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    The 100 most beautiful phrases for international women's day 2022

    The 100 most beautiful phrases for international women's day 2022

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Feb 21, 2022 | News |

    International Women's Day 2022 takes place on March 8, being a date to honor all women, not just the important ones in our lives, but all in general. There are several ways to carry out these tributes, among them, in several you can use beautiful phrases to send or post on social networks such as WhatsApp, or make publications on other networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even TikTok. Or even, you can choose a beautiful phrase to write on cards and deliver in person.

    To help you in these moments of celebration, we have separated a list of phrases that you can use to pay tribute to the special women in your life on International Women's Day 2022. matches the message you want to convey on this international women's day 2022.

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    Great phrases for international women's day 2022

    The 100 most beautiful phrases for international women's day 2022

    Below you will find a wide variety of phrases to use on this international women's day 2022.

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    1. Woman, you are pure feeling; sensitivity springs from you. Your way of seeing the world is unique, you strive to make it a better place and that makes you an extraordinary being. / You struggle and get tired, but you don't give up; it goes beyond measure, for there is a strength within you. / You are unique, captivating and powerful. Enjoy your day and enjoy the wonderful gift of being a woman.
    2. Today deserves to be remembered to recognize the efforts of women who fought for us to achieve what we have today. We are women and equality will always be our flag. Happy woman's Day!
    3. In addition to professional achievements, women also add the fact of being mothers and wives. Today, enjoy some time for yourself and receive all the pampering you are entitled to, after all, it's your day!
    4. You are a woman, so you have a generous spirit. / You're a woman, that's why you're delicate and flowers captivate you. / You're a woman, so you fight for what you're worth. / You are a woman, so love is part of your essence. / May this day be marked with great joy and all the recognition you deserve. Happy woman's Day!
    5. You are very special! Be proud of who you are! Happy woman's Day!
    6. Happy women's day to the queen of this house who, with dedication, affection and, often fighting the force of the tide, makes our days much better. Although this is just a simple message, it expresses all my appreciation for her way of being. You are the woman of my life and my desire is to make you feel as happy as I do next to you.
    7. Women are the result of a unique and perfect project. Be happy today and always. Happy woman's Day!
    8. To women from every corner of the world, a day full of joy and memories for the achievements achieved in this history of struggle. The road is still long, but women bring in their essence the will to win, so I have no doubt that they still have much more to achieve. Your dedication and strength should set an example for any human being. Congratulations on your achievements.
    9. My love, thank you for all the love you show and for the dedication to our family. I am grateful to have you, my greatest treasure. On good days your joy is contagious, on difficult days you are there to strengthen us. I see how much effort you put into ensuring our family's unity and our children's well-being. So on that day I want to honor you and wish you a happy women's day.
    10. Today is the day to remember the struggle of women. Congratulations! With your strength you will go further and further.
    11. It doesn't matter what they say; if they try to stop you, show that your fate will decide. / You were born to shine, fight for your dreams, seek what makes your heart beat. / The path may seem difficult at times, but it will be worth it when you reach your goal. / You are a woman, in your blood there is power. You were born to be a warrior, and in this life don't give up on what you want to have. / Happy woman's Day!
    12. Only women are capable of doing so much at the same time, which is why being a woman is so amazing. Congratulations on your day!
    13. Dear friend, on this day I want to honor the wonderful woman that you are. You are a warrior woman, fighter, beautiful and intelligent. You deserve all the happiness in the world. Thank you for your support at all times. Know that I greatly admire your character and all your qualities. I wish a happy women's day to you who inspire me every day to be a better person.
    14. You have the gift of generating life. Your nature is protective, charitable and loving. / You are a being of light, which shows its essence in your actions. / You can be a warrior and at the same time sensitive, always ready to meet needs. At home or at work, take care of what is yours with zeal and determination. / You face daily battles, in the fight for your goals and in the search for balance. / Our thanks to you, and may your efforts always be recognized.
    15. You are unique: smart, hardworking and always ready to turn things around. Happy women's day!
    16. You, woman, are a being of light. / You never tire of helping people; kindness is its mark. / You are true and whole; your joy is contagious and makes the lives of those who live with you so much better. / Today I want to congratulate you on your day and wish you a happy women's day.
    17. You are a woman, fight for your dreams and move the world with your strength. / You are serenity in your eyes, warmth in your embrace and peace in your heart. Her gestures translate her essence, her feminine traits demonstrate real beauty. / You go to your limit and you don't stop, you keep striving to move on. / Time passes and you grow stronger. If something goes wrong, you reinvent yourself and start over, as many times as I need to, because you are a woman and from you emanates power and courage.
    18. My love, how proud I am of you and how happy I am to be able to honor you on this day. Without your presence in my life things wouldn't have the same meaning and importance. Your huge heart and the love of your gestures deserve all my recognition today and always. Happy woman's Day!
    19. You are a valuable pearl that deserves to be loved and respected. Your beauty impresses, but the true value lies within you.
    20. May this day remind you of your strength and your ability to go beyond. You are a woman, a warrior and you can be whatever you want. Just want. Be free, be light, be you!
    21. A woman is a wonderful human being, who sums up strength and delicacy. May you, woman, be honored every day with the intensity you deserve.
    22. March 8 is Men's Day. Men's day learn to respect women.
    23. Dear teacher, on women's day receive our affection with this sincere tribute. You are an intelligent woman who has the gift of teaching. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, helping us when we have questions, giving us words of encouragement and attention. You make a difference in our lives and that's why on this day we want to recognize the wonderful woman you are and everything you do for us. Happy woman's Day!
    24. My dear mother, thank you for giving me life and taking care of me with all your love and dedication. Today I want to honor you for being such an amazing woman, such a warrior and who doesn't get tired of doing good. To you mom, all my love and affection and my most sincere happy women's day.
    25. For you, who never tire of donating, caring and doing good, feel hugged and receive this tribute to remember your importance. Happy woman's Day!
    26. The true tribute of women's day is to make women feel special today and beyond. After all, every day is theirs. Congratulations!
    27. The most precious asset that nature has is the strength of a woman.
    28. Every woman has a smile on her face and a thousand secrets in her heart. - Clarice Lispector
    29. No life is truly beautiful, interesting or complete without the important presence of a woman!
    30. Being a woman is loving with all sweetness, as well as fighting with all bravery. It's being sensitive and when necessary a brutal force of nature!
    31. When a woman knows what she wants, there is no rock or hole in the way to make her step down.
    32. I am a mature woman, who sometimes plays swing. I am an insecure child who sometimes walks around in high heels. – Martha Medeiros
    33. The one who dreams, who fights, who does and what happens. Congratulations, woman!
    34. Grace is a reflection of love against a background of purity. Purity is the woman herself. – Jules Michelet
    35. I'm a woman, I'm whatever I want! March 8, International Women's Day.
    36. He who has known only his wife, and loved her, knows more about women than he who has known a thousand. – Leo Tolstoy
    37. On International Women's Day, give thanks for the love and affection of the women who are part of your life.
    38. Women deserve our tribute every day, because without them the world wouldn't be any fun.
    39. She has strength. She has sensitivity. She's a warrior. She is a goddess. She is a real woman. March 8, International Women's Day!
    40. She doesn't need to conquer the world because she already has the world at her feet.
    41. A hundred men can form a camp, but it takes a woman to make a home. - Chinese proverb
    42. Congratulations on your day. I value the delicacy of your gestures, the beauty of your feelings, the strength of your convictions… I value you, woman.
    43. Today is the day to celebrate the delicacy and beauty that translate into the strength of being a woman.
    44. What makes a woman beautiful is the strength with which she fights for what she believes in.
    45. The woman we love will always be right. – Alfred Musset
    46. Today the day is dedicated to you, a woman who fights and who never stops believing in her own strength. Congratulations on your day!
    47. A woman's strength doesn't come from her muscles, it comes from the persistence and resilience they need to succeed in life.
    48. No one will notice wrinkles as long as there is a sparkle in the eyes. 08/03, International Women's Day.
    49. A woman's power lies in her ability to be strong without losing her tenderness.
    50. With just one look, a powerful woman can win the attention, admiration and respect of those around her.
    51. Congratulations, woman. March 8, International Women's Day.
    52. Women are strong, but when they are united by an ideal, they are unstoppable.
    53. A powerful woman knows who she is and who she doesn't want to be.
    54. Women have the delicacy of flowers, the strength of being a mother, the affection of being a wife, the reciprocity of being a friend, the gift of lighting up everyone with a smile, and the love of being a woman! Happy woman's Day!
    55. The true beauty of a woman is in her soul, intelligence and strength to face the world.
    56. Happy Women's Day to all the warriors and feisty of our country.
    57. No wonder the strongest piece in the game is a queen!
    58. Every day is a day of struggle for the warrior woman. She battles daily, for she does not accept the smallest of defeats.
    59. March 8th. International Women's Day. A tribute to those who, with strength, wisdom and delicacy, transform our day-to-day into something smooth and charming.
    60. Phrases, words, thoughts… How to define a woman in a single word if a woman is a mother, a friend, a wife, a daughter, a sweetheart, a woman… Not all the words in the world could define her qualities. Congratulations, Happy International Women's Day.
    61. Yes, I know women are complicated. But I also know that they are extremely wonderful! Happy woman's Day!
    62. That woman is so powerful who fights with her head held high and firm in her convictions.
    63. The more powerful a woman, the more reason you have to admire her.
    64. A happy woman is a beautiful woman. It is always in happiness that her greatest beauty resides.
    65. The woman who is unlucky with men doesn't know how lucky she is.
    66. I am very proud and admired for the woman you are.
    67. Being a woman is being a daughter, being a friend, being a wife, being a mother… Being special. Congratulations!
    68. To all the women who – each in their own special way – make the world a little more beautiful, I wish you a beautiful Women's Day!
    69. Happy day to those who make the world more passionate. March 8, International Women's Day.
    70. She is a mother, companion, true, loving, faithful and special. Woman, you are all that and more, everyone should honor you for your day.
    71. All my affection, pride and respect for them that today – and on every other day as well – are the focus of our tributes! Happy women's day!
    72. Moon woman / The other face, the naked face / Earth woman / What is mystery, what is expected / Woman nature / What is firm, what is beauty / Woman strength / Gravity, the current / Woman water / The birth, uncertainty / Woman of life / Everywhere, your seed. / Woman people. – Rayme Soares
    73. Congratulations to the women who dedicate themselves and strive to make the world a better place every day.
    74. Woman, God's magical creation. / Faithful portrayal of charm and seduction; / Mirror of intuition and wisdom; / Fine print, strong and subtle; / Sample of delicacy and fiber; / Exhibition of beauty and love. / Congratulations to all women! – Nara Nubia Alencar Queiroz
    75. A beautiful woman, a great friend, a wonderful mother, a special person… You are unique. Happy woman's Day!
    76. Within a single woman there are several women. Congratulations!
    77. A woman, a warrior who thinks with her heart, an example of strength, courage, achievements and faith. A woman who dreams, who fights for his ideals. To you who are so special, Happy International Women's Day! – Gustavo J. Santos
    78. Woman is much more than just a gender, it's having challenges. Happy woman's Day!
    79. Nothing beats the intensity of a woman's heart. Happy woman's Day!
    80. Being a woman is drawing strength from the depths of the heart, where our greatest gift resides: patience.
    81. Woman is always powerful, even when she thinks she's not!
    82. For you, my love has no end. Happy woman's Day!
    83. Woman... Of all, the most beautiful, the most beautiful and fragrant flower, a being to brighten our existence, beautify our life and perfume our path... Happy International Women's Day!
    84. Woman, your gender does not define you. What defines who you are are your dreams! Happy woman's Day!
    85. A woman is a weird animal, isn't she? But there's no denying it, it's also the most wonderful thing in the world!
    86. Congratulations to all the delicate, strong, warriors, romantics, in short, women. Happy International Women's Day!
    87. Nothing can be complete without a woman's special touch.
    88. Being a woman is being a princess at 20, queen at 30, empress at 40 and special for life!
    89. She is a mother, companion, true, loving, faithful and special. Woman, you are all that and more, everyone should honor you for your day.
    90. Today and always: Happy Women's Day!
    91. Today is Women's Day. Yesterday was Women's Day. Tomorrow will be Women's Day. As long as there are days, as long as there are women.
    92. Woman, with your special way of being, you are an example of love, perseverance, courage, determination and intelligence. Congratulations on your day!
    93. Love is what we want. Hug is what we want. Respect is what we demand. Recognition is what we deserve. March 8 - International Women's Day
    94. Competent, determined, affectionate, hardworking, friendly, rational, loved, strong, talented, emotional, winning, romantic, beautiful, intelligent, fragrant, stylish, shy, crying, vibrant, charming, daring, delicate, sensitive, seductive, dedicated... March 8, International Women's Day.
    95. Happy Women's Day to all who fight for their independence and dreams!
    96. Happy day of those who make the world more passionate! March 8, International Women's Day.
    97. We want flowers, but we also want respect, equality, freedom of choice and opinion.
    98. Happy women's day, to all who are proud to be one and know how to represent the gender with claw, charm and determination.
    99. Woman is more than gender, it's mentality and lifestyle. Happy international women's day 2022.
    100. We can do whatever we want, because it is not our gender that defines us, but the person we are or want to become. Happy International Women's Day.

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