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    Shorten WhatsApp link: How to create a link in 4 clicks

    Shorten WhatsApp link: How to create a link in 4 clicks

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Mar 30, 2022 | WhatsApp |

    Having a link that takes your customer straight to a conversation with your company is essential for anyone who wants to use this tool as a communication channel. AND shorten whatsapp link can make this process even easier.

    Currently, in the Business version of the messenger, it is possible to shorten WhatsApp link.

    Companies that use the benefits of the business tool in their digital marketing ensure more agility, professionalism and security in business contacts.

    Shortening WhatsApp link makes it easier for customers to contact you without having to add your number to their phone book. In addition, you have the possibility to make the link available on your website or social networks, as in the call to action button on your Facebook page or in your Instagram Bio.

    Want to learn how to shorten WhatsApp link in a simple way, directly on your phone? Check out!


    Shorten WhatsApp link is easy and fast. In the following tutorial, we will teach you how to do this. But beware: this feature is only available in the WhatsApp Business version.

    Follow the step-by-step instructions according to your phone's operating system to get the WhatsApp short link.


    Step 1. Open the WhatsApp Business app and go to Menu (3 dots in the upper right corner);

    Step 2. click in settings and then in Company Settings;

    Shorten WhatsApp link: How to create a link in 4 clicks

    Step 3. Access the option short link

    Shorten WhatsApp link: How to create a link in 4 clicks

    Step 4. Done. You can now copy and share your link. Just click on the icons shown in the image below. 

    Shorten WhatsApp link: How to create a link in 4 clicks

    In this part of the menu, you can also configure a default message. This will be the message your customer will send you when they click on your link. For example, when posting the WhatsApp short link in your Instagram Bio, if you want to know which customers came from there, you can configure the following message:

    “Hi, I saw you on Instagram and I’m interested in your products…”

    To do this, activate the option Create a standard message and then click the pencil icon to write or edit it. When finished, click OK.

    Shorten WhatsApp link: How to create a link in 4 clicks


    Step 1: Access WhatsApp Business. tap on Settings, in the lower right corner. then select the option Company Adjustments;

    Step 2: Click in Link. Just like the step-by-step of the Android version, the WhatsApp short link will be generated automatically and you can copy and share it.

    Step 3: If you want to put a standard message, as we exemplified in the previous tutorial, tap Create a standard message and write.

    Another feature was recently released within the WhatsApp short link menu, which is the creation of a QR code. It will also serve to shorten the WhatsApp link of the registered business profile. To learn how it works and how to access it, visit this blog post.

    Ready! Now whenever you need to shorten WhatsApp link easily, just go to the option short link (Android) or Link (iOS), copy and share it with your customers.



    A quick way to generate links to promote your business is to use a URL generator. Here on the site, we have created a free WhatsApp link generator that is very simple to use, Whats Link.

    Learn how to make a WhatsApp link and learn several tips on how to use it to promote your business.


    Another widely used way not only to shorten WhatsApp link, but to have any link shortened is through the website. That's because the site is free and very easy to use, even though it's all in English.

    By creating your free account, you can shorten up to 1.000 links per month, 50 of which can be customized.

    To create WhatsApp link on, just click on Create and paste the original link in the field Paste Long URL. Normally, the site shortens the link automatically, but if it doesn't, just click Create at the bottom of the screen.

    Shorten WhatsApp link: How to create a link in 4 clicks

    After shortening the WhatsApp link, it will be possible to add a title (in Title) and customize the part of the link after the “/” (in Customize back-half). The cool thing about this tool is that you can create several custom links, such as: and still have access to the number of people who clicked on each of them.


    The Instagram Bio is that part below the profile picture that contains information such as name, username, website, etc. If you have a business profile and still don't have a website, a great option to facilitate service is to put the WhatsApp link on Instagram.

    Follow the instructions below to add WhatsApp link in Instagram Bio:

    Step 1: Access the app and then tap Edit profile, which is below the Bio information;

    Step 2: Paste your generated link in the option Site and then tap Conclude.

    But if you have website or other links to share with your customers, find out how to put all your links in Instagram BIO.

    Tell me here in the comments: do you already have a direct link to your WhatsApp?

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