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    QueroQuitar: Is it reliable? Learn how to pay off your debts

    QueroQuitar: Is it reliable? Learn how to pay off your debts

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Nov 22, 2022 | News |

    There are a few ways you can negotiate and get rid of your debts. And one of them is through the QueroQuitar company.

    You practically carry out the entire trading process over the internet, which is becoming increasingly common. In recent times, several debt negotiation companies have emerged and QueroQuitar is one of them.

    It is still quite complicated to define which of these companies are safe for you to make a deal with. QueroQuitar is a relatively new company and many people still don't know if they can trust it (or not) to solve their debts, since the reputation is expressive for the short time in the market.

    For these reasons, we separate here an analysis about QueroQuitar, so that we know if the company is trustworthy for you to solve your pending issues, and also for you to know in more detail how it works. 

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    Learn more about QueroQuitar

    Founded in 2022, QueroQuitar is a national company focused on debt negotiation online. The platform was created with the main objective of being a neutral and pleasant environment, thus facilitating the negotiation between creditor and debtor.

    QueroQuitar's role will be to mediate the negotiation, exposing active debts and leading to a beneficial agreement for both and with the best possible discounts and credits.

    To assist in the work, the company has partnerships with several institutions, which register the active debts of its customers on the platform.

    QueroQuitar operates in a format very similar to the marketplace. This ends up allowing all debt conditions to be displayed in a clear and detailed way to customers and stakeholders.

    Among the companies that have a partnership with QueroQuitar, the main ones are:

    • Bahamas Cred;
    • Banco Original;
    • Agibank;
    • BMG;
    • BV;
    • from Pernambuco;
    • Pravaler;
    • Recovery;
    • Santander
    • Calcard;
    • Colombo;
    • Crediativos;
    • Credz;
    • Igua;
    • Itapeva;
    • PAN;
    • Safe harbor;
    • Tricard;
    • DMCard;
    • Strengthen our country;
    • Havan;
    • Trigg;
    • Valia;
    • Low;
    • Meupag !;
    • Will Bank.

    Thus, the institution can negotiate the debts related to all these companies.

    In addition to the institutions mentioned above, if the place where you have pending issues is also a partner of QueroQuitar, you can use the platform to make a payment proposal, with the platform mediating the negotiation.

    As of the writing of this text, QueroQuitar has more than 52 million CPFs registered in its system.

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    Is QueroQuitar reliable?

    Now that you know more about QueroQuitar, it's time to check out the main points that make and show that the company is really trustworthy.

    QueroQuitar is audited by Ernst & Young, one of the leading multinational companies providing professional services related to tax auditing.

    Ernst & Young's main objective is to implement a process that results in more security and transparency about the movement of companies, such as transactions and taxes. The fact that QueroQuitar is audited by it ends up bringing greater confidence to the public and the operations involved.

    In addition, QueroQuitar has already received several financial investments from companies such as Bayer, Microsoft and Banco do Nosso País, showing how they believe in the potential and feel secure in the platform and in its solid settlement process. 

    In addition, the company follows Law No. 13.709, of August 14, 2022, also known as the General Law on Data Policies and Information Security. This shows how QueroQuitar is concerned with the security and confidentiality of its customers' information. 

    The fact that the entire process is carried out on QueroQuitar's platform, ends up leaving the data recorded and the company emphasizes at all times that it does not receive or request payments by bank transfer or by deposit outside the platform.

    A QueroRemove do not claim here

    QueroQuitar: Is it reliable? Learn how to pay off your debts

    Even with all this information and security guarantee, the best way to know if QueroQuitar is really reliable is to check the opinion of the customers themselves.

    For this, you can use Reclame Aqui, which has the opinion and notes given by customers who can register their complaints for the company to respond.

    In Reclame Aqui, taking into account information collected from April 2022 to October 2022, QueroQuitar is considered a great company, with a reputation of 8.7/10, responding to 99.7% of complaints registered with a problem solving rate of 95.8% .

    Of the customers who made a complaint, around 67.5% said they would do business with QueroQuitar again.

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    How to pay off your debts without falling into scams

    Almost whenever the customer fails to pay something, the company contacts the same to charge.

    After a period of unpaid debt, it may end up being sold to companies specializing in debt collection in arrears. So, this is the first and most important tip you should keep in mind to avoid falling for scams.

    If you haven't received any calls before collecting your debt, be suspicious.

    How to know if your charge is legitimate

    There are a few ways to tell if the charge you're getting is really legitimate.

    For this, you need to recognize the debt charged, after all, you will not pay a debt that is not yours. 

    Then, you need to check that the company that is doing the collection is the same responsible and that you owe it to them.

    Lastly, you need to go to the collections company's website and confirm that the required amounts are correct.

    The consultation of these pending issues is free of charge. To feel more confident, you can even call the company to confirm the conditions.

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    How does QueroQuitar work?

    The operation of QueroQuitar is quite simple.

    And as all debts are related to your CPF, the platform uses this data to find your pending issues.

    You will be able to view the debt details, the terms of the agreement, choose the best payment method for you to pay off and that's it.

    Payment will be made directly to the creditor. After that, your name will be completely cleared automatically.

    How to consult your pending items on QueroQuitar

    QueroQuitar: Is it reliable? Learn how to pay off your debts

    You can consult your pending issues by accessing QueroQuitar both on your computer browser and on your mobile device browser.

    At the time of publishing this text, QueroQuitar does not have any application for mobile devices. That's why accessing it through the browser is your only way to access it.

    To be able to consult your pending issues, the platform will need three data that will be entered when you click on “Consult Free” on the website's homepage:

    • Individual Taxpayer Registration (CPF);
    • National Register of Legal Entities (CNPJ);
    • Email and phone number.

    When you click on “Sign in”, you will be taken directly to the offers panel of your debts. If on this panel you have any proposal for a solution to the pending issue, you will know that the debt charged is real. However, if you don't have it, you should be suspicious of the charge.

    The dashboard page will have four main menus:

    • Home page;
    • offers;
    • agreements;
    • My profile.

    In addition, under “Offers” you will also have the “Submit Proposal” button, to send your own debt solution proposal with the best offers or accept the proposal you received.

    The platform is quite simple and intuitive. Gradually, you will understand the main functions and will be able to resolve your pending issues and negotiations.

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    Payment methods at QueroQuitar

    There are two types of collections carried out by QueroQuitar, and they happen in different ways, being active collection and passive collection.

    Check out more details about both below:

    1. Active Billing

    Active collection takes place when QueroQuitar itself contacts you to collect your debt.

    This contact can be via SMS, phone call and email. Contact is never made through WhatsApp, and you should be suspicious if any charges are made by message in the communication app.

    You can check if the contact is legitimate through the second type of charge, passive billing.

    2. Passive Billing

    Passive collection happens when the debtor himself, in this case you, contacts the company and those involved to pay off his debt.

    This is the safest way to solve your pending issues and negotiate, as it ends up avoiding scams in other forms of contact. 

    For this option, the debt holder needs to access the QueroQuitar website and check the debts registered in their name after a brief registration of a few seconds or minutes.

    You can also get in touch through the platform itself, making the process even more reliable online.

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