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    Review: Farming Simulator 19

    Some games bring such a good theme to our console, that at first glance, in a conversation circle, it may seem like a joke. After all, it's very common to talk to friends about that horde of Locusts you killed or even that time you hit the track… but how many hectares of soybeans did you harvest over the weekend?

    Farming Simulator 19 brings to your console all the glamor (what?) of being a farmer. And when I say farmer, the game encompasses everything. Managing a farm can seem complicated at first, but the game takes you by the hand and teaches you step by step how to be the next “King of Cattle“. Or nearly so.

    The farmer's first steps

    The getting started tutorial is very complete. It took me exactly 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete it and, mainly, the tutorial teaches exactly the correct sequence of how to proceed, precisely so you don't get lost. Cultivate, fertilize, sow, harvest and maintain. It's hard to explain in words but believe me, yes, it's very easy to learn to play. I consider this very interesting for this game (which I consider niche) because at first glance, the game can be strange. In fact, the “farm” theme is well used here for a larger purpose in the game: Resource Management.

    Review: Farming Simulator 19

    The main motive of the game is to be rich. have land. Be a successful farmer. Having more and more agricultural machinery and implements, more employees working, more bushels of land for planting, more animals for farming, more silos for storing grain, and then finally fighting over the selling price. The more you advance in the game, the more responsibilities you acquire. Whether with employees or with livestock, you have to take risks at certain times, which can cost you precious time and money.

    An example of this was when I fertilized the land, sowed, weeded and waited for the harvest. When everything was ready for my combine to go into action, the rain came down hard. On rainy days there is no harvest. And it was like that all day. The crop withered, the weeds grew and I lost 60% of the investment. I paid employees, I paid for machinery and farm maintenance and that was it. Buy seeds and start planting again. All this is part of the gameplay and even equipment maintenance is constant, you always need to be prepared for such situations.

    Review: Farming Simulator 19

    But don't be alarmed, the game is extremely easy to understand and play. Once this is done, you will master the situation and take advantage of it. The machines are easy to drive and with just two buttons you can assign someone to do that function, giving you the option to go do something else or go ahead with tasks. The game's cooperative multiplayer also comes in here, as you can call a friend to help you maintain the farm. No, it's still not possible to send pests on other people's crops, as my friend Rodrigo, from the website Halo Project, our country asked.

    Review: Farming Simulator 19

    Graphics and sound

    In terms of graphics, the game is very detailed and each agricultural implement or machinery is faithfully detailed. Even the stickers affixed to the bodywork are well reproduced. Cables, brakes, lights… details and more details that make the game even more enjoyable to spend so much time.

    The draw distance of the game is a little impaired, leaving a very small range, which you will notice with a few minutes of play. Overall, graphically the game is satisfactory.

    As well as the graphics, the game's sound is well-crafted and gives a certain immersion of a rural area. It's animals and birds all the time and crickets at night. The city is not very immersive and you don't see many people on the street and, in turn, the sounds are rarely reproduced. Apparently it seems that you are alone in that region, not even the sounds help to compose the atmosphere of the city. Different from the rural area that really puts you to feel the environment.

    Review: Farming Simulator 19


    Farming Simulator 19 it is indeed a niche game. Very normal for them to roll their eyes (or laugh) when you say you like this franchise. Few understand that the game focuses exactly on Resource Management. You need to think before you execute and, with the weather on your side, you need to speed up growing and storing grain to have the market in your hands. Having the market in your hands, you control the buying and selling price. In other words, you run the game.

    Review: Farming Simulator 19

    The game features random missions where you can help other neighboring farmers, getting paid to do so. If you don't have the necessary machinery, you can simply rent it. You can buy more land for more crops and, of course, more work (more money). It's a game that has no end, you can play until you buy the whole map or buy all the tractors, you choose.

    I'm going to play until I reach 1 gamerscore points, just like I did with Farming Simulator 15, which is on xbox game pass. In case you are skeptical about the game, you can download it in the program (Farming Simulator 15) and try not only this one but many other titles available.

    Review: Farming Simulator 19

    Understand our notes.

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