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    In addition to fans, followers: measuring audience gets harder on Facebook

    In addition to fans, followers: measuring audience gets harder on Facebook

    by Camila Porto | Aug 22, 2022 | Facebook |

    There is a lot of talk about the number of fans on Facebook, whether it really matters or not and blah, blah, blah. I already brought my opinion about the value of fans in the post “Don't buy fans, make ads” and also some tips on how to take the first steps in the search for an audience on Facebook, in the post “10 simple tips to get more fans on Facebook”.

    Today I bring you the beautiful trick that Facebook will give page administrators when it comes to getting to know their audience. This is because, in a superficial way, counting the number of fans + reach + engagement are some data that help us understand if the communication made on fan pages is effective.

    Pages, in addition to having the number of fans or “Likes”, now also display the number of “Subscribers”. The first hint of this feature, which I saw, was in a post on the SM Enthusiasts group on Facebook.


    On the occasion, João Pedro Motta brought the print of the Ponto Frio fan page with the subscribe button, IN ADDITION of the like button. I accessed several fan pages and did not find any with this feature, including the Ponto Frio page itself no longer displays the subscribe button.

    However, if you manage a Facebook page, you can check if there are people who have subscribed to it. In my case, there was a person and, when accessing their profile, the .com/teúdo fan page entered as one of the subscriptions that the subscriber made. Next to personal profile signatures.

    To get to know your subscribers, just click on “See all”, next to the “New 'Like' options” box in the control area of ​​your page. Then filter by “Subscribers” to get access to people who have subscribed to your page.

    To be able to measure this data, Facebook inserted the “Subscribers” metric into Facebook Insights. The metric description indicates the number of people who subscribed to your page, in my case: 1.

    But how so?

    The question that remains, at first, is: how did this person sign my page if there is no such option on the .com/teúdo fan page? After a while of searching, I found the source of the signatures. Now, when a friend of yours likes a page, this update is posted on your wall. Next to the information is a link with the text “Subscribe to receive updates from the Page”, the page your friend liked.

    With the possibility of subscribing to fan pages, the user does not need to like to receive the page's publications. In this way, the complicating factor lies in: I can reach more people with the posts on the page, without increasing my number of fans.

    Before finding the answer from subscriber origins, I suspected that they might come from interest lists. However, this is not true. Anyway, check out how they work below.

    interest lists

    This is a little explored feature in Facebook Marketing, but it can help both users and companies. By liking or not a page, you can create interest lists, these lists are made by you and can cover various topics.

    In my case, I only have a list of nightclub fan pages. I also have a list of all Facebook fan pages (Facebook Tips, Facebook Security, Developers, Studio…). From these lists, I can centralize all the publications of the pages I like, according to the theme. By creating these lists, I create a feed of the pages and I don't need to access them one by one to check new posts.

    No Facebook course for Business e Facebook and Sales, I suggest that page admins educate their fans to add their pages to their interest lists, so no matter how low the Edgerank among you is or due to the time of post, fans don't see it, from the lists, they will always receive posts from your page.

    With interest lists, a person doesn't need to like a page to receive your updates. In this way, it is a great tool to follow the work of the competition or to follow the posts of a company without your privacy or interests being disclosed.

    As in the case of .com/teúdo that became a page signed by a user, when looking at my signatures, we can see that the pages I added to my interest lists are in the same place where the people I signed are.


    Therefore, another metric and information that we must consider in reports and analyses. Did you like it? I am not.

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