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    Gifts for International Women's Day: 32 simple and inexpensive ideas

    Gifts for International Women's Day: 32 simple and inexpensive ideas

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Feb 28, 2022 | Shopping | 1 comment

    If you're looking for gift ideas and inspiration for International Women's Day, then you've come to the right place! In today's article we are going to give you several creative gift ideas for you to give that special woman in your life on this very important day.

    What is International Women's Day?

    International Women's Day is more than just a commemorative date, it is a date that has historical roots. It represents many social, economic and political struggles and achievements over the decades.

    There are different theories to justify the origin of this date. It is common to relate this date to the fire that took place in New York on March 25, 1911, where 146 people died, including 125 women who face precarious working conditions.

    But before that, there were also other events that refer to the long struggle of women. On February 26, 1909, for example, an important march took place in New York, which gathered around 15 women in search of better working conditions.

    At that time, women's working hours reached 16 hours a day, from Monday to Friday, and they often also had to work on Sundays. Therefore, this is considered the milestone of International Women's Day.

    As claims grew in the United States, in Europe they also gained strength. In mid-1910, Clara Zetkin proposed that a day of demonstrations be created, during a meeting of the Second International Conference of Socialist Women.

    This journey would seek equal rights, giving strength to all the movements that were already taking place in the world. Therefore, the first official date of Women's Day would be March 19, 1911.

    In 1917, in Russia, there was an even more intense movement. Occurred on February 23 according to the ancient Russian calendar and March 8 according to the Gregorian calendar (which was adopted the following year as the official calendar).

    On that day, a group of working women took to the streets to protest against hunger, the First World War and for working conditions with a minimum of dignity. The date was made official as a celebration of the hardworking and heroic woman.

    However, despite all this long chronological line on the origin of women's movements, it was only in 1975 that International Women's Day was officially made official. During a UN assembly on March 8, this battle and the thousands of movements that took place about the struggle for equality and the end of discrimination were recognized.

    The 8th of March was born from a strong and necessary cause, which despite having already reached many barriers, it is necessary to continue the fight that started back there. Over time, like other important dates, it also began to have a commercial perspective.

    In our country, the date is marked by tributes and awareness movements that address necessary topics to be discussed by society. In Russia, March 8 is considered a national holiday, as in many other countries.

    In the United States, the movement gains greater prominence throughout the month of March. In China, on government recommendation, women get half the day off, but not all employers take this measure.

    Issues such as equal pay, femicide, criminalization of abortion and violence against women are examples of topics that need to continue to be addressed, not only on March 8, but throughout the year.

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    Gift ideas for International Women's Day

    After knowing the real proportion of that day, nothing fairer than giving a woman as a form of tribute, right? Whoever she is, her mother, sister, aunt, grandmother, friend, girlfriend or co-worker, a simple memory will be able to change her day.

    With that in mind, we are going to present you with some creative and inexpensive gift ideas and tips to make this historic landmark day that much more special. Come on?

    Women's Day Gift: simple and unforgettable gifts

    Gifts don't need to be sophisticated to be unforgettable, worry more about what it is capable of representing for those who are winning.

    1. Wonder Woman Mug

    Who better than one of the main heroines of comic books, to represent the strength of women? Wonder Woman is the representation of strength, determination and independence.

    Undoubtedly, the woman who wins something that refers to our queen of superhero movies, will feel important and very empowered. The mug is a simple gift, but it has a great representation and utility.

    So this is a great alternative. And if the person chosen to win it is a fan of this amazing character, it will be even more special.

    2. Books

    Anyone who loves reading, gets a warm heart when they get a book as a gift. So, if that's your case, investing in a book as a gift is totally okay.

    Try to find out what kind of book the person likes to read, but since we're talking about women's day, here's a list of interesting books that refer to that date:

    • My Story, by Michelle Obama.
    • Women Who Run With Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés
    • Lady Killers: Serial Killers: The Deadliest Women in History, by Tori Telfer.
    • Extraordinary, by Aryane Cararo and Duda Porto de Souza
    • Bedtime Stories for Rebel Girls, by
      Elena Favilli
    • The Scientists: 50 Women Who Changed the World by Rachel Ignotofsky
    • 101 Incredible Women Who Changed the World by Julia Adams
    • Women in Struggle by Jenny Jordahl and Marta Breen
    • Free: A Woman's Journey to New Beginnings, by Cheryl Strayed
    • I Am Malala: The Story of the Girl Who Stood Up for the Right to Education and Was Shot by the Taliban, by Malala Yousafzai and Christina Lamb

    3. Flowers or roses

    Winning flowers is the symbol of romanticism, it shows affection, love, friendship or any other feeling that can be represented by these simple memories.

    They are quite powerful to make someone's day special, and they can be used for various situations. Flowers are easy to find in your city's flower shops.

    4. Chocolate

    Who doesn't love a good chocolate? After all, chocolate contains tyrosine, a substance that is capable of releasing endorphins, dopamine and serotonin, the hormones of happiness.

    How about innovating even more and giving the combo: chocolate + flowers? There is no doubt that this gift will win the woman's heart right away.

    5. Breakfast basket

    The breakfast basket is another great gift idea for someone. Special, cozy and full of pampering, there's no way not to like it.

    In addition to buying, you can also improvise and make your own personalized basket. Make sure you choose products such as chocolates, cookies, chocolates, teddy bears… Whatever you want.

    Here's a beautiful example of how to assemble a basket, with easy-to-find items:

    6. Picture Frame or Photo Album

    Nowadays it is more difficult to find people who still use portraits and photo albums. Technology has a hand in this, as people hardly reveal the photos taken on their cell phones and stored in the clouds.

    But even so, it is still a remarkable gift. For the picture frame you can use your creativity and put a picture of you or that represents your relationship. A nice suggestion is to write a message of affection behind the photo.

    This is a gift that will make that person remember you and that moment constantly. Photos are a great way to immortalize moments and have a lot of feeling.

    7. Scented Body Moisturizer

    Everyone likes to have their skin well hydrated and exuding a good smell. So take this tip: gift who you love with a body moisturizer or if you prefer with the complete kit for a relaxing bath.

    8. Perfume or Body Splash

    And speaking of smell, what woman doesn't like to be perfumed?! Perfumes are excellent gifts, in addition to being extremely striking.

    But there are also Body Splash options, which work like a milder version of the scent. They are used to refresh the body and leave a striking aroma, but with more lightness.

    9. Message Cards

    This is a good option for those who can't afford to spend a lot of money, but don't want to miss out on paying tribute to International Women's Day.

    Despite being used less frequently than in the past, cards are still available on stationery shelves and are easily found.

    These cards usually come with a message, but that doesn't stop you from writing something to complement it too. Making it clear how much you care for someone is valuable, and it will certainly be of great value to that person.

    You can also buy a box of candy or a single candy to deliver along with the card, just be creative.

    10. Makeup brushes kit

    Having tools for makeup is never too much, a great example of this is brushes. Therefore, a set of brushes is an ideal gift for that woman who likes to put on makeup.

    Women's Day Gift: Useful Gifts

    Winning a treat is good, but getting that gift that will be even more useful in your routine is wonderful! In view of this, we also separate some gift ideas that can be even more useful in women's routine, check it out!

    1. Makeup holder

    Since our last tip was the makeup brush kit, you'll also need a place to store them. For this, the makeup holder is a useful gift and will make a difference in everyday life.

    2. Mini Wine Cellar

    This gift is ideal for those women who appreciate good wine. In addition to being elegant and useful, the mini wine cellar can be part of the decoration of the house and give a more sophisticated look to the environment.

    3. Bowls game

    To have a wine and enjoy it from the first sip, it is interesting to have a game of glasses at home. Cups are also welcome at a dinner or lunch, to make toasts and celebrate something.

    4. Portable Charger

    A portable charger can be the savior at a time when your cell phone battery is draining, but you still need to use it. So, this is a super cool gift idea.

    5. Mini Projector

    A mini projector is essential in the lives of teachers and lecturers, for example. But it is also a wonderful idea for leisure time as it is able to offer a home cinema experience.

    Its medium size allows it to be easily stored or transported. Although not a cheap gift, it is an interesting option for those who can invest.

    6. Popcorn and soda holder pad

    When the weekend comes and we take some time to watch a movie or favorite series, it's always good to make some popcorn to accompany.

    Even better is having a support for the popcorn bowl and the soda cup, giving you more peace of mind and comfort.

    7. Wireless phone

    A wireless headset, used via Bluetooth, makes life a lot easier for those who need to listen to some audio, video, class or music while working out. That way, not a single thread is hanging, getting in the way of other activities.

    8. Mini air compressor

    A different gift but with many uses. A mini air compressor can help with household tasks such as inflating inflatable mattresses, varnishing furniture, spraying plants, as well as inflating car and bicycle tires.

    9. Packet Sealer

    This gift is especially useful for mothers, who need to seal packages of cookies and snacks at home. The package sealer is able to securely seal packages.

    10. Silicone caps

    Another gift that moms and homemakers will love: silicone caps. With them, it is possible to close those basins or pans that are without a lid, sealing and preventing food from spoiling or being invaded.

    Women's Day Gift: gift to conquer crush

    If you're looking for something more specific, like gifts for your boyfriend, girlfriend or wife, we also have some suggestions:

    •  Jewels
    •  Clothing
    •  travel
    •  a spa day
    •  A day at the Beauty Salon
    •  A romantic program, like a dinner for two
    •  a lingerie

    Use your creativity, see what fits best and surprise yourself! Just the fact that you strive to make this day more special, counts a lot of points for you.

    Women's Day Gift: Souvenirs for March 8th step by step

    Those who want to distribute a greater amount of souvenirs, whether to co-workers, family or friends, there are some alternatives that look beautiful and charming. See some options:

    We hope you were inspired enough and found the perfect gift for a special someone on this International Women's Day. May the tributes serve to reinforce the importance of this date and may it never be forgotten.

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