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    Secret Friend Gifts: 58 ideas under R$50

    Secret Friend Gifts: 58 ideas under R$50

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Oct 18, 2022 | Shopping |

    At the end of the year, such as Christmas and New Year, there is always that doubt when choosing the best secret friend gifts.

    The jokes arise between friends, family and co-workers and we know that choosing the ideal gift is not such a simple mission. 

    In the hidden friend, the idea is to raffle someone off and give them something that makes them remember you but that is also useful in everyday life (that is more than a souvenir and that becomes a highlight among the others).

    You can find great gifts from R$20,00, that is, you can certainly save money and at the same time buy something nice.

    The secret is to research well to find a good option.

    For that, we made a list with several fun alternatives, with secret friend gifts for women, men, those that can be given to both and gifts for children. 

    All gifts have a value of up to R$50,00 and are available on Amazon.

    Check out this article and choose the one that best fits the personality of the person you selected.

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    Secret Female Friend Gifts

    When we talk about secret friend gifts for women, we have a very wide range of options, including makeup, accessories, clothes and shoes.

    Here are some suggestions:


    Makeup products can be perfect for that person who likes to always be well-groomed.

    So check out the tips:

    • Eyeshadow Palette: With 32 vibrant colors, ideal for those who like a more elaborate “make”. Check it out on Amazon.
    • Makeup Brushes Kit: With brushes to blend the eyeshadow, for application of foundation, powder, concealer and creams. The Kit even comes with a pouch to put them on a trip, for example. Check it out on Amazon.
    • Makeup Sponge: Beveled sponge to help with foundation application, leaving makeup lighter and less marked. Indispensable item in a dressing table. Check it out on Amazon.

    Secret Friend Gifts: 58 ideas under R$50

    • Translucent Face Powder: To give that perfect finish and seal the makeup, making it last longer. Check it out on Amazon.
    • L'Oréal Paris Micellar Water: Micellar water has the function of cleaning the skin, removing makeup and impurities, helping with oiliness and rebalancing the skin. Check it out on Amazon.

    Skin care

    What woman doesn't like to maintain healthy, firm and soft skin?!

    Other great options are items for skin care and daily skin care.

    • Electric Cleansing Facial Sponge: Famous on social media among bloggers, the facial sponge helps to clean the skin, massages, relieves muscle tension and causes relaxation. Check it out on Amazon.
    • Vitamin C Facial Serum: Helps to firm the skin and lighten spots, in addition, it has antioxidant and anti-aging action, leaving the skin much more uniform and illuminated. Check it out on Amazon.
    • L'Oréal Revitalift Hyaluronic Facial Cream: Cream with hyaluronic acid that fills expression lines and leaves the skin toned and hydrated. Check it out on Amazon.
    • Bath Kit: Kit with body moisturizer, bar soap and liquid soap with a floral fragrance of Raspberry and Orchid. Check it out on Amazon.
    • Paris Eau de Parfum Fiorucci: Perfume can seem like a difficult gift, as it is something very personal. But, it's also a super valid gift and a great suggestion.
      The perfume in question is sweet and has an aroma very similar to Lancôme's La Vie Est Belle, but at a much more affordable price. Check it out on Amazon.

    Secret Friend Gifts: 58 ideas under R$50


    And to finish off the female options:

    • Pajamas: Who doesn't like comfort at bedtime?! A pajama can be a really cool, useful and pleasant gift idea. Check it out on Amazon.
    • Bag: Essential in a woman's wardrobe, you can give without fear of making a mistake. Check it out on Amazon.
    • Slippers: Everyone needs comfortable and stylish shoes. A pair of flip flops can be taken anywhere while maintaining style and comfort. Therefore, it is a good alternative for secret friend gifts. Check it out on Amazon.
    • Necklace and Earring Set: Accessories are important components in a look. Therefore, they are essential for those who like to give a final touch to their style. Check it out on Amazon.

    Another nice tip is to buy more than two products, as some of these items are very cheap and when added together they do not exceed R$50.00.

    You can assemble your secret friend's gift as you wish.

    Secret Friend Gifts For Men

    On the other hand, men's tastes are quite different and simpler.

    You can get creative and choose from several secret friend gifts.

    Check out:

    Skin care and hygiene

    • Beard Kit: The Kit comes with a shampoo for beard and mustache, a fixing and shaping ointment for hair, plus an oil to perfume and soften the beard. Perfect for that friend of yours who is more vain. Check it out on Amazon.
    • Deo Cologne Mr. Grey: Fragrances attract people's attention and nothing better than walking around smelling good. The perfume is named after the character from the movie “50 Shades of Grey” and is inspired by the One Million perfume by Paco Rabanne, with a lower price. Check it out on Amazon.

    Secret Friend Gifts: 58 ideas under R$50

    • Nivea Men: In addition to moisturizing the body, hands and face, the Nivea cream can be used as an aftershave, being a very efficient 4-in-1 product. Check it out on Amazon.


    • Wallet: The wallet accompanies everyone, it is where we keep our documents, cards and money. So it's important to have one, for a bigger organization. Check it out on Amazon.
    • T-shirt: T-shirts are always welcome in wardrobes. They are comfortable and timeless, combine for most occasions and can compose a look for both a hot day and a colder day with a jacket. Check it out on Amazon.
    • Cap: If you know the likes of the person you took and you know he likes caps, you can bet it will be a good gift. Check it out on Amazon. 
    • Bracelet: Accessories can be a part of a man's style too, and bracelets are an excellent example of this. Check it out on Amazon.
    • Belt: The belt is also an accessory that is part of men's everyday life. It's always good to have one more. Check it out on Amazon.

    Other secret friend gifts

    • Whiskey Bottle: For whiskey lovers, a different container to store the drink can be very interesting. Check it out on Amazon.
    • Car air freshener: For car lovers, a fresh air freshener can also be a good gift. Check it out on Amazon.
    • Beer Kit: This gift is for that friend who appreciates good cold beer. This kit includes 6 cans of 350 ml + a glass. Check it out on Amazon.

    Secret Friend Gifts: 58 ideas under R$50

    Children's Secret Friend Gift Ideas

    Also thinking about the kids, we made a list of gifts for the little ones not to be left out of the game.

    • 3D Baby Groot Mug: Even adults, fans of Marvel movies, will like this one. A mug of the character Groot from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Check it out on Amazon.
    • How about an Iron Man mug? Check it out here.

    Secret Friend Gifts: 58 ideas under R$50

    • Fisher-Price We Play to Clean: Set of toys that refer to cleaning, with squeegee, duster and washable cloth. Check it out on Amazon.
    • Yo-yo: This is a different yo-yo, with a bright LED light, able to entertain and amuse a child a lot. Check it out on Amazon.
    • Playing Engineer: Game with wooden pieces for the kids to use creativity and assemble a house, stimulating the child's logical thinking and motor coordination. Check it out on Amazon.

    Unisex Hidden Friend gifts

    There are gifts that are able to satisfy both genders.

    With that in mind, we've also made a list where you'll find items that both men and women will enjoy getting.

    • Photo Panel
      For those who don't give up revealing photos of important moments and placing them around the house, as part of the decor. Check it out on Amazon.
    • Books
      Books are always good gifts for anyone who loves to read. Look at these two options:
      – The Subtle Art of Turning the F*ck On is a self-help and personal development book that has won over and helped many people since it was released. check here
      – The power of habit is another personal development book, which, as its name suggests: will help you create habits and be consistent in your projects. Check it out here.
    • Pillow
      Cushions can also be a nice gift, especially for newcomers. Check out Amazon for a personalized dollar pillow.
    • Thermal cup
      A thermos cup can be very useful in the daily life of that person who does not need coffee or tea. It manages to maintain the temperature. Check it out on Amazon.
    • Cork Holder Frame
      You know that friend of yours who loves wine? So he will certainly love this gift, it is a cork holder where for each empty bottle, the person puts the cork inside the frame until it reaches the top. Check it out on Amazon.
    • Glass
      And speaking of wine, you can also choose to gift your friend with a set of glasses. Check out the 6-piece game on Amazon.
    • Bottle opener
      Still on the subject of “beverages”, another option is a bottle opener. Check it out on Amazon.
    • Simpsons fun socks
      Have you ever seen those character socks? Well, these are from the cartoon The Simpsons, very fun and different. Check it out on Amazon.
    • Super Moon Lamp
      The moon-shaped lamp leaves the environment with an air of calm and is also a beautiful decoration item. Check it out on Amazon.
    • Harry Potter 3D Mug
      Harry Potter fans will freak out with this cauldron-shaped mug, if your friend is a Potterhead then you don't even have to think twice! Check it out on Amazon.
    • Book trimmer
      A book sideboard is a must-have in the home of a good reader, be sure you will make him happy with this gift. Check it out on Amazon. 
    • mat tray
      The mat tray is ideal for those who like to sit on the couch to rest and watch, it's also good for when you have guests at home. It's like a cup holder that fits over the arm of the sofa. Check it out on Amazon.
    • Keychain
      A keychain can be interesting for that person who keeps losing their keys, that way they will have a fixed place to keep them and avoid mishaps. Check it out on Amazon.
    • Black Stories game
      For those who love to solve puzzles, this game is the perfect option, it allows up to 99 players and is full of questions and guesswork, and can be played with family and friends. Check it out on Amazon.
    • Fun Pen Drive
      The fun Pen Drive comes in the shape of the Batman superhero character and it has 8GB of space. In addition to being useful, it is also very cute. Check it out on Amazon.
    • Fone Bluetooth
      Impeccable gift for that friend who is moved by music and is listening all the time. The wireless headset works via Bluetooth and is much more comfortable. Check it out on Amazon.
    • Phone 
      For those who like games, the indicated is the headset larger and wired. Check it out on Amazon.
    • Neck pillow
      Neck pillow can be useful in various situations, such as on a plane, car or bus trip, bringing more comfort and the possibility of sleeping better. Check it out on Amazon.
    • Smartwatch watch
      Smartwatch has functions such as message notifications from apps: Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Skype and Instagram.
      In addition, it is capable of measuring heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, distance in a race. It has clock location, alarm and more. Check it out on Amazon.
    • Bluetooth sound box
      A small sound box, which can be taken anywhere and has Bluetooth technology and Pen Drive is another gift to please anyone who likes to listen to music. Check it out on Amazon.
    • safe frame
      It's a good idea for those who want to save money for travel, in the safe, in a frame format, you can put coins, banknotes and checks.
      In the background there is an image of the World Map to serve as an incentive. Check it out on Amazon. 
    • tripod for smartphones
      The tripod is used to support the cell phone, avoiding having to hold it and getting in the way of the activity you are doing. Check it out on Amazon. 
    • LED light ring
      Gift for those who like to take selfies with better lighting. Check it out on Amazon.
    • vehicle carrier
      A car charger is essential and can save the day when your cell phone charges fast. Check it out on Amazon.
    • Thermal bag
      Thermal bag can be used for lunchboxes and snacks, conserving the temperature of the food and bringing practicality. Check it out on Amazon.
    • Wireless mouse
      For those connected in the computer world or working in the technology area, a wireless mouse can be of great use. Check it out on Amazon.
    • Mini Keyboard
      The same goes for the mini keyboard, especially for those who have a Smart TV and need to keep typing with the TV control, which can take a while. Check it out on Amazon. 
    • adult coloring book 
      The coloring book can be an ally against stress and anxiety, becoming another good alternative as a gift. Check it out on Amazon.

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    Secret Friend Presents for Trolling

    And to finish, we made another list of secret friend gifts to joke with friends and guarantee good laughs with the “jaguar friend”, where you choose funny gifts just for the purpose of trolling the other.

    • Piggy bank for that cheap friend, who is Julius himself from the TV series "Everybody hates Chris" and counts every penny that comes out of his pocket.
    • Panties for a male friend.
    • Wig for a bald friend.
    • Fake mustache for the friend who doesn't have a beard.
    • Depilatory wax for that “furry” friend of yours.
    • Hangover kit for that friend who always drinks too much and gives work the next day.
    • Pillow for the one who can't touch somewhere that is already sleeping.
    • Floral for the friend who lives stressed.
    • A notebook for that forgotten person.

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