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    Shorten link: tips and 3 tools to customize urls

    Shorten link: tips and 3 tools to customize urlsShorten link: tips and 3 tools to customize urls

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 25, 2022 | Content Marketing |

    Has it ever happened that you needed to put a link in your Instagram bio or caption of a post and it was too long and confusing? Calm down, we made this text precisely to help you with that. In it, we are going to talk about shorten link.

    Did you know that short links get 30% more clicks than very long links? This is because many people believe that very long urls can be a virus or spam.

    Furthermore, very long website addresses are also aesthetically ugly and difficult to remember.

    So today we are going to show you 3 tools that will help you shorten the link.

    Benefits of shortening links

    If you are still in doubt whether shortening links is really a good thing, here are some benefits of this practice:

    • Transforms long and confusing links into easy-to-understand urls;
    • Short links get 30% more clicks;
    • Shortened urls are easier to remember;
    • Can be customized;
    • They pass more confidence;
    • Depending on the tool used, it is still possible to have access to data from your shortened links.

    Still not convinced? So, let's see where you can use short links.

    Where and how to use shortened links

    Here we have gathered some usage options for the short links. They will certainly bring you more clarity about the importance of adopting the habit of shortening links.

    Bio to Instagram: you know when you want to share a link to a new video or product in your bio, but it gets too big and even aesthetically bad?

    Shortening link can solve this. Instead of disclosing a link like you can only use

    Links do YouTube: shorten link is also a great option to promote YouTube videos.

    The platform itself already has a short link option to share. The only downside is that it is not customizable.

    Use UTM: if you usually parameterize your urls, you will certainly need to shorten the link, as they are even longer than usual.

    By shortening, in addition to hiding the parameters, you also customize your url.

    Test A / B: if you don't have much technical knowledge to measure access data to your pages, shortening the link can help you in this task.

    If you want to publicize a promotion on Facebook and Instagram, you can create a shortened url for each of the social networks and, in the end, measure which one received the most clicks.

    Printed: shortening links can also be the solution to spread links that are too long in printed materials.

    Depending on the tool used, you can customize your shortened link and make it easier to type.

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    Now you know the benefits of shortening links and where you can use short links. So, it's time to show you the tools that will help you use this marketing strategy.

    Link shortening tools

    1. is one of the most popular shorteners today. This is because it allows customizing and measuring data about shortened urls.

    On its free plan, you can shorten up to 50 links per month, XNUMX of which are personalized. A very reasonable number, even for those who work with several products.

    In the data part, it brings information regarding the number of clicks and even access location. To access these features, simply create your account. is a link shortening tool that has very friendly usability and panel for its novice users.

    In addition to creating short links, it is possible to customize them and track several important metrics for each of them.

    The tool has paid plans starting at 12 dollars per month for up to 3 users, with no domain limit and being able to work up to 10 links.

    3. is an option to quickly shorten links without registration.

    It is more basic, but still, if you want to create an account, you can follow your links and even edit them.

    The tool also has a paid plan, with a cost of 5 dollars per month, for those who want more features.

    So, did you like the idea of ​​shortening the link to promote your business? Tell us in the comments if you are going to start using this strategy.

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