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    Shopee Affiliate: How to earn up to 15K per month

    Shopee Affiliate: How to earn up to 15K per monthShopee Affiliate: How to earn up to 15K per month

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Feb 21, 2022 | Entrepreneurship |

    Did you know that you can now become a Shopee affiliate through a program created and made available by the ecommerce platform and thus guarantee an extra income? For those who don't know, an affiliate program is also known as affiliate marketing. This type of marketing is completely based on the performance of those who participate in the program, in this case, the Shopee affiliate.

    In these programs, the company rewards its affiliates for each loyal customer or visitor it attracts through its own efforts. In the case of e-commerces, such as the affiliate Shopee, Amazon and others, the affiliate is rewarded for each product purchased through their personalized links on the platforms. 

    Before we understand in more detail how the Shopee affiliate program works, we need to know specifically what Shopee is. Most likely you already know the platform, but if you are not familiar with it, Shopee is an online commerce space, where you can access several products from different segments that are for sale. 

    You can find food, technological products, accessories, clothing, action figures, manga, books, home products and much more. The platform works very similarly to Aliexpress, Mercado Livre and even Amazon. The best part is you can get discounts by adding Shopee Coins on every purchase, get free or reduced shipping with discount coupons and store coupons to lower the product price.

    In order for you to understand more about the Shopee affiliate program, we have separated everything you need to know about it, including how it works and how to participate to earn money.

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    How to join the program to be a Shopee Affiliate?

    If you are interested in becoming a Shopee affiliate, the registration process is quite simple, but you need to follow some basic requirements to be approved. First, you need to have your profile open on social media, with a good number of followers and frequent publications. Also, you need to follow some other terms that you can check on the Shopee Affiliate website.

    If you meet all the prerequisites, you just need to fill in a registration form with your information. It is worth mentioning that you need to be completely honest, if you lie, Shopee may end up denying your registration in the program, so the steps of registration in the form are:

    Primeira Etapa - Login Shopee: Start by logging into your Shopee account, providing your email and password, or log in via Facebook, Gmail or Apple.

    Second step - Account Data: Once you log in to the Shopee affiliate site, you will be taken to a form where you need to enter your personal details such as your name, phone number, address and email address. At the end, you will need to click on “Send verification code” in your email and enter it in the space provided before proceeding with the registration.

    Third step – Media Data: In the third step of the registration process, you will inform the media data, such as the link to your website where you will make the sales, which could be Instagram, for example. You also need to define which product sales category you fall into and what type of partnership you will have. 

    After that, there will be several options for you to mark how you learned about the program to become a Shopee Affiliate. If someone has referred you, you can enter the person's referral code, also helping you in the process. After reading, mark that you agree to all terms and click "Submit" to continue.

    Fourth Step – Registration Notice: The next page will be a notice that your request has been successfully submitted and you will need to wait up to 10 days for a response. It is worth mentioning that all communication is done by email, so be careful not to fail to respond.

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    Why become a Shopee affiliate?

    In case you are still wondering why you should become a Shopee affiliate, here are some points that can help you make your decision:

    1. An attractive commission rate: Your commission will depend on the amount of sales you generate, so the more sales you have, the more you will receive;
    2. Sharing is easy and simple: You will be able to generate your share link without having to worry about technical and complicated integrations;
    3. You can easily track your results: The dashboard available to affiliates shows their sales performance and the amount of their commission so far.

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    Tips for Getting Your Application Approved and Becoming a Shopee Affiliate

    If you're really looking to become a Shopee affiliate, you need to worry about getting your application approved, so we've separated some tips that can help you with that:

    1. Decide which existing links from your social networks or websites you want to use for sales. If you put inactive or non-existent social media links or websites, Shopee will almost certainly refuse your order;
    2. The link you send to the platform to check should forward directly to your website/blog or to the social network, preventing the evaluator from having to look for the social network;
    3. If you send a link to a social network, especially in the case of Instagram, do not leave your profile private, it must be public, otherwise access to check your publications, feed and followers will be impossible;
    4. The social media or website link you submitted needs to be updated, you need to have posted within the last three months to show that it is still active.

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    How do Shopee Digital Affiliate commissions and payments work?

    Now, talking a little bit about the commission and the payment of your profits, we need to highlight one topic. Your commission will vary depending on the category of product sold, as an example, we can mention clothes, shoes, backpacks and bags, which offer a commission of up to 14% of the value. This system works on all sales, where you will receive a value for each, changing only the percentage per category sold.

    But after all, how much can a Shopee affiliate earn for their sales? Taking into account an average estimate, following what is promised by the Shopee website itself, the value can go from R$ 4 thousand per month, to more than R$ 15 thousand per month. However, the commission may not be paid in some cases, which are:

    • Frauds that can be identified with the process of verifying a fraudulent order by the platform itself, or identified manually;
    • If there are any purchases where a refund was requested, which were returned, incomplete or cancelled;
    • Transactions that have been made through a scheme or irregular arrangements, where the affiliate benefits from being connected to the seller or having made a purchase through the sales link itself;
    • When purchases are made for the main purpose of reselling;
    • When there is some prohibited content in the transactions made on the affiliate link.

    The payment of your commission will take place within 60 days after the product is sold, there is still a chance that you can get paid monthly, but you need to reach the minimum amount to withdraw every month. 

    Keep in mind that this minimum amount is set by the platform itself on a monthly basis, so we cannot say exactly what it is. If you do not reach the minimum amount, Shopee will retain the commission until you reach the withdrawal amount.

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    Where to post Shopee Custom Affiliate Links

    Affiliate links can be posted for sales wherever you want, whether on your blog, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook and even WhatsApp. YouTube also becomes a great platform for this because, in addition to sharing the link, you can make a video talking more about the products, the affiliate program and more details about it. Other interesting forms of advertising are paid traffic, such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

    Which products can you indicate with the custom links?

    As long as the product is on the Shopee platform, you will be able to sell any product on your custom Shopee affiliate link. Our tip is to indicate items that you know and know of the quality, that way you build a good reputation with your customers and they come to believe in your recommendations.

    You can take advantage of Shopee's category division to separate the items of greatest interest to each customer, as well as being able to make sales from both international and national stores on the platform in our country. You can take advantage of the Shopee guarantee and security refund system to ensure that purchases on your platform link are safe. 

    In addition, purchases can be made by card, boleto, pix and PicPay, ensuring a greater variety for your customers. 

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