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    Quinto Andar telephone, customer service and service channels: complete guide

    Quinto Andar telephone, customer service and service channels: complete guide

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Dec 7, 2022 | Technology |

    Before we talk about the Fifth floor phone and the company's communication channels, we need to understand what it really is.

    Quinto Andar can be considered a national technology startup that was founded in 2022. The main focus is on the sale and rental of real estate. And when we talk about the rental modality, the startup is responsible for managing the payment directly with the owner, and the tenant does not need to present a guarantor, security deposit or surety bond.

    To solve problems and/or clarify doubts, it is necessary to know the Quinto Andar telephone and the service channels provided by the startup. For this company, the telephone, ombudsman, social networks, online chat and some other channels are available that we separate below.

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    Fifth Floor Service Channels

    fifth floor telephone

    Quinto Andar's Customer Service (SAC) works by phone: 4020-1955.

    The number is for service throughout our country and the operation takes place from Monday to Friday, from 08 am to 19 pm.

    The SAC also works on Saturdays, from 8 am to 17 pm. On Sundays, the service will be exclusive for matters related to visits, and the opening hours are from 09:14 to XNUMX:XNUMX.

    Apart from this exception, you can talk about complaints, requests, clarify doubts and much more.

    Fifth Floor WhatsApp phone

    You can also request service through the Quinto Andar phone on WhatsApp, but you will talk to the startup's virtual assistant.

    If you can't solve your problem with the virtual assistant, just follow the information on the screen until you get human assistance.

    The company's WhatsApp number is: (11) 4020-1955.

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    Contact Us Fifth Floor

    You don't just have the Quinto Andar phone to talk to the startup, you even have the option to “Contact Us”. The operation is very simple, just select the type of subject you want to talk about, inform all the requested data and send.

    After that, the company's employees will contact you to discuss the matter at hand.

    Help Fifth Floor

    Another available option is the “How can we help?” page, where you can ask questions through the published information.

    This page is for tenant issues. Then you can search for a solution by searching the search bar by entering a keyword of your problem. Another alternative is to click on one of the subject options that are already available on the page and check if your problem or question has already been answered.

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    Fifth Floor email

    There is no public service in the e-mail format at Quinto Andar, but if you are from the press and want to get in touch, the available e-mail address is 

    Fifth Floor Chat

    Quinto Andar phone still offers chat for its customers. But this alternative is only available through the startup's app.

    After downloading it on your mobile device and accessing your account, just follow the steps below to check the chat:

    Step 1. Look for the “Contracts” option in the Quinto Andar application and click on it;

    Step 2. After that, go to “View Rent” to check the information in more detail;

    Step 3. Scroll down the page in search of the “Start conversation” option, click on it to be able to chat in the chat;

    Step 4. Among the available options, look for the subject that has the most to do with the support you are looking for;

    Step 5. Write a message reporting the problem or question, and then just wait for the property owner to respond. Depending on the subject, the answer may come from an employee at the startup's Call Center.

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    Quinto Andar Ombudsman Telephone

    The ombudsman is as if it were the last attempt to contact the client to solve a problem before seeking justice to solve the situation.

    So, you need to try to use the Customer Service or the other contact options listed above on Quinto Andar, and then go to the Ombudsman.

    It is worth mentioning that the startup's ombudsman is not via Quinto Andar phone, but through an online form, which you will learn how to use in the steps below:

    Step 1. Access the Quinto Andar ombudsman form;

    Step 2. Scroll to the end to find the form and fill in the available fields with all the requested information;

    Step 3. Define if you want to talk about buying and selling a property or about renting;

    Step 4. Inform your e-mail, telephone and CPF so that the company has ways to contact you. After that, check the option that you already have an open service, so that Quinto Andar knows that you have already sought assistance before;

    Step 5. The next step is to let us know if you want to make a suggestion or solve a problem of your own. Then, check the subject option that has the most to do with your situation;

    Step 6. In the field available for messages, write the situation and reason why you are requesting assistance. If you have, attach documents, photos or other types of files that can add to the case;

    Step 7. To finalize the process, simply click on “Submit” and wait for Quinto Andar's contact to discuss the matter in question. In this way, you will get assistance without using the Quinto Andar telephone.

    The Fifth Floor on Social Media

    Another way to get in touch, in addition to the Quinto Andar phone, is through the startup's social networks.

    Although this is not the focus, the company usually responds to customers who get in touch through social networks, and the ones they use are:

    • Instagram;
    • Facebook;
    • Twitter;
    • LinkedIn.

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    The Fifth Floor at Reclame Aqui

    The Quinto Andar telephone and service channels are not the only way to get in touch with the company, as you can also do so through the Reclame Aqui portal.

    On this platform, consumers can register complaints and evaluate services from companies and other institutions, companies can respond and solve customer problems through the platform itself and Quinto Andar has a register.

    To do so, simply log in to Reclame Aqui, go to the Quinto Andar page and file your complaint. It is very likely that you will get an answer, as, taking into account data from June 2022 to November 2022, the company has a percentage of 97,7% of complaints answered. 

    In addition, the problem solving rate is 85,9% and 67,2% of people who complained stated that they would do business with the startup again.

    What's more, the Fifth Floor's reputation is 8,0/10, which is considered excellent.

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