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    Promotions on Facebook: 4 reasons not to use Like x Share in your promotions

    Promotions on Facebook: 4 reasons not to use Like x Share in your promotions

    by Camila Porto | Aug 28, 2022 | Facebook | 48

    Doing giveaways and promotions on Facebook is a way to engage your audience and shake up your fanpage.

    Most people want to get something for free. And you can use that to your brand. You are free to use your page to carry out promotions on Facebook. You can ask people to like, comment, vote in the comments, send messages and all kinds of possible uses that Facebook can offer.

    However, there are rules that must be followed according to the Facebook Pages Terms.

    However, there is an important restriction!

    Not allowed ask people to share images or your promotion on their personal profiles. That's what point 3 of the Terms for Promotions:

    “Sentences such as: 'Share to your Timeline for additional entries' or 'Share to your friend's Timeline for additional entries' are not allowed.)

    Oh wait! There's a few more things

    So, it is very important that you understand that:

    1. We have legislation that regulates raffles and cultural contests. This legislation is in force in our country. Facebook's guidelines are valid ON FACEBOOK and are subject to legislation;
    2. This legislation is ABOVE Facebook's guidelines;
    3. When taking an action on your page, FIRST meet the requirements of the LEGISLATION to do so. if it's a cultural competition, comply with the regulations for this (famous ordinance 422).

    if it's a trade promotion, meets the rules and guidelines of the Ministry of Finance or Caixa Econômica Federal.

    No Essential facebook training We have a class about Facebook promotions and contests!

    In short, you need to comply, first of all, with the legislation to carry out your promotion. Once that's done, you need to meet Facebook's guidelines. OK?

    4 reasons not to use Facebook promotions from Like x Share in your Marketing actions

    Even knowing that we have the legislation, I also know that it would be utopian to wait for everyone to ask for authorization at Caixa to raffle off a book worth R$9,90 or a dinner with a companion.

    That's why I'd like you to AT LEAST not fall into the temptation of running Short vs Anything Facebook promotions.

    Yes, they are great for generating engagement, bringing in new fans, and making your charts soar.

    However, I ALWAYS recommend using promotions as a mechanism for capturing QUALITY fans and thinking of promotions as a way to generate assets for your company, that is, a database of potential customers, for example.

    Therefore, I want to bring out the negative points of doing a promotion in this mold in your business.

    1) Anyone like and comment anything to win

    Speaks seriously! If you see that sushi sale your friend shared and “all you have to do” is comment on the photo, of course you will. Even if you don't even know who the promotion is for. It's very easy to do this.

    Because of this, many companies attract shoddy people to their pages. The consequence of that? People who won't interact with you, won't buy from you and will just suck up your freebies.

    Look at the example below. The company posted a promotion, participants rained down. Afterwards, she ASKED people to vote for her on Veja Comer e Beber, an important publication for the sector she works in and see the “fan” response:

    2) You do not have a TRANSPARENT way to carry out the draw

    When you use a photo to do a promotion, you don't have an automatic way to know who's participating, who commented, who liked. It has to be in the eye and in the hand.

    I know you are honest and will take all the names of the participants, but is everyone like this?

    Because there is no automatic and transparent drawing process, you can have problems like this party. The promotion was to enter Luan Santana's dressing room. I had to share the photo.

    The result? Lack of transparency in the draw and a lot of people upset with the result. Worse! With reason!

    See the result of the “action” here.


    When you use an application to carry out promotions, you may collect the person's email and name, for example. With that, you can use this list to make the draw more transparently.

    You can, for example, print the name of the participants and play it up, film and publicize it on your page. By freaking out a little, you can make the giveaway something really interesting and engaging people.

    Promotions on Facebook: 4 reasons not to use Like x Share in your promotions

    3) You will be a gift-giver

    When you perform a short x share action, it's nice to see the number of fans going up and everyone “Liking your page crazy”.

    But what about after the promotion ends? You will get more fans for your page, it may be that some really are your fans, but most just wanted to win the prize. Then the party is over, the caravan has passed, and you see your engagement graphs plummet.


    When using an app for sweepstakes and promotions on Facebook, for example, you can collect people's email, create a database and use it in actions on various channels.

    Among my email marketing lists, the ones that give me the most return, BELIEVE, are the ones I built with promotions.

    4) CANNOT use Like x Share, only Like x Comment, Like x Send a message

    An obvious reason not to use Like vs Share is that, per the terms of use of pages, you cannot ask the person to share the photo or video of the promotion.

    So if you still want to do this kind of promotion, good luck and don't ask the participant to share.

    These are some reasons why you, in my opinion, shouldn't fall for the temptation of these types of Facebook promotions.


    In addition to sweepstakes, you can bet on other strategies to generate more engagement on your page and also gain more followers.

    We've separated three tips that you can start using today on your page to improve your results, check it out:



    I believe this content will certainly help you get closer to what you want for yourself and your business. It will guide you through the initial steps you need to take towards the RESULT.

    But, in my opinion, this is just the beginning of the path. If you want to delve deeper into this topic and have access to complementary (more advanced) material, I recommend that you access the complementary content that you have just read. Just sign up or click below.

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