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Roblox is famous for offering its developers several ways to add more and more to games, making them more fun and unique. One of these ways is to be able to put the music you like in the background. That's right, only to be able to enjoy it, you need the roblox song id. 

There are tons of songs available, the sky is the limit! Your only concern is to find the roblox song id, copy the id and use it whenever you want. Check out the step by step on how to do this and the song ID you will love. 

What are Roblox Song IDs? 

It might seem a little confusing to think of an ID, but let's keep it simple: it's basically a code of ten numbers, each voiced has its own. It acts as an identifier for Roblox songs, so it can be used in the background. These IDs can be used in games that accept music.

So, to be able to hear these songs or sound effects, you need to have access to the ID. 

How to put music on Roblox?

Now that you know about this option that will boost game time, understand how to take advantage of it. 

First, for 250 Robux, you need to buy the boombox, a special item that plays music. The coolest thing is that in addition to putting on a sound just for you, you can put it for your group of friends to hear all together. 

Check step by step: 

Search for a song 

In your Roblox account, you need to click on “Create” which is the third option in the menu. After that, it will appear in your creation folder. 

So enter the section called “library”, within this section enter “audio” in the left menu. After that, you need to search for a song. Just use the search engine. 

Bear in mind that Roblox is a game created in the United States, that is, most of the songs are in English. Even so, it is possible to obtain in other languages. You can also hear the preview of these sounds. 

Now it's time to enter Roblox Music ID

In this step, you copy the chosen song ID. All Roblox music URLs have the same pattern:, what changes is the rest. First comes the ID, which are the numbers, and then the name of the song. The Roblox Song ID are the only numbers that appear in the URL. Write it down wherever you prefer and don't miss it! 

Roblox song ID codes

  1. 2Pac – life goes on = 186317099
  2. A Roblox Rap – Merry Christmas Roblox: 1259050178
  3. Adele - Hello (Laibert Remix): 338223347
  4. Adventure Time -why did you eat my fries lo: 6138533007
  5. Adventure Time Theme Song 138077587
  6. Alec Benjamin - The Water Fountain: 615938297
  7. All My Friends Are Roblox Toys (iTunes & Spotify): 1237281357
  8. Animals - Martin Garrix - 138259834
  9. Anitta – Will I See You: 2083766622
  10. Arcade Battle: 6230446589
  11. Ariana Grande - What Do You Mean One Last Time ?: 360160735
  12. Attack on Titan (SNK) OST Dubstep -SaHi - 237361114
  13. Baby Bash com Frankie J – Suga Suga (Royal Remix) = 225150067
  14. Ballistic (FNF) :7110101848
  15. Bebe Rexha – meant to be (instrumental) = 6309783821
  16. Bendy and the Ink Machine Song: 718493173
  17. Billie Eilish – My Future (acoustic version) = 5622022090
  18. Billie Eilish – Ocean Eyes (Jenji Beats Remix) = 1321038120
  19. Boilerworks – Luigi’s Mansion 3: 5811436202
  20. BTS – Fake Love / I Need U (Mashup) = 1894066752
  21. Camila Cabello – Havana (Remix By Bunny Studios) – 1341533521
  22. Cartoon - On & On: 278865191
  23. Castlevania III - Start: 5801735275
  24. Castlevania Judgment – Vampire Killer: 2220806854
  25. Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow – Into the Dark Night: 6474870953
  26. cats cats cats – 911525091
  27. Knights of the Zodiac – Overture [1986]: 2890832662
  28. Knights of the Zodiac – Opening [Rede Headline]: 4472260461
  29. Knights of the Zodiac – Overture [Hades Saga]: 3421124177
  30. Cheeki Breeki Hardbass Anthem - 424188910
  31. Chou Dragon Soul: 3155487003
  32. Christmas Dubstep: 191120220
  33. CRAB RAVE OOF: 2590490779
  34. Daniel Bautista - Flight of the Bumblebee: 27697719
  35. Daniel Bautista - Intro: 27697707
  36. Dark Souls lll – Chosen Cinder: 6380741651
  37. DARUDE - SANDSTORM: 166562385
  38. Death Note – Misa song: 2047065992
  39. Death Note – Near’s Theme: 161234800
  40. Death Note – Opening 2: 165099195
  41. Death note – Opening: 158779833
  42. Death Note Light’s Theme: 422954483
  43. Death Note- L’s Theme C: 3147895706
  44. DJ L No Beat (Remix) – Go See That One Day We Meet (ID: 6518973344)
  45. Dragon Ball – Overture (Let's Conquer) [1989]: 3245889785
  46. Dragon Ball GT – Portuguese Overture: 1557386318
  47. Dragon Ball Z - Abertura Chala Head Chala PT-BR: 3242522896
  48. Drop it: 130783015
  49. Dua Lipa – New Rules (Funk): 1194522046
  50. ERA – Ameno Funk (Dorime): 888328110
  51. Fade – Alan Walker – 348661804
  52. Fernando & Sorocaba (Live) – Lights of São Paulo (ID: 5219027755)
  53. Five Nights at Freddy’s the Musical. (Markiplier): 276614708
  54. FNAF Remix: 188228497
  55. Forró Boys – It's over (ID: 5533906252)
  56. Frozen - Let It Go: 189105508
  57. Winx Funk: 895438736
  58. Funk do Chaves: 848130345
  59. Funk Do Failure (Maicon Küster): 1598558640
  60. Wrath – No Excitement – ​​1528555366
  61. Give me limiteds SONG – 410608129
  62. Give me limited: 410608129
  63. Glue70 - Casin: 482978102
  64. Gta San andreas Theme Song: 4571975095
  65. Guilherme Dantas and Tarcísio do Acordeon – Trauma (ID: 6516219015)
  66. Gustavo Mioto – Impressing the angels (ID: 2204739474)
  67. Happy tree friends theme song!: 7098484859
  68. He is We - I wouldn't mind: 161711549
  69. Hello darkness, my old friend: 145045371
  70. Army Anthem HQ – Our Country (2022): 776858014
  71. National Anthem Of Our Country With Dog Barks: 1935807300
  72. Hopes and Dreams: 306154368
  73. Humberto and Ronaldo part. Jerry Smith – Don't Tell Me No (ID: 2205171675)
  74. I Love Potatoes (Potato Song) 158764033
  75. ILLUMINATI - 145616154
  76. It's Raining Tix [Remix]: 398475084
  77. Jingle Oof: 1243143051
  78. Kendrick Lamar - Swimming Pools: 131136416
  79. Krusty Krab Remix: 176823292
  80. Ladies And Gentlemen We Got Him: 2624663028
  81. Laffy Taffy = 5478866871
  82. LazyTown - We are Number One: 506880899
  83. Leat'eq – Tokyo (gum) = 6441347468
  84. Lil Nas X – Old Town Road (Remix) = 3183318678
  85. MANS NOT HOT: 1056483428
  86. Marble Soda - Shawn Wasabi: 241343043
  87. Marshmello - Alone: ​​413514503
  88. Marshmello - Keep it Mello ft. Omar LinX: 453400361
  89. Marshmello – Alone = 413514503
  90. Marshmello Anne-Marie - FRIENDS (Instrumental): 2039141112
  91. MC Charada – Cry For What: 2699365781
  92. MC Davi (part. MC Kevin) – Bailão: 2723422995
  93. Mc Denny and GW (DJ DZ) – Montage To Kill Beat 5: 5962594796
  94. MC Dezika - Tropa do Kong: 6318752917
  95. MC Don Juan – Trust Your Little Friend: 2700449900
  96. MC Hariel – Green Apple (Slowed): 6696264850
  97. MC Kevin o Chris – I'm Going to the Cage Ball: 2504463529
  98. MC Loma - Involvement: 6117112610
  99. MC Niack – Oh Juliana (Cover in English): 5794385002
  100. Mega man 10 – Challenges: 6080671498
  101. Mega Man X – “Spark Mandrill: 5886671290
  102. Mega Man X7 – V.S Boss: 6148923136
  103. Melim – Dois Corações (I Saw It Was Love When I Found You In Me) (Funk): 5743525575
  104. Minor Nico part. Italo Cigano – My Heart Is Not Worth Anything (ID: 6235190221)
  105. Migos – Bad and Boujee and Yah – 696582557
  106. Mii Channel Music: 143666548
  107. Mii channel music = 143666548
  108. My Little Pony Theme Song: 142324083
  109. Naruto Funk Sad: 1472963352
  110. NEFFEX – Best of Me: 1054426806
  111. NEVER ENDING, NEVER GIVE UP: 3292109308
  112. New Super Mario Bros Wii Final Boss Phase 2: 5710596711
  113. Nightcore - La Da Dee: 1518997709
  114. Nightcore - Monsters: 639976862
  115. Nightcore - On On: 924434831
  116. Nightcore - This Little Girl: 547146677
  117. NIVIRO - Memes TMM2 Intro Song: 2110490513
  118. Ohio Fried Chicken feat. Team 10: 879800012
  119. One Piece – Opening 6 HD: 216954666
  120. One Piece OP 2 – Believe (full): 5831756186
  121. One Piece Op 5 “Kokoro No Chizu”: 898267128
  122. One Piece Opening 1 Full: 3158180698
  123. One Piece Opening 4: 165013269
  124. One Piece: Opening 3: 165006972
  125. Only Yesterday - Main Theme: 997000890
  126. The Knights of the Zodiac – Sanctuary Closure: 6686161102
  127. Ozuna – You Go – 844237635
  128. (ORIGINAL) Bass Remix - BASS BOOSTED: 144043573
  129. Parry Gripp – Raining Tacos = 142376088
  130. Paulo Londra - Adan And Eva: 2637276471
  131. Pedro Sampaio – Sitting: 4572496137
  132. Pew: 2578125671
  133. Plants vs. Zombies – Minigame: 154515510
  134. Pokemon Go Song: 507085369
  135. Pokémon Sword and Shield Gym Theme = 3400778682
  136. Pokémon Sword and Shield Gym Theme: 3400778682
  137. Post Malon – “Wow.” – 2930724233
  138. Rainbow Road – Mario Kart: 5690363495
  139. Royal and the Serpent – ​​Overwhelmed (Deeper) = 5595658625
  140. Robin - Yay !: 1223392765
  141. Roblox 2022 Music Rap: 1357288961
  142. ROBLOX ADDICTS – 2714646325
  143. Roblox Adventure Death Song – 347955300
  144. Roxanne: 4277136473
  146. Shooting Stars - Yea Boi: 662742095
  147. Shutup Swedish: 2178847120
  148. Smosh - Assasin's Creed 3: 152656350
  149. Smosh - Milky Milkshake 3333: 142422036
  150. Sneaky Snitch – Kevin Macleod: 165922914 —- (128)
  151. Sorry X Cool for the Summer – 【Plot Twist】 – 330882341
  152. South Park – Poker Face: 150362247
  153. SPACE UNICORN - Parry Gripp: 143673926
  154. SPOOKY SCARY SKELETONS: 160442087
  155. Star Fox 64 Opening – 5894800018
  156. Starring Star: 3624423117
  157. Stronger Than You (Sans Parody): 367908975
  158. Super Mario World Athletic: 155738252
  159. SuperMario All Stars - Invincible: 5695523868
  160. Taylor Swift – You Belong With Me (Live Red Tour) = 6159978466
  161. Tesher – Jalebi Baby = 6463211475
  162. Tetris Theme: 6213784402
  163. The Ancient Dragon – Dark Souls: 5731039078
  164. The Derp Song: 131556035
  165. The Greatest Show- The Greatest Showman – 1270742007
  166. The Kitty Cat Dance: 224845627
  167. The Party Troll Song: 179056403
  168. The Show Must Go On - FNAF: 203654824
  169. The Simpsons – End Credits: 6120879366
  170. The Simpsons Theme: 5926162716
  171. The Slender Man Song: 142776228
  172. The Zombie song (If I were a zombie) – 170660425
  173. Thunder: 357559831
  174. Tons e I – Bad Child = 5315279926
  175. Elite Troop Theme: 944848158
  176. Undertale - Undyne: 333875306
  177. Undertale's Stronger Than You: 693163614
  178. What's 9 + 10 (Remix): 183314842
  179. Wiggle Wiggle: 170184872
  180. XXXTENTACION – $$$ – 2796701136
  181. XXXTENTACION- Arms around you: 2534794573
  182. You've Been Trolled: 154664102
  183. Zé Vaqueiro – I'm Afraid (ID: 5829951817)
  184. ZEROTWOOOOO: 3951847031

Make sure the game supports music 

Remember you need the radio, you have to get into a game with speakers or similar.

Then click on it or approach the world horns to activate. The game will ask you to enter the ID, after that just press play and enjoy a lot, alone or with friends! 

About the Roblox platform 

Roblox is an online gaming platform that, amazingly, has been around since 2006 and has grown in recent years. However, popularization came during the Covid-19 pandemic, like many other online recreations. The game topped 42 million daily active players, according to Roblox Corporation.

The cool thing about this project is that it covers several aspects of constantly improving entertainment. It offers the public tools to create their own games, free, see? This on mobile devices and Xbox One and you don't need to have great development skills is easy. 

The platform features virtual worlds, casual games, and player-built content, which is amazing! So it is possible to insert music in the background. Roblox is free and safe for children ages 4 and up. If you have any questions, they provide the Official Site, with a lot of information and a contact channel.

Roblox is similar to Minecraft. That's because, it also allows the construction of places and characters. In Roblox, it goes beyond that, there are thousands of different games, with scenarios, genre and objectives that can be molded to the player's taste. In Minecraft you can build whatever you want, but always in the same world. The idea is to invent completely new games! 

The variety is very large. It has shooting, racing, puzzle, RPG games. Ultimately, users don't need to focus on just one. And sooner or later they end up finding something to pass the time.

It's free, but it's not all!

As we said before, to listen to the chosen songs, you need to buy the sound box on the platform. That's why “Roblox” is free, but not completely. They sell items that are sold for customizing avatars as well, among other things.

Roblox official launches several promotions with a better price, it is worth keeping an eye on the company's official stores and channels.

There is also the option to exchange Robux for real money for players over 13 who get 100K Robux. However, you must subscribe to the premium version of the game. It is also possible to join without paying anything, it takes longer and you need to follow some ways to get the virtual coins.

How to get Robux for free

There are a few ways to pay nothing to get this credit. You can check out our complete guide on how to get free robux here, or follow the abbreviated version below:

Reward sites

Sites like Blox Award and OP Rewards make credits available to users for actions within the site, which can be exchanged for Robux later.

These rewards are acquired by answering quizzes, surveys and quizzes. It is also possible to earn these credits by inviting friends to register on the site. The sites are in English, but you can also use a translator to understand what you need.

It is also possible to earn credits by subscribing to the platforms' social networks, Youtube channel, Twitch, Tik Tok, Discord server and Twitter profile.

Google Opinion Rewards (Android)

Yes, the Google Opinion Rewards app also offers this benefit. This app also uses survey responses for rewards. 

Just enter the app, respond and that's it! After that, you get some reais in your Play Store account. Once you have what you need, log into Roblox and buy the robux. 

This service is only available for Android phones only. 

donations from friends

Yes, your friends can help you if you can. To make the transfer it is necessary that both players are in the same group, and it can be done by accessing the option “configure group”, and accessing the payments page.

Microsoft Rewards (Xbox)

On Xbox it is possible to collect credits in a similar way, just download this application directly into the video game and earn for completing specific tasks.

Points purchased in Microsoft Rewards can be redeemed for credits or gift cards in the Microsoft Store that can be used to purchase Robux

Selling custom clothes inside Roblox

Yes, custom clothes can be sold to other players for robux, after a while they will drop into the player's account.

However, the practice favors Roblox Premium subscribers, the game's subscription service, as it is necessary for the player to be able to sell their pieces within the game.

Selling ads within community-created games

Customization also makes it possible to create different worlds. With this, the game allows companies to advertise within the games created by the players, and reward them for doing so.

If your game meets the standards set by the company, it can apply to receive ads.

Games are reviewed by a team within the Roblox Company, but this review can be very subjective, so if a game is declined the first time, it is possible that it will be accepted after a few more attempts.

Robux Code

Did you know that there is a toy line based on the games? In the package there is a robux code that guarantees a large amount of robux.  

The code to redeem robux is located inside the package, at the top, and must be placed on the “redeem page” of codes, available within the game.

Sell ​​passes and game access

There are many ways to trade within the Roblox platform itself. Another that can help is the purchase and sale of passes and access to games. Being Premium subscribers or not.

Game passes are used to offer extra features to players, access to games are like keys to paid games, which provide a code that will allow the buyer to access a restricted game.

However, subscribers to the game's subscription service have a few more privileges as well. Accounts with a subscription receive 70% of the sales value of passes and access, while free players who do not have the subscription service receive only 10%.

Did you know? 

That wasn't always the goal! The initial idea of ​​Roblox was to be an educational tool that would teach physics concepts. However, soon after, they began to create their own games with different themes. In 2006, Roblox Corporation opened up to this and released what we have today. 

Roblox was developed by engineers David Baszucki and Erik Cassel, the idea was to create a platform to spark children's interest in physics. In 2005, the year of release, students explored the potential, creating and designing diverse worlds and objects. 

The game can arouse interest in a career, such as developer, engineer, among other professions. 

The estimate is that the average age of players varies between 9 and 12 years and that of developers is between 15 and 22 years.

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