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    The 104 best indirect phrases for status

    The 104 best indirect phrases for status

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Mar 4, 2022 | News |

    Do you want to send a message to that person who keeps getting on your nerves, or to that ex-boyfriend you can't stand anymore? At these times, nothing better than sharing an indirect on social media. In this post, you will find the 104 best indirect phrases for status. 

    The best indirect phrases for status

    Whether on WhatsApp, Twitter or Instagram, sending an indirect in the status always makes people curious to know what is happening and who the message is for. 

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    Indirect phrases for status for fake friendships

    Have you just found out you have fake friends and are heartbroken? Here are some phrases to get you back on track.

    The 104 best indirect phrases for status

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    2. “There are certain people who don't deserve our homesickness”

    3. “I prefer a million times a declared enemy than a false friend”

    4.“Life always takes care of carrying what we don't deserve to carry”

    5.“God, deliver me from false friendships”

    6.“Get rid of everything that hurts you…”

    7. “I didn't miss anything this year. Everything that was truly mine is with me”

    8.“I hope you drown in your sea of ​​falsehood”

    9.“Don't throw thorns on the road, on the way back you can be barefoot”

    10.“Some people deserve applause for the theater they do”

    11.“The world is full of people who have smiles on their lips and poison in their hearts”

    12.“False people are like a shadow. It's only with you when the sun shines"

    13.“Let go. A few months of heartbreak are better than a lifetime of daily disappointments.”

    14.“Do not be afraid of the false enemy that attacks you, but of the false friend that embraces you”

    15.“Where there is envy, there is no friendship”

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    17.“You are part of a very special genre of friends: discreet, multifaceted and fake…”

    18.“Be careful: people lie, smiles deceive, looks deceive”

    19.“False, pretended, treacherous, hypocritical… I can call you many things, but never friend again”

    20. “It's no use, there's no shame in your face. She badmouths me, but she is my incubated fan” -Ludmilla

    21.“It took me a while but I learned: not everyone is who they say they are”

    22.“If I cut you out of my life, there's a good chance you gave me the scissors” -Ciphers

    23.“Disappointment never comes from an enemy, but from the person you least expect” -Ciphers

    24.“False friendship is like salt, it looks like sugar, but it doesn't taste the same sweet and yummy”

    25.“When making a list of friends, do it in pencil”

    26.“Time unmasks appearances, reveals lies and exposes character” -Ciphers

    27.“A toast to those who won me over, the idiots who lost me and the lucky ones who will meet me”

    28.“False friend is one of the most important subjects you learn in the school of life”

    29.“ There are people who like carnival so much, who live the whole year in a mask”

    30.“Over time, some friends made me realize what kinds of friendships I should not have in my life”

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    32.“ Time reveals everything! The most hidden lies, the most certain reasons and the most false friends”

    33.“Don't ruin a good day by thinking about bad people”

    34.“In a world of fakes, whoever is sincere ends up being the wrong one in history” -Ciphers

    35.“Be careful with certain friendships, snake kills hugging”

    Indirect phrases for status for ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend

    As the saying goes: if it was good, it wouldn't be ex! Want to send that indirect to your ex-partner? Here are some of the best indirect status phrases to use after a breakup.

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    37.“If the person really wants you, they will do everything to have you”

    38.“I have not forgotten you nor replaced you, the truth is that I just got used to being without you” 

    39.“I wish I had the power to erase you from my memory” – Henrique & Juliano

    40.“If You Can't Repay, Don't Captivate”

    41.“I warned you that I would no longer give you morals, the line moved and you went to the final” -Anitta

    42.“Easy stories don't usually become legends. Easy loves don't make history

    43.“But falling for you was my mistake” -The Weeknd

    44.“I knew all your ways of cheating, unfortunately I fell” -Jão

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    46.“I didn't lose, I got rid of it”-MC Mirella

    47.“Never give up, but sometimes stop insisting” -Ciphers

    48.“Don't put your intensity where there's nothing” -Ciphers

    49.“A person without values ​​will never know how to value you”

    50.“What's the point of blocking me on WhatsApp if you can't block me from your heart”

    52.“For love we stay, but for love we also leave”

    53.“If one day your ex-boyfriend tells you that you will never find someone like him, respond: God hear you!”

    54.“Time goes by fast, so don't waste your time with people who don't add anything to you”

    55.“I wish you all the best, because you have already lost the best”

    56.“He gave up too quickly for those who said he loved too much”

    57.“Every day I care less, every day I don't care anymore”

    58.“I want you well: far away from me!”

    59.“Do you miss me? Go back in the past, that's where I wanted you"

    60.“Better a month of heartbreak than a lifetime of daily disappointments”

    61.“If your ex was good, God wouldn't tell you to love your neighbor”

    62.“If ex was good, there would be no current one”

    63.“ Those who don't know how to take care, don't deserve to have it”

    64.“The rotten fruit as you fall alone from the tree”

    65.“Good night, stay with God, because you missed the opportunity to stay with me”

    66.“You're trying to grab my foot, so you're the one who never held my hand”

    67.“I am not a soap opera for you to accompany me”

    68.“You could be the love of my life, but you chose to be my biggest disappointment”

    Indirect phrases for status for crush

    If your crush is a slow person, how about throwing some hints in the air for him to realize your intentions? Check out the phrases we separated for you.

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    70.“After? After the coffee cools down, the priority changes” 

    71.“Who does not know what he wants, loses what he has”

    72.“Studies show that if you want it, I want it too”

    73.“I decide, because time passes and the middle ground gets tired”

    74.“My weak point has an address, first and last name”

    75.“What nobody did in life, you did in less than a month” – Matheus & Kauan

    76.“So let me try to take care of you, I'll leave for tomorrow what I have to do” – Lagum

    77.“Says I was a mistake, but if I give it a chance, it wants to be wrong all the time”

    78.“Hello, I don't have a topic, but I'm interested”

    79.“It's nothing personal, but you and I would make a great couple”

    80.“Life is too short to wait for someone who doesn't know what they want”

    81.“There are 7 billion people in the world and I'm just thinking about being with you”

    82. "Patience runs out, the longing passes and the desire ends."

    83.“I don't wanna be your friend, I wanna kiss your lips”-Girl in red

    84.“Everyone has a person, that person. That makes you forget all the others” -Henrique & Juliano

    85.“If you want to know what happiness is, just call me and I'll show you on all levels”

    86.“The problem with bugs is that sometimes they kiss well”

    87.“Indirect for what if I want you to understand that I'm crazy about you?”

    Indirect phrases for status for family

    We can't choose which family we were born into, but you can choose from these indirect-to-status phrases. 

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    89.“Family is the one who respects you, your life, and your choices. Your blood, even mosquitoes have it”

    90. “Family is the people who are always worried about you. The rest is relative”

    91.“The black sheep is the one that can see beyond the hypocrisy of its family members”

    92.“Don't be afraid of losing people. Be afraid of losing who you are by trying to please everyone.” -Ciphers

    93.“Sometimes the black sheep is the healthiest person in the family”

    94.“A wise man said: learn to treat as they treat you and to give the same importance as they give you”

    95.“People see flaws in everything but themselves” -Ciphers

    96.“People criticize because criticizing is easier than doing better” -Ciphers

    96.“Family is where there is love and not the same last name”

    97.“I may be the black sheep of the family, but some of the white sheep aren't as white as they try to appear”

    98.“Go to places where you are wanted, not tolerated”

    99.“There are many engineers in the lives of others and few bricklayers in their own lives”

    100.“Without grudge against anyone, but with a very good memory”

    101.“A good relative, a relative that we only see in picture frames”

    102.“Good relative is distant relative!”

    103.“Deliver us from the evil that surrounds us, from the lies that confuse us and from the falsehood that deceives us”

    104.“Distant relatives are best. The further away, the better.”

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