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    BBB 2022 poll: who should win Big Brother our country?

    BBB 2022 poll: who should win Big Brother our country?BBB 2022 poll: who should win Big Brother our country?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Feb 16, 2022 | News |

    The season is open BBB 2022 poll to vote for who you think will win Big Brother our country. If you've been following the latest news on the reality show, you must be aware of what's going on in the hottest venue in our country and the strategies and alliances of the participants to escape the wall.

    BBB 2022: How to watch live online?

    We have already told you everything about when BBB 2022 started, who the participants are, what is the prize for the winner of this edition and all the ways to watch the program's videos: on open TV, by GloboPlay, Pay-Per-View and Multishow. To check out all the details, visit our post BBB 2022: how to watch live online.

    BBB21 wall

    Speaking of the wall, if you still don't know how to vote for the BBB21 wall, we have a complete post to participate in all the wall votes. Since the premiere of the program on January 25, 2022, the edition is already on the third wall and with 2 brothers eliminated: Kerline and Arcrebiano.

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    BBB Poll 2022: Hall of Winners of BBB our country

    It's always good to remember our country's BBB Hall of Fame and all the program's winners since 2002. Here's the list:

    BBB Edition 1: Cléber BamBam

    BBB Edition 2: Rodrigo Leonel (Cowboy)

    BBB Edition 3: Dhomini

    BBB Edition 4: Cida Moraes

    BBB Edition 5: Jean Willys

    BBB Edition 6: Mara Viana

    BBB 7 Edition: Diego Alemão

    BBB Edition 8: Rafinha

    BBB 9 Edition: Max Porto

    BBB 10 Edition: Marcelo Dourado

    BBB 11 Edition: Maria Melilo

    BBB 12 Edition: Fael Cordeiro

    BBB 13 Edition: Fernanda Keulla

    BBB 14 Edition: Vanessa Mesquita

    BBB 15 Edition: César Lima

    BBB 16 Edition: Munik Nunes

    BBB 17 Edition: Emily Araújo

    BBB 18 Edition: Gleici Damasceno

    BBB 19 Edition: Paula Von Sperling

    BBB 20 Edition: Thelma Assis (Thelminha)

    BBB 2022 poll: 5 voting polls

    If you follow the latest news and special reports from BBB 2022, you know that this edition is generating several controversies. Presented by Tiago Leifert, the characters fiuk, Nego Di, Sarah Barbosa, Karol Conká and CIA are vying for who stays and who leaves the house. Remembering that the BBB 2022 winner will receive the prize of R$ 1.5 million reais.

    If you want to participate in polls and give your opinion on who should be the winner of the BBB 2022, we have made a selection of polls available on the internet on the subject. But be careful: the polls are only to vote on who you think will win the program and not for those who go to the wall. To participate and vote, just access the sites and vote for your favorite brother. With the eliminations rolling every week, the sites are releasing the partial results of the vote. Who do you think that will win? It's worth it!

    1. BBB 2022 Poll: On the UOL Screen;

    2. BBB 2022 poll: O TV e Famosos do UOL;

    3. BBB Poll 2022: The BBB News;

    4. BBB 2022 Poll: O Jornal O Povo Online;

    5. BBB Poll 2022: Break Everything.

    You can vote and participate as many times as you want, free of charge, by computer or cell phone.

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    BBB Poll 2022: Conclusion

    If you still don't have your BBB candidate, follow the polls to follow the public's preference thermometer for the next BBB 21 winner.

    Be sure to also follow the Gshow website with all the news of the day about the house and the votes for the wall. If you want to watch the program 24 hours a day, subscribe to Globo Play and have access to 11 exclusive cameras throughout the house.

    On the official profiles of BBB our country, the public can follow the latest news from the house through #redeBBB on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Now it's your turn: what's your favorite candidate to win the BBB our country 2022?

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