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    Calendar to print 2022: check out the most downloaded

    Calendar to print 2022: check out the most downloadedCalendar to print 2022: check out the most downloaded

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Dec 20, 2022 | News |

    If you are looking for a calendar to print arrived at the right place! Come check out the numerous options we separate for all tastes. Choose the one that best suits you and print right away.

    Paper calendars are very useful so you can have an annual, monthly or weekly dimension. They help you organize yourself for future plans, check which day of the week it is and let us know when the holidays are.

    organization tips

    For those who like to always have a calendar on hand, we advise you to use at least three different types:

    • The annual view can be placed on the kitchen wall or in any other room you prefer: it gives you a general idea of ​​the days of the year;
    • The monthly view is usually on the desktop: it can be an overview of the month or have spaces in each day to drill down;
    • The weekly view is close to where you usually spend the most time, in your bedroom, office or work: it's good for defining which tasks to do on which day.

    The monthly and weekly versions are usually used to carry out more detailed planning, as is the case with the planner that is so successful in the current market.

    They describe all the activities you will carry out throughout the week and month. They are very useful for organizing work tasks, household activities, scheduled appointments and also inserting time for rest and leisure.

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    2022 printable calendar

    You can check out some examples of copyright-free files below.

    Editable simple template

    We are going to show you some types of calendars that can be edited and downloaded for free. All of them have an Excel and PDF version.

    The following files will be accompanied by the link with PDF versions. If you are interested in purchasing the same document in Excel, just access iCalendar. It is recommended that the calendar to be printed is in a PDF file.

    Annual Calendar

    Semiannual Calendar

    To download in PDF, access the iCalendar.

    Monthly Calendar

    To download in PDF, access the iCalendar.

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    planner style calendar

    This type is very useful to always have your day-to-day appointments and tasks organized. It comes with the option to include goals, important items of the month, take notes and even has a thumbnail of the monthly view in square format.

    It is a very good option calendar to print and leave it in an easily accessible place.

    You can find this model on the Focus on Productivity website. 

    themed calendar


    Below you will find a model designed for those who need a calendar with more detailed planning. When it is necessary to organize a large event, such as a wedding, there are a series of steps that demand a lot of organization.

    In view of this market need, the website Dúvidas de Noiva addresses the theme of marriage and created the model below for brides.

    School / Children

    Calendars of this type can be used to encourage children to comply with the proposed planning with adults. Thus, home or school activities are organized and visualized by the child.

    This model is a proposal to be used by parents, teachers, social workers and others who deal with children. You can find the printable calendar on the website Tips for the Children's Mystery.


    This model is for those who want to bet on a healthier diet or identify with the fitness style in general.

    The interesting thing about this calendar is that each month you learn a new recipe based on the illustrated fruit.

    Recipes are in the QR Code on the left. You can find this printable calendar on the Coisas da Leia website.

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    For more 2022 calendars, visit the Coisas da Leia website and look for free templates. We wish you a great year with lots of planning and discipline.

    We hope you have chosen your calendar to print and take the opportunity to organize yourself better.

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