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    Spotify Duo worth it? Learn more about Spotify for Couples

    Spotify Duo worth it? Learn more about Spotify for Couples

    by Equipe AllYourVideogames | Aug 23, 2022 | Shopping | 0

    Spotify music streaming service offers various premium subscription plans for its users. And today we are going to talk and check if the Spotify Duo vale a pena, as one of the available subscriptions. This is a plan aimed at couples or even two users, who do not necessarily need to be a couple. 

    Spotify Duo allows a single subscription to be used on up to two different premium accounts. In this way, users avoid paying for a subscription, for example.

    But is Spotify Duo really worth it or is it better to take a regular subscription or some other plan? Well, today we are going to try to answer that question about this new plan.

    If you want to check it out, Spotify has its version for web and desktop, as well as versions for mobile devices that you can download, whether they have an Android system on the Play Store, or an iOS system on the App Store.

    Let's check whether Spotify Duo is worth it or not.

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    What is Spotify Duo and how does it work?

    This plan allows users to make use of a reduction in the Spotify premium subscription, since instead of each paying their own subscription, we have a subscription that can be used by two different users.

    All it takes is an email verification and they're free to stream.

    Spotify Duo allows each user to have an individual music library where they can create their own playlists, save their favorite tracks and much more. In addition, if you want, both can also create a playlist together. 

    That is, a couple will be able to create a playlist with songs that remind them of their relationship, for example.

    If you're sharing with a friend, you can create playlists with songs you both like to listen to in the car, tidying the house, at a weekend barbecue and in many other situations.

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    Does Spotify Duo need to live at the same address?

    One of the ways Spotify uses to allow plans like Spotify Duo and Spotify Family to be used by multiple people is through the address. Thus, according to Spotify's Terms of Use, the two members using the Duo subscription must reside at the same address.

    The platform itself has already confirmed that it uses the GPS of users' smartphones to periodically check their location and if both members really live in the same place or if they are, in some way, circumventing the restrictions that the Duo plan has. 

    Are they individual accounts or a shared one?

    Spotify Duo offers two accounts in the same subscription for two people, meaning you don't have to worry about sharing a premium account as it won't be necessary. That way, each one will have their login and password, and it will not be necessary to share this information with their partner in the signature. 

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    Spotify Duo worth it? Price

    Spotify Duo worth it? Learn more about Spotify for Couples

    The streaming platform offers up to four plan options for users to choose from as a subscription. It is worth mentioning that everyone has the option of a free trial month before the first payment. 

    The first plan is the most common: the Individual. In it, the user doesn't have to worry about ads in the middle of their songs, in addition to having the option to listen to the tracks offline and be able to download them.

    In addition, you can choose the music you want to listen to at the moment, which is not possible with free use, and you can choose between a subscription or a prepaid plan. The value of the Individual plan is R$19,90 per month and it is allowed to create an account per subscription.

    The second is precisely the Spotify Duo, worth R$24,90 per month, that is, just R$5 more expensive. Up to two accounts are allowed per subscription and users have the same benefits mentioned above, in addition to the Duo mix, which we will explain later. So this is a great option for you and someone else.

    The third plan is the Family, which allows up to six accounts per subscription and costs R$34,90 per month. In addition to the same services as other plans, users can use the Família Mix, a playlist created with songs that suit everyone's tastes and is regularly updated.

    Parents or guardians can also block music that has explicit content and use Spotify Kids, an app tailored for kids.

    The last plan that we can mention is the University plan, which despite having only one account per subscription, costs only R$9,90. As the name suggests, it is for college students only. You can still have access to practically all the benefits we mentioned above.

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    What is Spotify Duo Mix?

    Another option that is also available on the Duo plan is Spotify Duo Mix, which allows two users to create a playlist combined with genres, artists and songs they've listened to on their own individual accounts.

    This Mix playlist is automatically updated regularly based on what you both listen to.

    But it is worth mentioning that this feature is optional. That is, if you do not want to, it is not mandatory to use Spotify Duo Mix. In the streaming settings it is possible to activate and deactivate the Mix.

    Furthermore, this option is not available offline, as periodic updating is required.

    How to subscribe to Spotify Duo?

    Before we conclude on whether Spotify Duo is worth it, it is important that you know how to subscribe to the option if you are interested.

    So, just follow the steps described below to subscribe:

    Step 1. Open Spotify on your computer or mobile phone and click on “Sign In” and log in if you already have a registered profile, or on “Register” if you don't already have a profile, both located at the top right of the site.

    If you are going to register, just enter the requested information and continue with the process below, as it will be the same for both cases;

    Spotify Duo worth it? Learn more about Spotify for Couples

    Step 2. On your Spotify home page, in the upper right corner, there will be the menu option, with an icon and its name. Click on this option and then go to “Account”, to be forwarded to a new page for your account settings;

    Spotify Duo worth it? Learn more about Spotify for Couples

    Step 3. In the menu bar located on the left side, go to the “Available Plans” option to see all the alternatives;

    Spotify Duo worth it? Learn more about Spotify for Couples

    Step 4. On the page that will open, scroll down until you find the option of “Spotify Premium Duo” and click on “Select”;

    Spotify Duo worth it? Learn more about Spotify for Couples

    Step 6. Enter the requested information, including payment method, and complete the process at the bottom of the page. With that, send the invitation with your Spotify subscription link to the second member who will use the platform.

    It is important that he accepts the invitation when he is at home, so that the same address of both users is confirmed as the same.

    How to cancel Spotify Duo?

    In case you want to cancel Spotify, just follow the same process until you open the settings by clicking on “Account”. After that, in the same window that was opened earlier, click on “Available Plans” again.

    On the page that you will be forwarded to, scroll to the end and go to “Cancel Premium”.

    Spotify Duo worth it? Learn more about Spotify for Couples

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    But is Spotify Duo really worth it?

    Well, after checking all these details about this subscription, we can conclude that yes, Spotify Duo is worth it.

    The difference of only R$5 for the individual plan makes the Duo plan very advantageous and economical for two users, in addition to the many benefits that we have mentioned and that the subscriptions offer.

    The Duo Mix ends up being a very interesting plus for both. 

    That way, based on our opinion, you can subscribe without any problems or doubts, as Spotify Duo is worth it.

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