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    Termination calculation: how to do it online and for free?

    Termination calculation: how to do it online and for free?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 27, 2022 | Finance |

    Have you done or need to deal with the termination calculation? If you do it yourself, in many cases it can end up being quite complicated, but there are ways you can make it easier. The internet is full of sites and programs that perform the termination calculation with just a few clicks and information, and today we are going to list some options to help you right now.

    The calculation of termination is nothing more than finding the amount that the employee will receive as payment for the days he worked in the month of termination of his contract, as he has this right according to the law. Thus, the salary will be proportional to the number of days that he was in activity, adding to the additional and overtime. 

    To find the result of the payment, it is necessary to divide the value of the monthly salary by the number of days worked in the same month. So, without further ado, let's check out the list of the top termination calculators. 

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    Termination Calculator 2022 – The Best Options

    Calculation of Termination of the Employment Contract - Catho

    One of the leading termination calculators on the market is the Catho platform. To perform a termination calculation is quite simple. The calculator has a field where you will have to fill in some information.

    Just inform the last salary you received, the number of dependents, the exact start date of your employment contract, the end date of it, select one of the options that justify the end of your contract, whether or not you have expired vacations. and notice was given. 

    Termination calculation: how to do it online and for free?

    The next step is to click on the “Calculate” button and with that the calculator will show the result that you should receive as payment. You can still go to "see details" to check more information on the termination calculation. 

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    Termination of employment contract - CLT - Exact Calculation

    A simpler option for calculating termination is the Exact Calculation calculator. You will inform your contract period, with the date from the first day to the last, counting on the notice period. Afterwards, you will have to select the reason for the termination of your contract by the company and click on “Continue”. The calculator will already tell you how much you should receive taking into account all the main variables. 

    Termination Calculator - FDR

    The FDR portal also has its own termination calculator to perform termination calculations. You start by entering the information that is requested, such as the gross salary you receive, the date of hire, date of dismissal, the reason for your departure from the company, how the notice worked and if you have vacation from previous years.

    Optionally, you can also check if you have overdue vacations, the number of dependents and the FGTS balance. By clicking on “Calculate” the system will give you the result of how much you should receive, by going to “Clear” the data is deleted and you will be able to make a new query. 

    Calculation of Labor Termination - Work Value

    Another labor termination calculator available on the market is the one on the Valor do Trabalho portal, also working in a very simple way for you to calculate the termination. To use it, you start by entering your date of entry into work and the date of your last day at work. Then click on “Continue” to continue the calculation.

    In the next window, you need to select the type of contract you had with the company, and then click “Continue” to move on. The next tab will ask why your contract was terminated, so choose from the available options. After that, you need to inform the monthly amount of your last base salary and again click on “Continue”.

    You also need to confirm whether or not you have received payment for other salary amounts on a regular basis. If yes, you need to inform the monthly amount of these funds, if not, just click on “Continue”. Towards the end, you also need to enter your monthly salary, the amount of vacation you took and the thirteenth. By clicking on “Continue” again, you will need to mark the day of the month on which your salary was closed. 

    On the next page, you will check if you received any amount as a result of the contractual termination, if yes, you will need to say how much this amount was, if not, just go directly to “Continue”. The termination calculation portal also needs to know if there is any specific amount to be discounted, if so, inform the amount, if not, just continue the process. 

    The next necessary information refers to the FGTS, so you need to inform if the monthly FGTS deposits were made properly and continue to know the amount you will receive. By clicking “Finish” you will know how much you should receive on the contract termination calculation and also check the details. 

    Termination Calculator - Vacancies

    Termination calculation: how to do it online and for free?

    The Vagas job site also has its calculator for calculating termination. Unlike the option above, here you have a more direct tool. You start by informing the amount of your last salary, and then you have to say the start and end date of your contract at the company. 

    The calculator also asks the user to enter the reason for the contract being terminated and the type of notice that was fulfilled. It is also necessary to say if there are any overdue vacations, write your full name and email address. Then click “Calculate Termination” to get the termination calculation result. 

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    Termination Calculator – FinanceOne

    FinanceOne's termination calculator also works very simply. You start by informing the reason for the termination of your contract, if it was a dismissal without just cause or with, and then immediately putting the base salary you earn monthly. You also need to inform the date you joined and left the service, along with the type of notice you had. If you have expired vacations, you need to check the option and then just go to “Calculate” to get the result.

    Calculation of termination of employment contract - iDinheiro

    One of the best options for you to simulate termination calculation is iDinheiro's virtual calculator. It asks for the base salary you were earning at your old job, the date you were hired and the date of termination of the contract, the reason for your dismissal, the type of notice, whether or not you have vacation from the previous year, the number of outstanding and the balance of the FGTS, together with the vacation days overdue. After that, just click on “Calculate” to get a result or on “Clear” to perform a new query. 

    Calculation of Labor Termination - Control iD

    Another option for calculating termination is in the Control iD portal. In it, you need to enter some data for the calculator to work, such as the entry date and the termination date of your contract, precisely the reason for the termination. It is also necessary that you inform the amount of the last salary you received, as well as the type of notice.

    If you have expired vacations, you must also inform them, as well as the number of children under the age of 14 or disabled, if any. Then, just click on the “Calculate” button to finish the process or on “Clear” to perform a new query. 

    Simulation Calculator - Termination Calculation

    As its name suggests, the Termination Calculation website would logically have a digital calculator for contract termination calculation. The operation follows the pattern of the options mentioned above, informing the date of admission to the company and the date of dismissal. Then, you need to inform the amount of your last salary and the reason for the termination of the contract, and then click on “Calculate” and obtain the amount that you should receive and that you are entitled to. 

    Calculation of Termination with FGTS - Mobills

    Last but not least, we have the Mobills FGTS termination calculation calculator. Its operation is not very different from the calculator options above, informing your gross salary and the dates of admission and termination of the contract. It is also necessary to inform the reason for the dismissal with just cause or without just cause, for example, and the type of prior notice. 

    Termination calculation: how to do it online and for free?

    Finally, the number of dependents, amount of overdue vacations and FGTS balance are also requested. After that, just click on “Calculate” to get the result and on “Clear” to perform a new query that the user can do. 

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