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    Star Plus Disney: learn all about new streaming

    Star Plus Disney: learn all about new streaming

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Aug 23, 2022 | Shopping |

    Disney launched its own Disney+ streaming service (Disney Plus) in November 2022, featuring a variety of original company content including productions from Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar and more. 

    However, the company did not stop there. Another streaming called StarPlus Disney, or just Star+, will be launched by Disney Television Studios as an app and website and will feature new content not present on Disney+.

    As a result, competition in the market increases, with services such as Prime Video, Netflix, Globo Play, HBO Max and others.

    But after all, what is the new Star Plus Disney streaming? When will it be released and how much will it cost those interested in subscribing?

    To clarify your doubts, we've separated everything you need to know about Disney's new service. Check it out in detail below.

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    What is Star Plus Disney?

    Star Plus Disney: learn all about new streaming

    Image: Disney

    Representing one of the Disney brands, Star was launched by the company internationally with the aim of bringing adult content from Disney-owned brands to the public, including Disney+ streaming subscribers.

    This is because the service does not have content aimed at adults, but children and young people.

    In several regions, the public had access to Star as another branded button within the Disney+ platform, alongside Pixar, Disney, Star Wars, Marvel and National Geographic buttons.

    However, in other countries, another independent streaming service will be launched, called Star Plus (or Star+), precisely for these more adult content. 

    It is important to note that the Star Plus Disney streaming service will be launched independently only in Latin America. As stated above, in other regions there will be an access button of its own and integrated into Disney+. 

    Thus, Disney will have two streaming platforms on the market, Disney Plus and Star Plus. Users will have the option of subscribing to a combo with both streaming services or each individually.

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    And what is Disney+ Hotstar?

    Star Plus Disney: learn all about new streaming

    Image: Disney

    The launch of Star Plus Disney and Star channels in other countries was influenced by Disney+ Hotstar, another Disney streaming service launched only in India and Indonesia.

    There, the company's platform is made available and sold to the public in a partnership with the regional streaming service called Hotstar. 

    In addition to the regular Disney catalogue, sports such as cricket and popular local programming are also available.

    As this style of launch ended up being a great success in the region, the company chose to repeat the process with Star channels and streaming, only in other countries.

    However, Disney has yet to reveal whether or not it will launch Star Plus Disney in India and Indonesia.

    Where and when will Star Plus Disney launch?

    In most Latin American countries, the launch of Star Plus streaming is scheduled for August 31, 2022, including our country.

    But again: the launch will take place as a separate service, not being incorporated into Disney+.

    In Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Europe, the launch of Star took place in February 2022, as a new brand and a new button with the Star logo, being already integrated with Disney+.

    At the same time, the Disney+ streaming app arrived in Singapore, also with an integration between the channels and the Star catalogue.

    By the end of 2022, Star content will also be available in South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan and Eastern Europe as these are the next regions on the release list.

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    Star Plus Disney: Price in our country

    Although Star Plus Disney has not yet been launched, Disney has already revealed the values ​​​​of the streaming service, in addition to the price of the combo option, called Combo +, which serves to subscribe to Disney + and Star + together, but with discounts.

    The public can subscribe as early as August 31, the streaming launch date in Latin America.

    Star Plus and Combo+ prices, whether monthly or yearly, can be found below:

    • Star+: R$32,90 per month or R$329,90 per year;
    • Disney+: R$27,90 per month or R$279,90 per month;
    • Combo+: R$45,90 per month; 

    By subscribing to the Combo+ option, the consumer will have a savings of 25%, if he compares the prices of the services independently.

    It is worth mentioning that the email registered at Star+ must be the same used at Disney+, so that the system can identify the subscription and calculate the new amount that will be paid. 

    Anyone who already has Disney+ and wants to upgrade to the Combo+ plan and also have access to Star Plus, the values ​​would look like this:

    Star Plus Disney: learn all about new streaming

    Image: Disney Plus our country

    Disney has yet to reveal how Disney+ Annual Plan subscribers will be able to upgrade to Combo+.

    This information should come out soon, as the launch of Star Plus Disney is already close.

    What will Star Plus Disney look like?

    According to Disney CEO Bob Chapek, since the first comment about Star Plus Disney, the platform is being built in the same technical way as Disney Plus.

    Thus, the service experience will be quite similar to the first one launched.

    There will be features that facilitate navigation on the platform, as well as live, on-demand and favorites programming.

    • Star Plus Disney: learn all about new streaming

      Image: Disney

    • Star Plus Disney: learn all about new streaming

      Image: Disney

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    Star Plus Disney: Catalog

    But after all, what will be available in the Star Plus Disney catalog? Having chosen to launch the service as a separate platform, Disney took precautions.

    In addition to the programs already expected, the company will invest in regional content. In our country, for example, 66 productions have already been confirmed that will be made and produced regionally and in neighboring countries.

    Among these confirmed productions, we can mention the series “Santa Evita”, which will accompany and tell the story of the first lady of Argentina.

    Another guaranteed series is “O Rei da TV”, a biographical production that will tell the story of Silvio Santos.

    Other works will talk about slavery in our country, the life of “Maria Bonita”, a new season of the production “Impuros”, premiere of the series “Insânia” and much more.

    Initially, there will be more than 1.300 productions from films to series, which are part of and belong to the Disney Group.

    You can check out the main titles in the catalog below:

    Star Plus Disney: Series

    Star Plus Disney: learn all about new streaming

    Image: Disney

    • Alien
    • Shōgun
    • 24 Hours
    • Alias: Codename Danger
    • X file
    • Atlanta
    • B
    • The Old Man
    • American Horror Stories
    • Platform
    • Y: The Last Man
    • Only Murders In The Building
    • The Dropout
    • dopesick
    • New Series in Development
    • Reservation Dogs
    • Helstrom
    • Homeland
    • How I met your mother
    • Legion
    • Lost
    • Love, Victor
    • Modern Family
    • Empire – Fame and Power
    • Feud
    • Genius – The life of Einstein
    • Glee
    • Grey's anatomy
    • Good- Always in medicine
    • Brothers & Sisters
    • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    • getting real
    • Desesperate Housewives
    • 19 Station
    • The Americans
    • The Resident
    • This is Us
    • New Girl
    • My name is Earl
    • The people against OJ Simpson
    • What do we do in the shadows
    • Prison Break
    • Scandal: the backstage of power
    • Snowfall
    • sons of anarchy
    • Star

    Star Plus Disney: Movies

    • relentless pursuit
    • Hard to Kill
    • Alien
    • Monkey's Planet
    • Dead Pool
    • Deadpool 2
    • Logan
    • Silvio Santos' story
    • Pancho Villa biopic
    • Bohemian Rhapsody
    • The devil Wears Prada

    Star Plus Disney: Drawings

    • Solar Opposites
    • The Cleveland
    • Family Guy
    • American Dad
    • Bless the hearts
    • Bob’s burguers
    • Futurama
    • King of the hill
    • The Simpsons

    Star Plus Disney: Sports

    Star Plus Disney: learn all about new streaming

    Image: Disney

    Sports fans will also be able to have plenty of content available on Star Plus Disney.

    Since the acquisition and merger of the Fox Sports channels in our country and ESPN by the Walt Disney Company, several sports will be broadcast on streaming.

    As they will be broadcast live, it is worth mentioning that they may have commercials during the exhibitions.

    The available leagues and sports are:


    • Italian Championship – Series A
    • La Liga (Spanish Championship)
    • French Championship
    • Copa Libertadores
    • Argentine Championship
    • Premier League (English Championship)
    • UEFA Europa League
    • UEFA Champions League


    • ATP
    • WTA
    • Australian Open
    • U.S. Open

    Other Leagues

    • NBA (American Basketball League)
    • MBL (American Baseball League)
    • NFL (American football)
    • Tour de France (cycling)
    • PGA Tour (golfe)
    • NHL (Hockey League)
    • WSL (surfing tournament)

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    What won't be on Star Plus Disney?

    Content from other studios that are not part of the Disney Group will not be part of the Star Plus Disney catalog.

    In addition, it is expected that titles that are already available on the Disney Plus platform will also not be part of Star+.

    This is due to the fact that: although they are different services, both complement each other, such as one aimed at children and young adults and the other at adults.

    Although sports screenings can have commercials, as we mentioned earlier, users don't have to worry, as non-sports movies, series, cartoons and other non-sports screenings will not have ads.

    Star Plus Disney: Parental control will be available

    Star Plus Disney: learn all about new streaming

    Image: Disney

    Parental controls are also available in countries where Star content has been integrated with Disney+.

    Thus, parents have the option of setting access limits based on the rating of available titles. 

    In addition, it is also possible to enter PINs, which are used to block the profile for adult content.

    The operation is practically the same as in our country on the Disney Plus platform. 

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