social

    Through automation, the Grow Social promotes interaction with users such as likes, automatic welcome messages by direct.

    You can schedule your publications, so you don't even need to have your device or computer turned on to do so, making your work easier and saving you time. The platform also filters by geolocation, gender and profiles that are competitors or similar to yours, in order to successfully reach your target audience. In addition to providing you with a report with your results.

    You can try it free for 3 days. Plans range from R$120 to R$150 and discounts are often offered. Get in on website and check out more information.

    5. RedeGram

    Among the various services that the RedeGram offers, is the purchase of followers, likes, automatic comments and views in Stories and Reels. Plus views for TikTok and Backlink for Digital Marketing. 

    It also lets you filter followers by gender and state. The investment varies between R$4,99 and R$2.499,00 and the delivery of new followers is guaranteed within a few hours.

    6. SocialGram

    O SocialGram offers services very similar to previous platforms, such as gaining followers, automating likes and comments, scheduling posts and diagnosing their performance. 

    In addition, you get a bonus: the Magnetic Attraction E-book, which teaches you how to sell and attract customers on Instagram. Their plans are Monthly or Quarterly, both with many pricing and service options.

    7. App followers

    With very affordable prices, on this site you can buy followers and likes with a minimum investment of R$ 9,90 depending on the contracted package. On the platform you can buy from 100 to 500 thousand followers.

    You don't need to send your profile password, just your username. Followers are guaranteed and real, with delivery time in a few hours after purchase is made. 

    Click here to go to the Followers App website.

    8. Nikau

    A Nikau alludes to your Instagram as if it were your business’s showcase and helps, through various tools, to increase the number of people who pass through it and become followers and customers.

    You create your registration in platform, and then inform the type of follower you want to capture for your profile. A good tip is that you produce good content and make your “window” more and more attractive. 

    To boost your profile, Nikau will use automatic interactions and audience searches according to the most popular hashtags, locations and specific profiles. 

    Although it does not have automatic messages and post scheduling, like other sites, it is also a good option to increase the number of followers and engagement. The site has support, reports and a free 5-day trial.

    9. Meuinsta

    O Meuinsta is a people traffic platform that boosts your reach and attracts real followers daily, ensuring organic growth and interaction of profiles that like and comment on your publications, generating even more visibility. 

    Like Agênciagram, it works with the followers exchange platform. It has monthly and quarterly plans of different amounts. Access the website And check it out.

    10. HootSuite

    A pioneer among social media managers, the HootSuite can generate more engagement not only for Instagram, but also for Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

    To facilitate the acquisition of new followers, the platform manages to schedule publications and provide ways for greater interaction and, consequently, greater gain in followers.

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    11. IGsocial

    O IGsocial  promises up to 338 followers per day and much more recognition on Instagram, making your account grow progressively and naturally.

    In addition to more followers, it is also possible to gain more likes and have more interactions. The site has already conquered more than 35 thousand customers in our country and has monthly and quarterly plans. 

    You can subscribe for 7 days and if you don't like the service, you can ask for a refund without any problem.

    12. Turbine Digital

    To gain more credibility and authority on the social network, the platform Turbine Digital it's a great solution. It will help you to have more chances of growth in your profile. 

    In addition to being able to attract more people, all the content you produce can be distributed strategically by Instagram's own algorithm. Using artificial intelligence and various techniques, they take your profile to another level. 

    The value to boost your network with this platform ranges from BRL 24,49 with a pack of 100 followers, up to BRL 6.736,95 with 100.000 followers. Get in on website and take a look.

    13. Perforgram 

    Based on profile type, location and hashtags, the perform is able to generate more interactions, which go according to your account description and your business segment.

    Like most, it also delivers a detailed report on your account's performance, automatic messages and story scheduling.

    14. Instalove

    The differential of the installlove is the promise of gaining Brazilian followers as well as international followers. In it, your username is requested, to be inserted into a platform, where people follow the recommended profiles.

    His plans are based on the amount and type of followers, being only Brazilians or only foreigners, both real followers. Prices range from BRL 29,90 to BRL 1189,90.

    With it you get more reach on your profile, more interaction and the possibility of a greater reach, depending on your content, since your audience can go beyond our country.

    15. Followers Insight

    O Followers Insight It's an app and it's not about buying Instagram followers, but it can also be very useful because it provides information on your performance that you can use to reassess your strategies. 

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    It shows you the statistics of the most popular posts, the time when the posts got the most likes and the most commented hashtags. It also allows you to gain more followers through an outreach tool within Facebook. 

    With it you can still see how many profiles have unfollowed you and also the number of people who have blocked you. is available for Android e iOS.

    16. Environment

    O Bume is excellent to help manage your sales and digital marketing strategies on social networks. It helps you create materials and attract your audience through its mobile website builder and landing page builder.

    Learn more: Bume

    Like the other sites presented, it shows you a report based on the behavior of your audience, providing you with precious tips.

    17. Engaji

    Through profiles, location and hashtags, the Engaji generates new followers and likes, increasing your engagement and directly hitting your target audience, whether in a business or personal profile.

    With the tool, you can schedule posts in your feed and stories, making it easier to manage your content. It also has automatic messages and graphs of its results.

    18. Sprout Social

    O Sprout Social manages through analysis and monitoring of trends within social networks, thus finding a specific audience that adds value and transforms followers into potential customers. 

    With it, you can optimize your time, making a schedule of posts, monitoring your hashtags and analyzing your performance reports. A good management tool can already be enough to leverage your profile.

    19. GramLikes

    By offering free services, the GramLikes It is also a good option to gain more followers, likes and comments, all being real.

    You can register for free and start to gain some followers, being able to request up to 25 followers every 30 minutes. Paid services are also offered, which work for 30 days.

    20. Maisgram

    O Maisgram provides automation for posts, messages, comments and all interactions to increase your engagement.

    With it, you increase your visibility, improve customer relationships and can track your performance through generated reports. 

    It can be used free of charge for 3 days, in its trial phase, the prices of the plans range from R$ 59,90 to R$ 109,90. Click here and see what best suits what you are looking for.

    21. buffer

    O buffer is a platform that also has services such as scheduling posts and smart management to make your life easier and your performance within the social network. 

    You can track your number of likes, comments and the number of new followers in a summarized way. The free version lasts 14 days.

    22. Instacurtidas

    This platform guarantees an increase in real and Brazilian followers quickly, in a totally safe, instant and free way. Unlike the others, there are no plans to buy, it's all free. 

    Click here to access the site and test the tool.

    23. Iconosquare

    More focused on improving the use of marketing, the Iconosquare is able to generate information about your competitors and important points to keep you always up to date on new trends. 

    24. Connect

    O connect follows the same pattern as the sites presented so far, using tools and strategies for daily interactions between its followers, optimizing their time and promoting their engagement. 

    They make your account follow people who follow profiles similar to yours, to get them to follow you back and get to know your Instagram. The same works with likes.

    25. Stim

    O Stim also uses tools to bring new followers to your account, increasing your influence, your interaction and, consequently, your sales, whatever the segment of your profile. 

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    App to gain followers on Instagram

    Check out a brief list with a few more application options to gain a follower on insta, all with the same proposal base presented on most of the platforms above. 

    • insta robot
    • Instaeasy
    • postgrain
    • buzz monitor
    • Etus
    • management
    • Instelikes
    • followers our country
    • level up followers

    How to choose the best site to gain followers on Instagram

    Amid so many options on the market, the question may arise as to which would be the best and most advantageous. Some sites are much more reputable, such as Agence Alegerie and HootSuite, for their length of service and number of customers.

    But that doesn't stop the other platforms from also offering good results. Your choice criteria can be based on the services that each offers and the prices, decide which one is more worth it for you at the moment. 

    Take advantage of sites that have a free trial period, to see which one has more to do with what you need and which best fits your budget.

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