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    The 130 best popular sayings to use and their meanings

    The 130 best popular sayings to use and their meanings

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Feb 4, 2022 | News |

    Who doesn't know a person who likes to use sayings popular or someone who has a saying they use all the time?

    Usually, popular sayings are short phrases that convey some message or knowledge about life. Following a warning or advice format, they often pass a form of learning from generation to generation. 

    It is possible to find sayings that originate from folklore, love situations, religion, movies, series, songs and many others, as these popular sayings originate from everyday situations. If you are looking for some knowledge about popular sayings and proverbs, we have separated some options and the meanings of each one below.

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    Check out the best popular sayings and their meanings to use

    The 130 best popular sayings to use and their meanings

    1- There is no rose without thorns.

    Meaning: This popular saying has the sense of showing that even the best things in life can have their negative and dangerous side.

     2- Who is not seen, is not remembered.

    Meaning: The meaning of this popular expression may be simpler than it seems: if you really want to be remembered for something, you need to make sure everyone knows who you are.

    3- Tell me who you hang out with and I'll tell you who you are.

    Meaning: This saying shows that your company can show you who you really are.

    4- When the alms are too much, the saint is suspicious.

    Meaning: Used when you get something so good and without having to give something in return that it becomes suspicious.

    5- You can't make an omelet without breaking eggs.

    Meaning: The main purpose of this saying is to show that in order to achieve or reach a desired place or goal, it may be necessary to give up some things and make some sacrifices. 

    6- Everyone knows where their shoe pinches.

    Meaning: More empathetic, this saying shows that not all people feel the same way. Thus, pain and problems are felt differently by each one.

    7- Dirty clothes are washed at home.

    Meaning: We can say that it means to solve problems in a reserved way, since not everyone needs to know about the problems we are going through.

    8- Not all that glitters is gold.

    Meaning: Always evaluate things beyond appearance. Sometimes things can be much less attractive than they appear.

    9- Don't leave for tomorrow what you can do today.

    Meaning: A popular saying geared towards procrastinators that tells you to do your thing while you have time, not at the last minute.

    10- There are evils that come for good.

    Meaning: Every situation, no matter how bad it seems, can be your good side.

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    11- Slowly you get far.

    Meaning: You can get further than you think if you take things in your own time, one step at a time.

    12- It is in giving that you receive.

    Meaning: When you do good to someone, life will take care of bringing you good too.

    13-Man is master of what he thinks and slave of what he says.

    Meaning: You must bear the consequences of everything you say, no matter how free you are to think what you want.

    14-Water passed does not move the mill.

    Meaning: If you spend your life thinking about past events, you will not give importance to the things and opportunities that happen in the present.

    15- It's no use crying over spilled milk.

    Meaning: This saying is quite similar to the one quoted above, where it shows that we should not regret things that have already passed, but rather always move forward with our heads held high.

    16- Empty bag does not stand up.

    Meaning: This saying is to show you that you need to stay healthy, go to the doctor, eat well, exercise in order to stay on your feet.

    17- The habit makes the monk.

    Meaning: In order to reach that state that seems impossible, you need to keep trying daily, no matter how hard, until it becomes your routine.

    18- A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

    Meaning: Don't try to achieve multiple goals at once, set one and work your way up to it. When you try to run after them all, you will likely not catch up to any.

    19- Who doesn't have a dog, hunts with a cat.

    Meaning: You always have an alternative, no matter how different from your first option. Adapt to situations, be flexible, use the tools at your disposal.

    20- Or cheated you know dear.

    Meaning: Don't go after the cheapest or the easiest, in the future this choice can have serious consequences.

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    21- Lie has a short leg.

    Meaning: You won't be able to keep a lie forever. At some point, the truth will come out.

    22- Whoever has a mouth goes to Rome.

    Meaning: By making use of good communication, you will be able to achieve your goals and go far.

    23- Don't judge a book by its cover.

    Meaning: This popular saying says that appearances can be deceiving and you shouldn't judge by appearances.

    24- A swallow alone does not make a summer.

    It means: You need to give importance to collectivity and teamwork, as no matter how qualified you are, there is a limit to how far you can go.

    25- Who sings their evils amazes.

    Meaning: When you're afraid of something, try doing something that relaxes you, like singing.

    26-Don't shout your happiness, because envy is a light sleeper.

    Meaning: Don't show all your achievements, keep it to yourself, as the famous "fat eye" of others can harm.

    27- Every pan has its lid.

    Meaning: If you believe in a soul mate, this saying goes that everyone has someone destined and who fits perfectly.

    28- Insurance died of old age.

    Meaning: This expression says that you must always be careful, since the more careful, the longer you will probably live.

    29- A thief who steals a thief has a hundred years of forgiveness.

    Meaning: Against the law, this saying states that if you carry out a robbery against someone who has already stolen. So you are unpunished.

    30 In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

    Meaning: In a popular way, we can say that those who have little, still have a lot compared to those who have nothing.

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    31- A given horse doesn't look at the teeth.

    Meaning: If you're getting a gift or something for free, don't refuse, after all, free is worth almost anything.

    32-Give to Caesar what is Caesar's.

    Meaning: Never desire what belongs to others, for that already has an owner.

    33- Everyone has a little bit of doctor and crazy.

    Meaning: Everyone can have their own crazy side, no matter how prudent a person is.

    34- Parrot that accompanies João-de-Barro becomes a bricklayer's helper.

    Meaning: This saying goes that everyone around you can end up influencing your decision making, and you shouldn't let that happen.

    35-What the eyes do not see, the heart does not feel.

    Meaning: Very self explanatory, in this proverb we learn that if you don't have a visual record, the emotions you feel will not be the same.

    36- Empty mind, devil's workshop.

    Meaning: Negative thoughts can end up popping up when you've been doing nothing for a long time.

    37-One day is for the hunt, another for the hunter.

    Meaning: This saying teaches that in life we ​​will always have good days and bad days, but the important thing is to know how to deal with both.

    38- Whoever hurts with iron, will be hurt with iron.

    Meaning: The consequences of your wrongdoings against someone will eventually come in the future.

    39-God writes straight with crooked lines.

    Meaning: This is probably one of the most famous proverbs in the world, and it states that even if the path seems wrong, everything will turn out all right at the end of the journey.

    40- At night all cats are gray.

    Meaning: Often used when someone is in doubt, this saying means that when we have a head full of worries, we can't analyze the scenario clearly.

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    41- Haste is the enemy of perfection. 

    Meaning: Whenever you're in a hurry to get something done, chances are, the result won't be perfect. To achieve the best possible result, you need to remain calm while performing a certain action.

    42- When a donkey speaks, the other lowers its ear.

    Meaning: Whenever someone is talking you should stand still and listen, only after the person finishes should you speak.

    43-For him I put my hand in the fire.

    Meaning: This expression shows that you have a lot of confidence in a certain person.

    44- Pepper in the eyes of others is refreshment.

    Meaning: The popular saying is often used when someone advises another person to do something bad, as the consequences will not happen to them.

    45- A dog that barks doesn't bite.

    Meaning: In reference to threats, this saying means that, normally, those who make use of threats, do not fulfill what they say.

    46-Where there is smoke there is fire.

    Meaning: Always trust your instincts and signals. If something tells you not to trust so-and-so, trust it, as it is very likely that there is a reason for it.

    47-God helps those who rise early.

    Meaning: Pretty self explanatory: the earlier you get up and go to work, the more chances of success you will have.

    48- Son of a fish, a little fish.

    Meaning: A saying often used to say that children are similar to their parents.

    49- Soft water, hard stone, it beats until it breaks.

    Meaning: The expression means that you must always persist and keep trying to achieve your goals. 

    50- Blacksmith's house, wooden skewer.

    Meaning: Do you know someone who has incredible talent or incredible knowledge, but doesn't use it for their own good? This saying fits this kind of situation.

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    51- Every monkey on its branch.

    Meaning: You should only worry about your life and your business, that is, the saying basically says that everyone should mind their own business.

    52- From grain to grain, the hen fills the crop.

    Meaning: If something seems to be far from being achieved, you don't have to worry, because little by little you will get where you want, even if it may take a while.

    53- For the good connoisseur, half a word is enough.

    Meaning: Means that in some cases you won't need a full speech or action as the receiver of the message can understand before then. 

    54- The snake will smoke.

    Meaning: It works with a threat tone, where it can also serve as an alert that a certain action will have consequences.

    55- The rope always breaks on the weakest side.

    Meaning: When something happens that can affect several people, this saying shows that the most unprepared will suffer the greatest consequences.

    56-Hope is the last to die.

    Meaning: If you keep believing in something, even when things are bad, something good can happen. This is a saying that encourages perseverance.

    57-Hunger is the best cook.

    Meaning: This saying shows that when we are desperate, our only solution is to find a way. For example, if we are starving, any food will do.

    58-Ignorance is the mother of all diseases.

    Meaning: Often used when we have someone complaining that they are not in any pain or in any tight situation.

    59- The occasion makes the thief.

    Meaning: This proverb is a kind of criticism for those who take advantage of all kinds of situations to take advantage.

    60- A donkey died thinking.

    Meaning: This saying shows that you can't just have plans and think, you need to have the courage and determination to put them into action.

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    61-Union is strength.

    Meaning: If you work alone, there is a limit to how far you can go. However, with a united group, you will be able to go much further.

    62- Friends, friends, business aside.

    Meaning: When dealing with business and work, it doesn't matter if you are friends, you must maintain impartiality and professionalism.

    63- Better alone than badly accompanied.

    Meaning: This is understandable on its own, but the saying goes that when it comes to certain companies that can be bad influences or unreliable, it's best to be alone.

     64- Better late than never.

    Meaning: You shouldn't complain about something that took too long to happen. The important thing is that it happened, no matter how long it took.

    65- Hasty eats raw.

    Meaning: The proverb teaches that we should not be in a hurry to do things, as it will probably go wrong.

    66- Here it is done, here it is paid.

    Meaning: Everyone is responsible for all their actions and speech, as well as dealing with their consequences. We can say that this saying is about the law of return. If you do something bad to someone, something bad will happen to you too.

    67- Tree that is born crooked dies crooked.

    Meaning: This saying goes to show that someone who already has bad habits all his life, will hardly change. 

    68- Each head a sentence.

    Meaning: Each person has their way of thinking, and as much as it is different from yours, it doesn't mean it's wrong or right.

    69- Falling for the trickster's tale.

    Meaning: This saying makes references to made up stories and people who fall for them, and can be used when you are deceived by a lie.

    70- Fell into the net, it's a fish.

    Meaning: Can be used for both good and bad situations, this popular proverb refers to that person who sees everything and rarely says no to something.

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    71- Joana's mother's house.

    Meaning: The saying defines some place without rules, living in mess, confusion and lack of limits.

    72- Donkey color when it runs away.

    Meaning: The popular proverb refers to the violent behavior of some animal when kicking. Currently, the saying is more used to talk about colors that we don't know exactly what they are.

    73- When you are small, you twist the cucumber.

    Meaning: Parents need to impart education to children from an early age.

    74-After the storm comes the calm.

    Meaning: This saying is usually used to show that good results and well-being usually come after hard times.

    75- Little misfortune is nonsense.

    Meaning: Whenever you get into a series of bad events, which were triggered by the first one, you can use this saying.

    76- Slowly with the litter the saint is made of clay.

    Meaning: Often used when you are in situations where you need to take it easy and carefully.

    77- Slowly and steadily.

    Meaning: You need to take it easy to get good results in the end, otherwise you won't get good results.

    78- Slowly you go far.

    Meaning: It has exactly the same meaning as the above saying among the most popular sayings in our country.

    79- In closed mouth, no fly enters.

    Meaning: This is one of the sayings you should use when you're not quite sure what to say, where being quiet might be smarter than doing or saying something.

    80- In a river that has piranha, an alligator swims on its back.

    Meaning: Whenever you feel like you need to be careful in a certain situation or with a certain person, this is one of the sayings to use.

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    81- Wrote not read, the stick ate.

    Meaning: Always try to review and review everything you are willing to do, avoiding negative consequences in the future.

    82- Do as I say, not as I do.

    Meaning: If you are someone who often gives good advice, but your actions are not the best, then this is one of the sayings made for you.

    83-Scalded cat is afraid of cold water.

    Meaning: This is one of the sayings you can use when meeting a person who has been through a certain thing and has experience in the subject.

    84- Old monkey does not jump on dry branch.

    Meaning: People with experiences tend to avoid repeating the same mistakes again.

    85- A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

    Meaning: It is often better to settle for the “little” you have than to try to get more and end up losing it all.

    86- Better safe than sorry.

    Meaning: One of the sayings used to say that it is better to do things well and with greater care, even if it takes longer, than to do it in a hurry and have to redo it in the future.

    87- In the need one knows the friend.

    Meaning: One of the sayings that show who are true friends, those who are by your side in the worst times, not the best. 

    88- Nothing like one day after another.

    Meaning: After having a day, or a bad period, the next one is usually something good.

    89- Do not poke the jaguar with a short stick.

    Meaning: It's one of the sayings you can use as a reference to never provoke those who are quiet.

    90-There is no good that always lasts nor bad that never ends.

    Meaning: This is among the sayings that show that in life, we will have good times and bad times. It's up to you to enjoy the good ones and let time take the bad ones.

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    91-Don't put the cart before the horse.

    Meaning: Don't rush things, do things in your own time and don't rush anything.

    92- Not so much to the sea nor so much to the land.

    Meaning: One of the sayings that tells you to do everything in moderation, have a balanced life.

    93- The good son returns home.

    Meaning: If you have someone who lives far away, this is one of the sayings you can use to show that people will always have a place at home and eventually they will always return home.

    94- The great is the enemy of the good.

    Meaning: Things aren't always going to turn out perfect, and this one is among the sayings that show that sometimes it can be advisable to accept the good, and not go after the great and destroy what you already had.

    95- The promised is due.

    Meaning: Always keep your word, if you promised to do something, keep what you said.

    96- What doesn't kill, makes you fat.

    Meaning: This is one of the most common sayings we have and it is often used if the person is afraid to eat something.

    97- What has no remedy, is remedied.

    Meaning: In life, we will have many situations that we don't like, but that we can't do anything to change, so we must conform and accept.

    98- The last shall be first.

    Meaning: This is one of the sayings that refers to the fact that good things take longer to happen than bad things. Also, each person has their time to live, so you shouldn't compare yourself to others.

    99- Through the mouth the fish dies.

    Meaning: This saying warns those who tend to talk too much, as you could end up harming yourself, or others. 

    100- On the outside, beautiful viola. Inside, moldy bread.

    Meaning: Don't judge or be deceived by appearance, it can end up being misleading in most cases.

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    101- When one doesn't want to, two don't fight.

    Meaning: This is one of the sayings you can use with another person, showing that in order to perform an action between two people, they both need to agree.

    102- The higher, the greater the fall.

    Meaning: Among the main sayings already used, this one is indicated for those who are very proud, since the more you think you are superior, the more you will be disappointed in the future.

    103-Whoever loves the ugly seems pretty to him.

    Meaning: Can be used when one person likes another, regardless of their physical attributes.

    104- Who warns friend is.

    Meaning: One of the most used sayings between friends, when one doesn't want to listen to the other's advice that tries to stop him from doing something considered bad.

    105- Whoever is silent, consents.

    Meaning: Often used when someone refuses to answer a question and the other deduces that she is confirming or saying yes.

    106- Who marries wants a home.

    Meaning: A saying used by two people who got married and are looking for a place of their own to live.

    107- Whoever tells a story increases one point.

    Meaning: One of the sayings used in the sense of exaggeration, when someone is telling a story and magnifies all events.

    108- Who disdains wants to buy.

    Meaning: If someone usually shows a lot of contempt for something, it means that he liked it and wants to get the same.

    109- Who is alive always appears.

    Meaning: Another saying that is among the most used, it is widely used in the form of humor to refer to someone who has been missing for a long time and decides to pay a visit or has found himself by chance.

    110-Whoever says what he wants, hears what he doesn't want.

    Meaning: Another one among the sayings for those who talk too much, since if you say something that someone else doesn't like, you may end up listening to something that you don't like too.

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    111- Who has never eaten molasses when he eats, he smears himself.

    Meaning: One of the sayings that shows that, normally, when a person who has never had access to something, be it a material asset or social position, when he does, he can end up exaggerating.

    112- Whoever leaves and shares and doesn't keep the best part is either a fool or doesn't know the art.

    Meaning: You end up being the fool not to get the better part when you're doing the splitting of something.

    113- Who can, can; who cannot, shakes himself.

    Meaning: One of the sayings to use when you are at a higher point, at an advantage compared to others.

    114- Who seeks, finds.

    Meaning: With two possible meanings, this saying can be used in investigations when something is found, but it is also one of the sayings that means achieving something good through insistence.

    115- He who laughs last laughs best.

    Meaning: Always wait to celebrate, laugh and brag when you're sure, because someone might come along and beat you.

    116-He who goes out to his own does not degenerate.

    Meaning: If you follow the good teachings of your parents, you will, as a result, follow a good path and stay out of trouble.

    117- Whoever mixes with bran pigs eats.

    Meaning: This saying has the same meaning as the other sayings above, that if you are accompanied by bad influences, you will also perform bad deeds.

    118-Who sows wind, reaps storm. 

    Meaning: Another one of the sayings that refer to the consequences of your actions, since if you sow something bad, you will reap something bad.

    119- Whoever goes to the wind loses his seat.

    Meaning: If you end up leaving where you are, someone might take it and you won't be able to get back.

    120- Rapadura is sweet, but not soft.

    Meaning: This saying can be interpreted in two different ways. The first is that if you put in the effort, you can achieve your goal. The second is that everything in life has its good side and its bad side.

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    121- Saved by the gong.

    Meaning: When a negative situation ends up being prevented from evolving into a bigger problem due to the interference of something or someone.

    122-House saint does not perform miracles.

    Meaning: When family members give some advice, but the person decides not to follow. It can also mean to friends or other people outside the family.

    123- If advice was good, no one would give it, sell it.

    Meaning: Another one of the sayings about advice and it shows that not always getting advice can be a good thing.

    124- Cover the sun with the sieve.

    Meaning: Often used when we use a temporary or insufficient measure to solve a problem.

    125- Everything has a solution except death.

    Meaning: Do not despair at every moment in your life, for even the worst situations can have a solution, with the exception of death.

    126- A donkey loaded with books is not a doctor.

    Meaning: Just because a person appears to be intelligent or educated does not mean that he is intelligent.

    127- A gesture is worth a thousand words.

    Meaning: As much as the person shows to like another, this saying warns that any negative action can go against your words of love.

    128-A man forewarned is worth two.

    Meaning: Always be careful when trying something new or going to an unfamiliar place. Be prepared for the best, but prepare twice as much for the possible bad situations that can happen.

    129- The rings are gone and the fingers remain.

    Meaning: If you lose something, don't despair, as you may end up getting something better or be grateful that you still have something, like your life.

    130-Revenge is a dish best served cold.

    Meaning: If you intend to take revenge on someone who has wronged you, be patient, wait for the right moment, even if it takes a long time.

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